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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 3
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  • @PhilMyself, that footage look excellent. The anterior looked very poor. What ISO did you use?

  • WiFi Overview:-

  • @driftwood. Wow. What a great run through of the wi-fi operation! Thanks for that. Kinda makes me want to get a smart phone or tablet. Haven't seen much use for them, until right now. :-)

  • Thank you guys ! I was on iso 200 when filming toward the toys and 800 when filming the street.

  • @driftwood Great Wifi video. Thanks. I got the App update last night and am also very happy with it. A great feature!

  • @Arquer053 not entirely -- check out pblooms fs100 comparison and you'll see very different bokeh rendition with the same lenses. Some cameras produce a more video look. Would be curious to see gh2 v gh3 comparisions with the same lens -- maybe I'm just noticing something that isn't there. But curious....

  • First impression GH3. Shot in AVCHD 50i 24p standard settings lens 12-35mm f2.8. iso 200 – nightshots iso 800. Great Oled screen and Evf. Most shots are handheld, power Ois on

  • What's the 12-35 like to focus with for movies? Aka is it electronic focus with delay and play which would be pretty useless for proper movie shooting, or is it responsive and useful?

  • Do we know if Vitaliy has a Gh3 in his hands yet and what he makes of it and the firmware?

  • He has not replied to several questions when he gets his GH3.

  • before the GH3 is not hacked, I will not buy them. . . You have not convinced me. . . I think the GH2 has the better sensor for film. . . which I took advantage of the other cool features when the film image not like it?

  • New firmware for 12-35 just for GH3.

    1. Improved the AF speed with GH3(240fps control)
  • @hoodlum

    I really suggest to use lens topic for this.

  • Just leaving this here...Geee the GH2 has moire...whowudda thought? ;-)

  • @Mimirsan

    I have never seen moire like that with my GH2 or my GH3.

  • @mpgxsvcd It depends what you are shooting. GH2 has some moire to some degree. Theres been plenty of other examples shown from both cams now that people are getting them.

  • If I could ask to shoot a resolution compare chart, GH2 vs GH3, Nick D., or the owner of both bodies, would you? Same lens please!

  • @adventsam and @andrevanberlo I would definitely do more thorough tests as I own both cameras. Just very pressed with time that's why I threw out the shaky one to compare other aspects, no IQ comparison! I believe the sensors are very similar (probably both Sony though) but not equal, I believe the low pass filter and hot mirror is the main differing part but in terms of IQ the diff is minimal. The OM-D is really quite sensitive to IR while the GH3 is virtually blind in that spectrum... Hence the conclusion :)

    @fix the C100 has the edge with horisontal resolution, while being much degraded vertically and the noise looks extremely video-ish... The choice is easy unless you need to go extremely high-iso... The C100's native sensor makes for some extreme sensitivity, just too bad the in-cam codec is that crappy..

  • Can someone do a test with Panasonic Leica 25mm lens vs. equivalent manual lens on GH3 (w/ maybe GH2 as control) for video aliasing/moíre. Trying to figure out whether that is a safe lens to go with or whether it encourages aliasing/moíre.


  • @Mimirsan

    I have never seen moire so severe my GH2 I think something is handled badly in processing. mpgxsvcd is right!

  • Have you guys noticed that moire in footage posted by Mimirsan on page 1 is quite severe in 25/50p mode and is minimal in 24p. How come?

  • @cablefreak76 thanks for the info. I have never tryed the c100 my self, only seen it on a stand with a live feed output.

    The gh3 seem quite nice in your tests. People should understand that the low contrast/higher DR output could make some problems with CC because of the limited 8bit codec, make the picture somewhat messy when pushing it in post. That's why the gh2 often seems so good after CC, nice balance between output DR/contrast and the 8bit color space. The limited DR force you to be more carefull with proper lighting, which actually is a good thing dealing with a 8bit limit.

  • Not sure if I am asking in the right section or this question was addressed already, but I can't view RAW (RW2) files from GH3 on anything - iMac Finder, Photoshop 5, Lightroom 3 and 4 (Got the update for Lightroom 4). They all show that they are up to date. What do I need to do to view the RAW files? Thanks.

  • Also my iPhone 4s wouldn't connect to GH3 through WiFi. It says "connecting" and the at the end "connection lost". Any tips?

  • uzland, you're not alone-- I can't read the files on Lightroom pro either.