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GH2 Third party batteries
  • Available from $9 up to about $30


    None of them show level indicator as far as I know.

    Power rating is mostly true, so it holds the same or even longer than original battery.

    P.S. Panasonic original batteries are real scam :-) Hard to find and could cost you a fortune.
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  • Question - is that a myth that you can damage your camera with these?
  • >Question - is that a myth that you can damage your camera with these

    You can damage your camera with some bad battery, yes.
    Probability is very low, but you can. I think it happens due extreme discharge and very high temperature of the battery elements.
    I do not think that it will be happening with GH2.
  • i think this looks really great and is supposed to make you running for about 8 hrs or so..
  • Although I'm one of the lucky ones that got hold of 6 Panasonic batteries, I needed some more and tried the DSTE (couldn't get Panasonic any more). I would say it lasts quite a bit longer than the originals, but it scared the heck out of me when it went flat. As Vitaliy mentions, the battery indicator does not work with these. From one second to the next the whole thing just dies, no blinking, just poof. As I forgot I was using this battery so I tried switching it on and off: there might just as well have been no battery: same result. I honestly thought it might have killed or damaged the camera, but as soon as I put a real Panasonic it, everything was fine. I was not recording at the time, so I don't know what it does when it dies writing to the card, but I'm very hesitant about using this battery again.
  • If any chinese battery producer have been reading it I'll present them simple solution.
    Make small led on wire outside this battery and make it flash if certain voltage is reached.
    GH2 have special door for wires of AC adapter, so it won't be big problem.

    I hope that we'll a able to solve this with hack, but who knows.
  • I like FP's video! I can totally see using two of those together, creating a housing that uses the tripod mount and also incorporates space for a wireless remote. Hey, just like a real 12 hour battery-grip! :)

  • Hello again- help! i purchased that DSTE battery pack from ebay, worked like a charm, charged, but after using it (so, when it was completely empty, since theres no auto power off) it doesnt charge anymore, no light on the charger switches on.. i think it may be because it is just too empty.. is there a way of reviving this?? thanks!
  • --- it doesnt charge anymore

    Help... I have the same problem with all my 3 DTSE Batteries for GH2..... Grrrrr
    Any tips and tricks ?

  • Dump them to bin.

    Or disassembly, and sometimes Li-Ion batteries have mechanical protection from deep discharge (18560 elements have it as I remember).
  • No bin, please, dispose of at a battery recycler. I don't want it in my morning coffee :)
  • ...any other new "GH2-Owner-proved" recommandations of third party batteries ?

    ..of course....batteries will be recycled:


    Thanks in advance
  • Does anyone know if the GH2 Panny charger will charge the third party batteries?
    Or do I have to get a third party charger?
    Had one in for about 2 hrs now, no light yet :(
  • your battery is dead. happened to me. the charger will charge it just fine. (read my upper posts)
  • thanks buddy,
    looks like im sending one back.
    still, for a 5th of the price of the Panny batts, its worth the hassle.
  • I use inov8 batteries and work well for me
  • Hey Folks,

    Just now the 3rd party battery I have just started heating up considerably inside my GH2 - I had it on for about 2 minutes - wasn't even shooting or anything. Never had this problem with it before and it performed not bad. My Panny battery never heats up like this. Anyway I panicked and took it out and I won't be using it again - I could be just overly paranoid but I don't care not worth the risk. Here's what mine looks like:

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  • Do not ever use 3rd party battery when updating the firmware !!!
    If for some reason would allow GH2 ...
  • @feha

    I never do :-)
  • fatpig, stevespielburger

    Join in 2 seconds + to + and - to - contact charge and discharge batteries. Then you come on the charger :)
  • This 3rd party battery for cannon HF100,which has a led indicator,,,i have been used it for 2 years,,it works fine.
    as i know, it is the bset third part battery producer in china.,but it didn't produce GH2 battery yet,
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  • PISEN :-)
    Looking at hieroglyphs it can be PISec ENergy :-)
    Meaning that pisec is coming to original manufacturers.
  • Any tips how to disassembly dead DSTE battery?
  • @Alex_K
    Find something sharp and cut on weld.
  • Something that won't work out of the box now, but maybe in the future? :)

    Around $270 without battery (8800mah battery $230).
    Providing 12V, 7,2V, 5V, USB 5V (nice for charging gopro, ipad etc), and HDMI splitter.
    Some might think it's expensive, but compared to stuff like Anton Bauer etc (...).

    (If it would work) Biggest benefit for me: longer battery duration for GH2, and posibly also powering a H4n and other stuff. BUT again, this won't work as of now. It would only work - if - GH2 would accept external 7,2V power (pana prevents this in firmware now - or something?)
    Also, a battery cage with connectors (DMW-DCC8) or a DIY sollution would be needed.

    If running a GH2 on 7.2V via external chord never can happen, maybe it's possible to use a 12V cercuit and reduce it to around 8.6 V (so that the genuine battery check won't trigger), but I'm not sure if that would even work, and if I'm tech savy enough for soldering etc.

    @Vitaliy: Maybe impossible to say at this point, but is there a theoretical chance that the "genuine battery check" at 7.2 V can be disabled in future pTool version?

    Also: Not sure if this is OT, pleace feel free to move if needed. Posted here to keep GH2 power related issues/sollutions in the same thread.
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  • @lac:
    is that some trick to revive the batteries? Did you try it? What did you use to connect the poles, which pole is which? Do you connect a dead battery to a live one? so many questions... thanx :-)

    i posted something similar months ago, but using a 30$ Battery with 6600mah if i correctly remember. It had a 9v output, which reportedly works fine with GH2 and dc coupler! also there was a 5v usb and 12v output, the question I am posing is, can you use them simultaneously?