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EXQUISITE CORPSE - a collaborative video proposal

  • Hey guys, allow me to take you away from latest tech news and developments for a "game" proposal. Do you know about the surrealist's cadavre exquis… well, case you don't

    Exquisite corpse, also known as exquisite cadaver (from the original French term cadaver exquis) or rotating corpse, is a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule (e.g. "The adjective noun adverb verb the adjective noun") or by being allowed to see the end of what the previous person contributed.


    I always liked better the allowed to see the end of what the previous person contributed version, so here's what I propose:

    Anyone registered in PV can participate, just has to post a reply - so everything's transparent - and send me a private message, for email and download details. Order of participation will be same as registration.

    Each participant will have 3 days to make a new shot, we're not recycling footage… is a question of experimentation process and flow ;)
    there will be a max of 1 hour over the deadline. After that I'll unmercifully jump to next in list.

    I'll take the dealer part, receiving the files and sending to next participant just the last (previous) one.

    IF failing deadline or any of the below rules, I'll go on with next in list… nothing personal but pragmatism.

    Resulting mess will be under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 
CC BY-NC-ND creative commons license

    All participants will receive a digital copy


    1. 1 Shot
    2. B&W only
    3. 1920x1080p24
    4. Between 1 and 5 sec
    5. In camera in&out and edit; no post edition, including sound and grading
    6. Any camera capable of above specs (remember B&W, 24p, etc.) allowed

    Remember this is just a game so ENJOY!!!
    I'll be second participant, only for practical reasons, as from then on I would have seen more than just the last piece.

    So, whose the brave soul willing to start?!!!

    Untitled. "Cadavre Exquis" by Man Ray, Yves Tanguy, Joan Miró, Max Morise
    Untitled. Cadavre Exquis by Man Ray, Yves Tanguy, Joan Miró, Max Morise
    Chicago, The Art Institute. Lindy and Edwin Bergman Collection.


    1. MirrorMan ----------------- deadline ------ May the 29th, 20h (GMT) ----- DONNE
    2. maxr (that's me mum) -------- deadline ------ 1st of June, 20h (GMT) ----- DONNE
    3. jpbturbo ------------------- deadline ------ 4th of June, 20h (GMT) ----- DONNE
    4. jazzroy -------------------- deadline ------ 7th of June, 20h (GMT) ----- DONNE
    5. inqb8tr -------------------- deadline ------ 10th of June, 20h (GMT) ---- ERROR
    6. Django -------------------- deadline ------ 13th of June, 20h (GMT) ---- DONNE
    7. michal -------------------- deadline ------ 16th of June, 20h (GMT) ---- DONNE
    8. eatstoomuchjam ------------ deadline ------ 19th of June, 20h (GMT) ---- DONNE
    9. svart --------------------- deadline ------ 22nd of June, 20h (GMT) ---- DONNE
    10. spacewig ------------------ deadline ------ 25th of June, 20h (GMT) ---- DONNE
    11. Alienhead ----------------- deadline ------ 28th of June, 20h (GMT) ---- DONNE
    12. kevin_kirchman ------------ deadline ------- 1st of July, 20h (GMT) ---- DONNE
    13. haavard ------------------- deadline ------ 4th of July, 20h (GMT) ---- DONNE
    14. weimar -------------------- deadline ------- 7th of July, 20h (GMT) ---- DONNE
    15. your name here ------------ deadline ------- 10th of July, 20h (GMT)
    16. your name here ------------ deadline ------- 13th of July, 20h (GMT)

    and so on

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  • Cool. Why don't you start?

  • I like this idea. Reminds me of a project I'm working on.

  • I'm up for it. I've had a similar idea for PV but haven't worked up the courage to post it yet. Lets see how this goes.

  • Ladies and parrots.... (tuku tuku tuku rrrrr)
    It's confirmed, courageous MirrorMan is the one starting this fun enterprise.
    Don't be shy and make yourself a place in line... for the corpse has started to rotten :D

    @driftwood ... needless to say you are most welcome to work here too

    @inqb8tr ... picture me as a 90 years old granny, who can barely move and spends the afternoons flashbacking into warmer (and tighter) memories while drinking tea with rum... now, please picture also a shotgun next to the rum bottle and a chainsaw under the table. would you kiss the granny? ja aja ja. you're welcome too monsieur


  • Ok, I'm up for it, let's see what will come out of it, and then eventually refine the process. Only, it would not be possible for me before 7-8th of June, so put me at 5th. place please :)

  • @inqb8tr there you go buddy... then gentle slap in the back and the, always previous-to-last, sip of rum.

    who wants to fall in love the 4th of June?!

  • I love black and white.

    I'm in for the 4th of June spot.


  • @jpbturbo where I grew up a double filter joint was called a "bturbo"... once .... Glad you joined.

    OK, now if you guys are not in tedious tasks like peeling potatoes boy scouts party, cleaning your fridge, funeral rehersals, having sex with your neighbor, studying advanced cooling systems in underwear design, someone you hate's (other than your father) wedding, giving birth, braking up with your cat, conquering the impossible with a friend, your first (don't lie to yourself) child baptisms, moaning an electrocuted cable, divorcing ja ja ja, operating (remember to wash your hands, also before), gazing into the beautiful enigma which is the void of your mailbox, etc, etc. it would do you no harm in thinking about this sweet 7th of June window for having fun... just saying.
    all good - m

  • @maxr

    My username is just my initials and the word turbo, for my old turbo volvo which, like the GH2, was running aftermarket software enabling it to do far more than people expected :) turbo volvo

    I can't believe that spot for the 7th is still open. This is like an Avant-garde film party where we all get to be guests as well as partial hosts.

  • well if there's noone else for the 7th of june deadline.. i'm in!

  • @jazzroy allraich!!! now there are 5 of us... we could even, hypothetically, fight nazi zombies; problem is - as is common knowledge - at this time of year nazi zombies are all on holidays somewhere in finland, boy do those guys love (and need) a sauna!!! :D

    @jpbturbo I love that car... when I still had dreams, having one of those in orange (svensk posta) was on of the recurrent ones. :D

    • hey what are you doing today?
    • well, I'm doing avant garde

    ja aja ajaj ja


  • Count me in if there is still a space open.

  • Hello people, i'm new in here, but this sounds like a very good and cool idea, i'm in, if strangers are aloud. I might suggest that the duration would be fixed just like the space on a paper...see you soon !!

  • @Django awaiting confirmation for dating... oh, oh what should I dress?

    @michal ... hummm, strangers... hummmm, I don't know.... hmmm... what do they taste like?

    I might suggest that the duration would be fixed just like the space on a paper

    when thinking the rules, which didn't happen in 5 minutes, more like 10 :P, it was clear to me the clips shouldn't be long, also that they should aloud certain flexibility, 2 main reasons:

    A • in a papper you can also create folds with uneven spaces and even being all divisions equal, you can use blank space with a different reading you would have on video, which is much more tyrannic and absent of context... well the context's given by previous and following images... so, in a way, is always narrative.

    B • RYTHM man!!! there's going to be no edition and this way there's a minimum amount of variation. imagine 50 shots all same style and duration... after 10 of these you would already have created a "grid" where next scene would be pre-conformed, ja ja ja

    KEEP SUGESTIONS COMING, that shows that you care ;)

    all good ... awaiting to taste strangers...

  • Mesdames et Messieurs, le jeu a commencé!!!

    I just got MirrorMan's MTS video file... I... I... I can only say: I'm shaking

    now's my turn... josh, you can start meditating, ja ja ja

    gash ... Ô

  • I'd like to participate as well, if there are still any slots open!

  • Sweet, I can barely wait.

    Time to step outside and do some Tai Chi to calm my nerves :)

  • hey guys hide your jam pots eatstoomuchjam is comming and he's hungry!!!

    BTW you don't need to be polite or ask just send me a PM and state here clearly your will. as long as (we decide) this game will be running there's not going to be selection of any kind... unless you mess up with the VODOOO!!!!

    Thank you guys and enjoy!!!


    PS @jpturbo once I hear about a master, who got drunk and la la la

  • okay compas, an update on how things are:

    MirrorMan was fired, I was run over by a car and last time I checked jpturbo was still missing. Punch line, you have to be ready for consequences, ja jaj ajajaj. AY! I'm so stupid, god help us.

    Riccardo, my frinedly advice for you is make insurance of everything, yes also your dog
    all good, all good • max

  • :D that's going to be serious!

  • I'm not dead, it's only a flesh wound.

  • I'd like to participate, June 25 slot if possible...

  • Ok, I'm in. June 22nd.

  • @jpbturbo you're alive!!!! ;)

    @jazzroy man, this is seriousness taken to another new level, ja ja ja

    @spacewig compañero I've checked you in, suit 25, next to black magic sorcerer

    @svart monami you're in suit 22, fireproof, water bed, coffin and emergency exit through the roof


  • I'm alive and ahead of schedule :)

    I sent a little technical info along to Max with my .mts file.

    I am now more curious than ever to see what we get at the end of this.