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Official Final Cut X topic, moving to ARM and vlogging
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  • @Caveport " I need OMF export to Pro Tools, XML to Resolve and round trip to Motion or After Effects. " I agree with this, but AVID MC isn't your answer if you want round trips to AFTER EFFECTS etc. Their are workflows that do the things you require and i'm sure they'll fix the Resolve XML issue soon enough.

  • Also, of course. Prem Pro CC does all the things you mentioned right now.

  • Unfortunately nobody uses Premiere where I work. What a modern editing program needs is reliable interchange of project info with other programs and software vendors, Proper 3D workspace for XYZ rotation and manipulation without applying effects would be very useful too. Coming from a background in large tape based editing suites with dedicated effects hardware, I have been surprised at the things I used to do on a daily basis that are quite difficult to do with 'modern' software. FCPX is the best of a bad bunch IMO. Now if Apple had put FCPX power into a new flavour of FCP7 I think we would be a lot closer to the ideal editor/compositor.

  • Latest bug fix release...

    Final Cut Pro X version 10.1.1

    • Preserves media files if an external drive or network is disconnected while consolidating a library
    • Resolves an issue with loading audio content in the Music and Sound Browser
    • Fixes a stability issue when applying a Motion effect with Scroll Text behavior
    • Faster switching between proxy media and original or optimized media
    • Improves Timeline responsiveness with very large projects
  • Beware! The latest FCPX 10.1.1 just ate one of my projects. It wiped out all timelines and events, and left just a few files with no backups. This is unacceptable behaviour, Apple. Find a way to make backups more reliable. Fortunately, the project had been shipped, and a couple of small adjustments could be made to the exported version, but this sucks.

  • If I've learned anything in my time as a filmmaker, it's never grab the latest update without waiting for the blowback and finding out what will happen if you upgrade.

  • I just updated mid project[s] and all is good. everything is exactly as it was in 10.1

  • @abhleza Do you back up your projects to a secondary drive? I'd definitely recommend it if you don't. I've had various programs eat files for various reasons... particularly with projects in production, I always make sure I've got redundancy (and I'll second Shian's comment... let others get into trouble before you make the jump :) )

  • Here is a podcast called FCPX Grill. Mainly discussions with various editors in the industry who use FCPX. I enjoy it, you may too:

  • @bmorgan83 Yes, of course I make backups, but right now I have 11 TB of external drives connected, and they're all at 90% full. I've been in this business long enough to be careful, but it's still annoying when the software bites back. I reported it to Apple, and am working with one of their software engineers to resolve this obscure bug.

  • Anybody tried to work in a bigger project with native mts files with the new fcpx 10.1.1? How is this responding? I tried out in small test projects and it looks like it runs very smooth. End of transcoding to ProRes?

  • Editing is fine but add layers of effects and things get slow. Can't wait to see how the new Mac Pro will work with camera original long GOP files.

  • Does anyone know how to fix the AVCHD gamma issue in Final Cut X? From what I've seen the color grading tools in FCX are different than Premiere Pro. In PP I can use the Fast Color Corrector and adjust the output levels from 0-255 to 16-235 to fix the gamma.

  • @T1000 Levels are not the same thing as gamma. The visual effect can look like a gamma issue, but its not.

  • MTS in FCPX works fine but don't even think about using MTS in Motion 5. Converting to ProRes first is a factor of 3 hours instead of 3 days for motion tracking and NeatVideo (denoise).

  • Woke up this morning to see that picked up one of my blog posts today :D. I recorded a tutorial video which explains my entire broadcast commercial workflow. Unfortunately, no GH footage here. But this would actually work great with the GH4 and the YAGH since it has timecode in!

  • I need some help . Today I use an Imac 2009 i3 with 1tb of disk and 16gb of Ram . Cant remember my graphic board but it is not one of those intel iris . Anyway. I intend to upgrade to use with my upcoming GH4 camera. I ll record in 4k but just for editing ´cause I want to take advantage of the 4k resolution but the outuput will be in 1080p . Today all my files are recorded in my firewire drive. And its not as fast as I want to edit my Gh3 footage. Even after converting the files to prores.

    My question is . First I was thinking in the new Mac book air . Can it handle 4k footage with only Intel Iris chipset ? Or do I need a Macbook Pro or an full Imac with Geforce 750m ? Any chance the imac mini handle the 4k footage from the GH4 ? Thanks .

  • If you're on a firewire drive (i assume FW800) converting to prores might actually use up your disk bandwidth and slow down not because the computer is too slow, but because of disk bandwidth. FW800 is able to play one prores 1080p, but maybe not 2 at once (ie during a long X-fade). FW400 cannot play prores 1080p - i've tried. So make sure you're not just having disk bandwidth problems when you transcode to prores. I usually work on the internal drive (macbook pro from 2011) in FCPX because its faster than my firewire drives.

  • @labalbi I've been looking at buying a mac and wondered how much power I need. I googled it and have seen some posts where guys said they're doing okay editing on MacBook Air that had 8GB - that was prob 1080P footage but it shows you these Macs often do okay even when not the top speced model. I actually got FCPX to run reasonably well on my 2006 MacBookPro for editing 1080P ~80Mbps footage, even with color correcting. For 4K, you're obviously looking at more power needed. I spoke with one of the "Geniuses" at an Apple store. He uses FCPX himself and was pretty helpful. He said a lot of the machines in the store have footage downloaded onto the computers so you can actually go into store and try the different models to see speed difference when using FCPX. It's prob 1080P footage, so you could in theory bring in a SD card with 4K footage and import it into FCPX and try it out on different models. Good luck. Please let me know what computer you end up selecting - I'm still looking at different computers. Good luck

  • I'd also be interested in seeing what spec MBP you would need to edit 4k in FCPX. Thanks in advance.

  • @trailer

    I'd also be interested in seeing what spec MBP you would need to edit 4k in FCPX. Thanks in advance.

    take the one from top of the shelf: maximum graphic card, maximum RAM, maximum drive.

  • @matt_gh2 I think all the newer Systems will work ok with x. But for my recommendation I would go with either a fully loaded iMac (which is actually quite affordable for what you get), a fully loaded retina MBP, or a Mac Pro tube 8core or higher with the best graphic card.

  • by @ahbleza

    Apple just released the latest update to Final Cut Pro X.

    • Optimized, proxy, and rendered media can be stored at any location outside of the library
    • Easily delete optimized, proxy, and rendered media from within Final Cut Pro X
    • Used media indicators for Compound clips, Multicam clips, and Synced clips
    • Option to show only unused media in the Browser
    • Apply a standard (Rec. 709) look in real time to high dynamic range and wide color gamut video from ARRI, Blackmagic Design, Canon, and Sony cameras
    • Automatically apply an ARRI embedded 3D LUT from the new AMIRA camera
    • Support for Apple ProRes 4444 XQ
    • Improved speed and accuracy when synchronizing clips
    • Audio recording improvements including countdown and automatic Audition creation from multiple takes
    • Fast export of cuts-only projects containing XDCAM media
    • Export entire library as a single XML file
    • Selecting a library displays key metadata in the Inspector
    • Adjust relative and absolute volume of a clip or range selection
    • Create Keywords from Finder Tags when importing media
    • Option to sort events by date or name in the Libraries list
    • Import a clip by dragging directly into the Browser
    • Share 4K video to Vimeo

  • @All

    The latest version of Final Cut ProX seems very unstable, crashed numerous times since I updated to the latest version. Might want to hold off of installing if you are working on a important project. I am not working on anything important at the moment and I also have CC Premiere pro to edit with just in case.