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H.265 HEVC topic. Same quality, half file size.
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  • @mozes: How could you possibly show that? Of course you could publish the same video encoded in H.264 and H.265, with the file size of the latter being half of the former, and ask people to download your decoder prototype to convince themselves that the quality is actually about the same.

    But those not into the details of video encoding would either not bother to do that or doubt that the comparison was fair anyway (because of course, one could have chosen an unfavorable set of parameters for the H.264 version).

    And those who are participating in the development of video encoders will probably measure their efficiency by other means than downloading one sample demo video somebody else prepared.

    (There is actually a very old standard set of totally boring video clips that have been used as somewhat representative material to prove video encoders on for decades... just like there is that decades old picture of the lady with the large white hat that you can see in hundreds of papers on still image encoding... :-) )

  • @karl i get that.
    What i mean is, if you create something that is better then it was before, why not show it in a way that everybody can see it.
    That video example diden't show anything..

  • So that the manufacturers can continue to sell us some 4.2.0 8 bit codec.

  • @Hallvalla: It usually takes years from the prototypical implementation and standards committee to products on the shelf, so don't hold your breath ;-)

    @mozes: I think those competent to engineer video encoding algorithms are not necessarily the same people that like to spend their time shooting great videos or setting up impressive demos. And vice versa ;-)

    What I am wondering about: Do we really need even more efficient lossy video coding? After all, storage becomes bigger and cheaper, bandwidth the same, so why bother with the efforts to squeeze out some additional bytes?

  • Why are those demo's always done so ... well .... shit?