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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • Are all these cat clips directed by Fellini?

  • Joined the pre-order gang at Jessops here in the UK. Thanks to @driftwood for the in store vid that clinched it for me.

  • We are working with Panasonic on special pink version, progress is good for now.

    Any plans about a K-01 Yellow version?

  • As you can see focus re-adjustment in video mode is very slow compared to photo mode. Still it is better than GH2.

  • @jamesgh2

    Sometimes I wonder how many of these videos are completely fake. That doesn't look anything like how the GH3 refocuses. It would be so easy for someone to film this with pretty much any camera and then put that label on there to get hits.

    Since when does Panasonic make a 14-55 lens? If they got the kit lens wrong they probably just made up everything. Best to wait for reviews from trusted sources.

  • @mpgxsvcd

    If you look at the other videos above that is the Panasonic Set for the GH4 exhibit where they were doing the focus demo. Either they got a card in and snuck out some footage or they did it on the 70D which was the camera aside for comparison which is a possibility.

    I'm just posting whats available from the limited stuff on the camera right now.

  • The GH4 at the exhibit had a 14-140 mkII lens attached. The focus test doesn't tell us much since we don't know what mode was used, size of the focus area, etc.

  • GH4 on Stabilization Rig, I like the rolling shutter on this very well controlled.

  • @jamesgh2

    Hey, that was worth watching just to see the cooks do their Ninja-flips of their 2-foot spatulas ... :-)

  • Does the GH4 have a horizon level graphic feature?

  • Haven't seen it mentioned specifically, but as the GH2 & GH3 both had this I'd be completely surprised if the GH4 didn't ...

  • @natureflixs yes, it still has a 2-axis digital level.

  • Thanks for your response.

  • GH4 fits perfectly into our Zenmuse GH3

    Will post footage flying the GH4 using our HD Downlink for live broadcast on Saturday

  • Useful info & benefit of the YAGH! Here's a picture that proves you have over the 29:59 min/sec limit when using the YAGH for your recordings - Over an hour on a 64GB card whilst testing this shot out.

    997 x 969 - 112K
  • @driftwood thx for the post of the zebra!!! BTW for all the Italians fans : I have called Pana here and they don't even have the clue when the gh4 comes out, i have told the dude hey they have preorders in Germany UK Holland Belgium Norway Sweden Finland France and us? He replied maybe the product comes out in summer…..

  • @chef I thought I heard May 5th? I'm really hoping it will come before June because I really want to use it on a shoot.

  • He replied maybe the product comes out in summer…..

    Panasonic checks this topic from time to time. Hope Italian guys will get some kick in the ass.

  • And Latin America!!!

  • I liked that Thailand video a lot. Youtube is horrid even in 4k but does show what the camera is capable of in DR. They played with the pedestal floor since some of the blacks completely clipped.

    I see no reason not to shoot 4k for 30p and 24p except for the need for slow-mo. It looks crisp!

  • @ jamesgh2 @Tex From the original Youtube post:

    I had taken the GH4 to test in a real world of very high contrast location in Krabi province, south of Thailand. I used only one lens, Lumix 7-14 F4.0. In 4K the sensor crops in a little bit. But it is still wide enough for landscape shooting. I set the ASA to 200 and white balance to 5600k for daytime. For the shutter I preferred setting to degree as I normally used on film camera.

    I shot everything hand held. I used normal gamma curve because I wanted to know how far the sensor and the new encoded h.264 codec could handle. I put the original footage in to Adobe Premiere Pro CC at native size. No color changed just only adjusted slightly high light, shadow and contrast.

    Camera profile : Natural, Contrast -5 Gamma : Standard Firmware Version : 0.4 Internal record : 4K 4096x2160 24p 100mbps to SDXC MicroP2 card Lens : Lumix 7-14 F4.0, while shooting the F-stop varied from F4.0-F14 ASA : 200 White Balance : 5600k Shutter : Variable from 11-172.8 degree

  • @jamesgh2 The poster says he used normal gamma curve. Is that the same thing as saying they played with the pedestal floor?