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The Definitive Hackintosh topic
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  • @MikeLinn @all Linus/his employee have to go through so many hoops to get it to run, be aware many of the steps are Hackintosh steps. It's just easier to run a Hackintosh than what Linus Tech Tips is proposing, and, Linus actually bashes the Hackintosh project, whose software he is using. -That brings him down a few notches in my book. This video is basically click-bait.

  • Hard days coming.

    and from comment

    Regarding the T2 chip, we’ve gotten around this issue somewhat by having the SMC chip, which is emulated by the T2 chip, ready for use within VirtualSMC(a kext that currently emulates 2012-2015 SMC chips). It’s currently not in use but we have it on stand by in case it’s needed for when non-T2 chip Macs are dropped.

    And with the release of Mojave, a lot of hardware support was dropped including both GPUs(many legacy and those that are reliant on WebDrivers) and many wireless cards. The second one is a bigger issue because Apple’s wireless chipsets have also gone completely propriety starting with the iMac19,1 and 2018 MacBook Pros. This would mean that Apple could also kill wireless networking for us.

    Regarding audio, all MacBookPro15,x and newer have their audio handled by the T2 chip. This means that HDEF audio is only used with HDMI potentially screwing up future audio patches for Hackintoshes.

    And the final part is that Apple has been planning on killing the part of XNU that Clover, the most popular boot loader, uses to load kexts into macOS. Luckily we’ve thought ahead for this as well as we’ve got a new boot loader called OpenCore that behaves much more like a real Mac. This makes it both harder for apple to patch out support since they would have to completely redesign the XNU kernel and harder for them to place any protection in the meantime thanks to this new boot loader loading kexts at the prelinking phase instead of rooting phase

  • lots of videos on hackintosh for $100 minipcs to Ryzen 9 CPUS

  • FWIW, I thought I'd mention, a few months ago the "Ryzentosh" had some issues using Adobe software. IDK the current situation at the moment.

  • Hi, I have a Macpro 2009 4.1 updated to 5.1 with High Sierra (gpu 1080Ti) I would like to install Mojave or Catalina.

    Will I loose my 1080Ti gpu capabilities with Davinci Resolve ?

    Do I need another card ?

    What is the easiest way to install Mojave or Catalina ?

  • @flash you may need to use catalina patcher and use a different video card

  • Looks like hackintoshes will be killed off with the arm processors. Good thing there's a big source of pirated mac intel-based programs already available for us luddites.