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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • @jamesgh2 I downloaded the original 4k file from Youtube and it has variable bitrate. It's not so much the youtube compression.

  • 1 - I want to go back in Thailand. 2 - So happy to see pictures of GH4 shot by someone who knows how to shoot, simply. So rare.

  • @Caveport

    great info thanks. It seems your curve got rid of the noisy part of the black in some parts. Thanks for taking the time to produce this material.


    His curve might have clipped the black values by applying contrast in post. He left the pedestal floor default in camera.

  • What are you guys thinking about how the files from the GH4 hold up to YouTube compression compared with Moon T7? Moon T7 seems to hold up pretty darn well for some reason I am not nearly smart enough to figure out.

  • @jamesgh2 Not my curve. I just quoted the original Youtube uploader's info posted on Youtube to correct any misinformation or 'guesswork'. There is NO info about curves used. I think we can assume no custom curves were used.

  • not really digging the blacks in that vid.

  • @Mistas

    Stabilization with 4k footage is an absolute dreams. I threw some footage with quite substantial shaking and it smoothed it right out! didn't take any longer to analyze than regular 1080 footage

  • From my experience with the GH3 youtube expects the luminance range to be around 16-235 if you pass it 0 - 255 which I assume is still the default on the GH4 like the GH3 then you can see it expand that out and cause it to clip like that at either end of the range in the Thailand example. It could just be that if nothing was done in post to prep it to conform more with what youtube expects to receive.

  • @jonpais. Remember a Red One can record raw footage in a CF Card. How they can do that? With compression. Wavelet compression. Tons of compression.

  • @tylerknight That's cool. Did you use Warp Stabilizer or something else?

  • Warp Stabilizer with it's default settings worked wonders but with tweaking you can make it even better.

    I just finished a tv show for a snowboard contest using the new sony z100 4k cameras and our output was 1080.

    We were able to shoot handheld and create steadicam and tripod "looking" shots by stabilizing in post with warp stabilizer.

  • @Tex

    There is some terrible macroblocking in this Youtube video. I hope Google puts some effort into improving their compression scheme since there aren't a lot of video posting sites that handle 4k... even if it is horribly over compressed 4k.

  • @JohnTollwannabe I can tell you for a fact that it's not youtube compression. I downloaded the original file (keepvid). It has variable bitrate.

  • @johntollwannabe My understanding is that YouTube is very close to launching VP9, a similar codec to h.265 which should boost 4K and HD quality while also reducing bandwidth requirements. I've read that it is very close to the H.265 spec, but just enough different to keep them from having to pay royalty fees. ETA presentation:

  • @x_worpig_x if you downloaded the file from Youtube you got Youtube compression.

  • I really dont know why are you discussing about video uploads where we KNOW thats compressed by the platform, and before compressed for upload. We need files straight from the camera to evaluate correctly some aspects...

  • @x_worpig_x No matter what download technique you use on YouTube it will always be a YouTube compressed video you are watching.

  • Sorry about that! I was under the assumption that it was the original uploaded file.

  • Example of down sampled Panasonic GH4 vs Nikon D7100 Video Test

  • Some native (U)HD clips:

    Heavy aliasing artifacts visible in the 1080p clip.

    Not very impressed!

  • @BDLABX there's something seriously wrong with those windmill scene shots. Either they were using a very unsteady tripod (it was obviously very windy) or they forget to turn off OIS on the lens or both. If you step through the frames in the 4K footage you can see that sharpness is different on almost every frame. I wouldn't draw too many conclusions from it.

  • @Manu4Vendetta ...

    That's some nice footage on my monitor ...

  • Guys, download the 1.9GB 4K source file from his Vimeo account... looking really clean w/nice DR -

  • @Tron

    Supposedly H.265 will be chosen for UHD Blu-ray and perhaps broadcasts since it adds something VP9 doesn't seem to have: 10 bit video support and other features of Rec. 2020. These upgrades were included just a few months ago. The other reason: more manufacturers have royalty stakes in MPEG.