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Olympus controlled demolition, follow topic to get realtime updates
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  • There are plans to move away from Olympus brand gradually, it will be less and less pronounced on the products until it’s gone in a few years

  • Soon! New Olympus models!

    Two sources told me that starting from autumn we will see a rebranding of the OM camera lineup. One of the sources told me this:

    there will be rebranding from OM-D E-M to OM 1D, OM 5D, OM 10D etc.

  • Nice collection before all brand will go away soon.

  • More rumors, including repeating ones already posted

    Plan 1: OM Digital will slowly fade out the Olympus name. And there will be rebranding from OM-D E-M to OM 1D, OM 5D, OM 10D etc.
    Plan 2: there will be 40-150 f/4 next year, a new 20mm f/1.4
    Plan 3: Olympus to provide brand name for Samsung smartphone cameras
    Plan 4: Launch a WOW camera with classic E-m1 size. Maybe with the new Sony 45MP micro 4/3 with Quad Pixel

  • The camera body with the code “IM027” has been registered in Asia by OM Digital Solutions. The registration says it is equipped with Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 5GHz) and Bluetooth.

    It is rename or something slightly updated?

  • New lineup updated with 3-4 years old design they want to finally produce


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  • Olympus has issued an announcement over the weekend, informing the public of a cybersecurity incident that has affected its IT systems since September 8, 2021, and is ongoing. The firm says its IT team is investigating the incident to evaluate its scope and effects, while forensics experts are working with its response group to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The firm has promised to give updates when new information or more details become available, but so far, no updates have been posted on the website.

  • New flagship camera (OM 1D) will be announced in early 2022 but it will be teased in autumn this year already;

    This camera will have global shutter sensor;

  • We are aware of an outage involving our website and business operations software. Please know that our IT team is working as quickly as possible to identify the cause and appropriate steps for remediation. We will provide updates as we receive additional information and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Olympus site is down, possible hacked or maybe closed permanently.

  • OM Digital will only share a very small “hint” about the next new OM camera. The focus will be on unveiling the new camera naming structure: there will be rebranding from OM-D E-M to OM 1D, OM 5D, OM 10D etc.


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  • Announcement of The New OM SYSTEM Brand

    Delivering unparalleled experiences with the OM philosophy and the development announcement of a new interchangeable lens camera to bring photography to the next level

    OM Digital Solutions is pleased to introduce the OM SYSTEM brand for our lines of interchangeable lens cameras and lenses, compact digital cameras, audio products, binoculars, and other services. We are proud to share that going forward, Olympus imaging- and audio-related products will be released under the OM SYSTEM brand. Additionally, we are currently developing a new interchangeable lens camera compliant with the Micro Four Thirds System standard that will embody the OM SYSTEM concept and bring photography to the next level.

    The new OM SYSTEM brand

    For more than 80 years, since the release of the Semi-Olympus I in 1936, our business (formerly the imaging business of Olympus Corporation) has received tremendous on-going support from our loyal customers for Olympus imaging products. During the film camera era, we achieved an unprecedented compact, lightweight design with the OM series of 35mm SLR cameras, and this development philosophy emphasizes that design lives on in our new company and brand. Looking to the future, we pledge to establish brand value and growth through building the new OM SYSTEM brand.

    What we want to accomplish with OM SYSTEM

    OM SYSTEM expresses our determination to continue to deliver unparalleled experiences to our customers through our mission of always challenging convention and a philosophy of continuous product development, which we have adhered to since the establishment of OM Digital Solutions. Through our products and services, we hope to create exciting experiences that bring joy and inspiration. Going forward, we will strive to be the brand that customers will treasure for a long time to come, devoting ourselves to craftsmanship that demonstrates a commitment and fulfills people's lives.

    The development of a new interchangeable lens camera

    Compliant with the Micro Four Thirds System standard, the interchangeable lens camera that we are now developing combines our industry leading manufacturing capabilities and cutting-edge technologies to significantly improve performance and provide an unrivaled photographic experience. We are leveraging the Micro Four Thirds System standard to make more compact and lightweight systems, strengthening the photographic support functions that broaden the field of photography, and accelerating the improvement of image quality and photographic expression through the use of computational photographic technology. We want OM SYSTEM to be a partner for the adventures of each and every person. We hope that you will look to our Micro Four Thirds system to bring photography to the next level.

    OM SYSTEM brand statement

    "Break Free"

    Time does not stand still.

    It does not take excuses or do repeats. The sun won't ask for your permission to set, a smile comes and goes, and a Falcon won't wait for your go-ahead to take flight. When a moment comes, one that makes you feel, you should be ready to capture it. Those moments of beauty are meant to be shared, feelings to be remembered, and images intended to be captured.

    We are passionate about providing creators with the tools necessary to fight time, outsmart the odds, and break free to go on your adventures, sunshine, rain, or snow. We build uniquely compact and dependable imaging systems with creator-centric innovations that allow you always to be ready to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

    Make it last forever.

    Defy the moment, with OM SYSTEM.

  • Ohh, so sweet from Olympus. Maintaining afloat hopes of a broken company to others with words of no other significance that conceptualization.

  • There is a teaser for the new camera in the longer video - front wheel and shutter button from the E-M1 X, a 2nd top dial, larger EVF, focus mode switch, full HDMI port, new back grip, and looks like a top LCD.

  • image


    Yes, but who knows if it is some last Olympus developed camera that they still keep to have some purpose.

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  • Q & A: The vision of the company's new brand has been introduced earlier, but users may be concerned about how the switch from “OLYMPUS” to “OM SYSTEM” will be implemented. Here, we will deliver the contents confirmed to the company regarding the handling of brand names.

    Why did you need to change the name of Olympus?

    Since the establishment of the new company, we have reconsidered our beliefs, strengths, goals, and customers, and have squeezed the concept of what our brand should be.

    We are really grateful that the brand name of the camera called Olympus has been supported by many people, but at this time when we are beginning to become familiar with the company name, we will strongly convey to everyone what the new company is aiming for. , We have decided to adopt a new brand.

    What kind of characters will be printed on the camera body that will be released in the future? Will an alternative logo be used for OLYMPUS?

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we cannot answer at this time regarding the specific notation of new products in the future.

    Are there any changes in the handling of existing product names?

    There is no change in the product name of the existing products currently on sale, but the brand that includes them will be "OM SYSTEM".

    Can brand names such as PEN and ZUIKO continue to be used?

    The current product will be the same as before. Future individual sub-brand names are currently under consideration.

    Will the PEN series be included in the “OM SYSTEM” in the future?

    Yes, that's right. "OM SYSTEM" is a brand that includes products such as mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras, interchangeable lenses, IC recorders, binoculars products, and services provided by us.

    Do you want to switch the name on the lens cap or strap?

    For new products to be released in the future, lens caps and straps will also be engraved with OM SYSTEM. However, there are no plans to sell the lens cap or lens hood with the OM SYSTEM logo separately in the near future. Unfortunately, we cannot answer at this time what kind of plan and schedule will be used for switching to existing products.

    Will the name of “Olympus Plaza” change?

    In the future, we plan to gradually remove the Olympus brand name.

  • Nikkei Japan reports that Olympus is likely to sell the scientific division too. This means they will give up the business with microscopes and industrial measuring instruments. By doing so they will remain a medical company only.

    Fun thing is that it was the exact plan of US organized coup in Olympus that didn't work out at the time.

    Next step will be merger with some western company.

  • OM Digital has announced that the official Japanese Olympus online shop will be suspended from December 15, 2021 to mid-January 2022.

    Very unusual for any such site, it can also mean that OM Digital no longer have old stock of cameras that they sold previously.