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Mitakon lens Turbo, Speed Booster analog, available
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  • anyone compared the metabones and mitakon in terms of image quality, im in the market for a nikon mount version, i know mitakon has just released a nikon version to m43, and also the new bmcc metabones

  • cheesycam begins looking at the nikon to m43 , He sounds positive. Can hardly wait for the fd.

  • Ugh, purple flaring and color shift again. Gotta use the upper level glass in this things. I like how there's no mention of that at all in the video :) These are not the droids you're looking for.

  • Just received Mitakon lens turbo and wanted to report that mine is working just fine with BMPCC.

  • @jobless, why do you think cheesycam had troubles but you're fine??

  • You need to push the adapter just a little bit harder ( nothing extreme).. I think that Cheesycam has soft hands :)

  • @jobless So you don't have any of the purple ghosting or flaring?

  • Didn't have time to test it. Today I received RJ lens turbo so I'll do some tests for both of them in next days.. I did notice some purple ghosting on LCD while taking photos with mitakon doo.

  • Mounting sigma 24mm f1.8 on RJ it was really hard.. I needed it to push really hard... But it fits!

  • @jobless waiting for your first thoughts and review of the RJ ;)

  • I still haven't seen a clear example of the Purple Ghosting or Flare that everyone is talking about. Can someone point me to an example on line. Is it something you have to really zoom in to see or is it obvious even on a 40" LCD screen?

  • @aria It's clearly visible in the video above. The guy who shot it even acknowledged it on Vimeo. He blamed it on the fact he was just trying to get some good footage out there and wasn't paying attention to what he was doing. Little odd if you ask me. Saw it somewhere else to but can't remember where. It's been this long and we still haven't seen any rock solid footage like the stuff coming out of the Metabones. Proof in the pudding boys.

    Did you even watch the video? I had to rewatch it just to make sure it was plain as day :)

  • Mitakon Vs RJ lens TURBo.

    All photos taken in Aperture mode @wideOpen and @5.6 than resized for upload to PV. Sorry for fast moving sun.. Built quality is similar, only thing that I noticed is that RJ's ring has some Greace. I attached the image. Lenses used: -Sigma 24mm f1.8 -Sigma 28mm F1.8 -Nikon pancake 50mm 1.8 -Tamron SP Adaptal2 90mm f2.5

    You can download photos from here:

    Or here:

    1920 x 1280 - 253K
    1920 x 1280 - 226K
    1920 x 1280 - 216K
    1920 x 1280 - 261K
  • @jobless Thank you for this test.

  • the Mitakon seems to have better contrast/resolution in the center, and the RJ is a bit wider and has better resolution on the edges

  • MItakon is a lot sharper in the center, I prefer center sharpness anyday, thanks a lot for the comparison, I would love to see some video comparison can you please do that for the comunity @jobless THANKS AGAIN

  • @jobless thank you very much for this test! :) +1 for Mitakon in tems of center sharpness

  • Sorry, I am totally out of the Mitakon discussion. For MFT only the Nikon Ai-S exists so far? MD?FD?

  • Hey guys I recently picked up the Mitakon Speed Booster. I only plan to use this in lowlight situations with the lens wide open so no other uses besides that. Most of the glass that I have are the older D series lenses with the aperture rings so this adapter works out perfect for me. I plan to use this with my Tokina 28-70mm F/2.6, Samyang 35mm F/1.4 and my 80-200 F/2.8. I performed a basic test on my Nikkor 70-210 F/4 @F/4 just to see if I would notice the degradation in quality. Here is a link for the test that I performed let me know what you think...

    Enjoy ;-)

  • Mitakon has a updated mk2 version that is supposed to offer better IQ. Its only out in NEX atm. Has anyone used it, or heard rumors of an m4/3 version.

  • What is the best Metabones clone for Nikon G to Sony E mount?

    Is it the Mitakon Lens Turbo II?

    Or would the much cheaper jinfinance be just as good?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Any news on an a Zhongyi Lens Turbo II M/43 version for nikon or fd?