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Cheap HMI lights from eBay
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  • What's the equiv. of this 70 Watt HMI compared to Tungsten? Normally it's twice the power of Tungsten lights, or even more; for example the jokerbug.

    70watt should be equivalent to 250 watt's or something?

  • 70W of metal halide is around 200-250W of tungsten depending on the quality of the lamp. Sometimes with the cheap bulbs you'll have too much green/blue and need to minus green gel them which causes the output to be less.

  • Take a close look on the weight of these lamps. ln my personal view the larger ones are quite unhandy and will need lot sandbags secure them on set.

  • With proper tripods you won't need sandbags shooting interiors, exteriors you probably need 1 bag, Junior tripods are highly recommended, other tripods are basically a no no on HMI's

    I now own a 2500w HMI strand, it's heavy, but the light is amazing. @Meierhans Now you know why the Gaffer has a Bestboy :p

  • Guys,

    As amazing as HMI's are, I would never try and buy knock-off or cheap ones. This is a technology you do not want to mess with IMO. Tungesten ARRI knock-offs are one thing but HMI's that are not built, or sealed, or grounded correctly have a great chance of shortening someone's life span. There is a reason why HMI's are expensive...

  • Somewhat true;

    But 200/575/1200 watts are as much dangerous as the tungsten. One should always check his lights; and have atleast basic knownledge of Electricity(!) e.g. you should be able to rewire, rebuild, etc etc, and know the invisible force.

    Especy with these Gas killers.

  • Did anyone ever purchase one of these? Wondering if it's worth taking the risk to purchase.