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GH3 Issues Topic
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  • I haven't read all seven pages, but has anyone else experienced sudden shutdowns of the camera? It is like it goes to sleep without the "sleep" warning screen. Just shuts down immediately. It has happened well within the "sleep" time limit. I can wake it up by pressing the shutter release. I recently got a new camera to replace my first where the hot shoe came off. I have had this shutdown happen 3-4 times only on this new camera and it happends randomly. I THINK(not 100% sure) that it happened once while recording video and I lost the clip.

    So, anyone have an idea whats going on? Thanks!

  • I had that happen to my new camera, and I had sleep mode completely disabled. It would happen sometimes immediately when I turned it on and other times after 2 or 20 minutes, i.e. no pattern. I returned it and they sent me a new one.

    The last 2 days I've got a NEW problem--occassionally when I hit the Playback button to review a photo, it won't go into playback. By switching the dial from A mode to P and back it starts working. I love this camera but they really did a lousy job of testing it before releasing it. I hate the thought of sending it to Panasonic... Has anyone else experienced THIS problem?

    Does anyone know if the settings disappearing after 10 seconds was corrected with the firmware update? I don't see it listed.

    Thanks -- Tara

  • No, settings still disappear after 10 seconds with new firmware. I HATE that!!!

  • Thanks for the info. I may skip the update then as there was nothing I needed for shooting stills with manual focus.

    That was probably the #1 most requested fix. You've got to wonder how they design such great stuff and implement it so badly.

  • @h2otara

    You've got to wonder how they design such great stuff and implement it so badly

    stop wondering... panasonic is under a spell "ummm yeaahhh, everything is good,
    umm yeahh everything is good (but in japanese)" うんうーん、すべてが良いですが、 うんうーん、すべてが良いです


  • posted a question but already answered

  • @driftwood Yep, turns out the hot shoe screw fell into the camera body and shorted the main board. Sent it back to Panny Svc Ctr in Texas, took about 3 weeks and she just came back Friday. What a pain in the ass! Had to use 5D's in the meantime since I couldn't rent out the GH3 with me. Panasonic better get this under control. I thought for sure I may be the only one with this problem, but I guess not.

  • A question for those that have sent their GH3 back for hotshoe repair....Has the repair held up or is this going to be a reoccurring problem?

  • I did a lot of tests with my GH3 v1.1 with 14mm f 2.5 and 25 mm f 1.4 regarding the pan and tilts issues. In the camera : 30p and 60p plays smoothly . 50mb codec . 1/60 and 1/125 24p is jerky . 50 codec . 1/50

    When I imported it to FCPX converting to Prores , the 24p footage in a 24p timeline played perfectly . So in my opinion if you need a pan/tilt in a 24p timeline do it using mov24p option with shutter 1/50 .

    The moiré issue is the BIG issue with the GH3 !!!

  • @labalbi: Yes, it is the BIG issue:

    Here is a GH2 test shot:

    And there the GH3:

    Form yourself an opinion. My conclusion is: The GH3 can turn into a psychedelic rainbow machine, in certain situations. This is not good. Don´t the guys at Panasonic test their new cameras, before they beat the big drum for them? I mean, the moiré isn´t the only downside of the GH3. Compare the "highly praised" 72mpbs all-i mode to 50mbps IPB and you will know what I mean.

    It isn´t a bad camera, I actually like more about it than I dislike, but isn´t it a shame, that it takes an ingenious hacker once again to tap the full potential of that thing? Before the release of the GH3, some people were chasing rainbows and expected a new tool with highly tweakable settings and color profiles that could be shared with other people (without the need of a heck) on the official website. A mature piece of hardware, but customisable, just like an Android phone. I don´t know whether this is realizable or not, but what we´ve actually got from Panasonic is a neat update, no more, no less. No effort was made to produce something really special and innovative.

  • We have no promise that GH3 will get any hacking ...

  • How to make the Lumix GH3 camera deliver proper, recordable 1080p over HDMI

    With the firmware update + menu settings, you should be able to get the native 1080p framerate over HDMI.

    1/ Deactivate VIERRA Link

    2/ Set HDMI Output to AUTO.

    3/ Attach HDMI Recorder and test!

    Allan Tépper reports;-

  • @Driftwood,

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe I read either here or elsewhere that the video from the HDMI was a little soft in comparison the that of the internal codec.

    I know that you'll get edit ready Prores and Avid DNxHd footage for your NLE , but unless the video From the HDMI is 4.2.2., 10-bit , noticeably sharper and significantly different from the compressed footage, what really is the point of putting 4.2.0. 8-bit video in a 4.2.2 10-bit wrapper?

    Excuse me in advance for my ignorance if I misunderstood something.

  • @bleach551

    Just a reminder to check topic title.

  • @Vitaliy,

    Sorry Vitaliy, I guess that question would be better Answered in another topic.

  • @sir_danish moire? you must be referring to the nicely accurate fine pattern colorful detection mode function. I understand U

    • flash bracketing non existent.
    • broader range of WB bracketing, it's a bit whimsical, would be nice if we could expand the range wider and not only by geometrical distances but also outside the preset, choosing several presets and/or custom wb. • honor menu's "remember last position" in C3 mode, so to avoid the extra-stupid-time-consuming steps that are needed.


  • Anybody have any success stories with sending in their broken hot shoe for repair? I'm considering just getting a cage or something rather than a dodgy repair which might not work

  • @toxotis70 you can overload anything, even with a limiter. Many overloads come from shell resonances in the mic itself, and overloads can occur anywhere in the chain.

  • @Sph1nxster I am dropping off mine today to get it fixed. Pana rep said the repair should "strengthen" it, as to what exactly they are going to do about it i dunno. locktite those friggin screws maybe? it baffles me as to how the gh1 and gh2 are rock solid to this day and yet the gh3 didnt even last an hr with an led on it. my screw has come loose and is in the body so i have to send it in, that and i use flash for photog

    I'll keep you posted.

  • Yeah.... I can't see how it can be repaired to a standard like that of the GH2. I've had to get a bracket to keep me going in the interim. If it works out I probably won't even get it repaired.

  • There´s a great feature in GH3 , you can use your thumb in LCD to move the focus pointer when you are looking through the EVF . Touch settings>Touch Pad AF > ON .

    However , when I change the mode or when I turn off the camera , its doesnt save it "ON" and I need to set it up again ...which is a pain ...I am using firmware 1.1

    Any of you guys are using this great feature ?

  • @labalbi save it in one of 5 "C" custom settings

  • After my hotshoe came off I hear what sounds like a screw rattling about inside the camera body? Could this cause a problem if I leave it alone? Or is there an easy way to get it out?

  • @maxr Thanks ...I was forgetting that

  • I had two live events with GH3 until now and one of the biggest ISSUE for me is the video record button. It is so hard to press it, and when the time is critical I sometime think it's recording, but actually it's not!

    I'm trying to figure this problem out without affecting the camera... I'm opened to suggestions.