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Olympus controlled demolition, follow topic to get realtime updates
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  • The CPplus show is accepting registration for the various events to be held in late February. One of the events is organized by OM Digital and they say that they will finally “talk about the future of OM-D”.

  • In an interview with Asahi, the CTO of the newly-created OM Digital Solutions answered several questions about the company, its products, and its future.

    “At least for the time being, we will use ‘Olympus,'” he said. “However, it is better to move away from Olympus as an entity or continue to work under the name Olympus? I want to think about it.”

    “The background to this is the shrinking camera market. It is not only our company, but it is quite difficult to grow the company by increasing sales as it is. In order to generate profits, it is necessary to reduce costs and reform the structure for that purpose. Olympus is becoming more and more a ‘Medtech Company’, that is, a company centered on medical devices. Then, the manufacturing process as a medical device manufacturer will be strengthened, and the cameras business will have to follow it as a company rule.”

    Now they tell 180 degrees opposite things from even previous summer.

    “If the camera market shrinks, we will make products simpler, deliver them, and sell them to our customers. In order to create a structure that can do that, it is better to be independent of Olympus and to be able to do various things with our own difference so that we can continue our business,” he explains.

    This is lie.

    Japan Industrial Partners was an ideal candidate for the imaging acquisition given its history of restructuring businesses, according to Kataoka. “JIP is good at cutting out businesses from the company, turning them into the black, and revitalizing them,” he says.

    JIP is best for killing businesses, this is that they do.

    Kataoka promises new products are on the way by the end of the year.

    At best it is rehash of same things that Olympus is doing for last 3 years. They don't have any people to do new LSI now and without this - no one can do anything.

    Now they need to sell old stock and they have lot of it. In the process finally killing all service and marketing.

  • They have such an optimism, such an optimism, just all workers do not share this

    • the 150-400mm orders were 3x greater than expected (3 instead of 1 planned order in UK). If you were to place an order today it could take 12 months to fill as it is some Chinese grandmother who will assembly it in her village now.
    • Coming new body this year will only exasperate issue with 150-400mm demand (that would suggest this new body is the E-M1Xii which also ties into the below statement)
    • They believe that the flagship body should lead with any new sensor and this is how they will release bodies going forward
    • They are not sure what they will do with E-m5. Even though it is one of the older bodies now, it would not receive an update until after the higher end bodies. They are trying to determine if there is still a need with the push for going high-end
  • I guess he leaked to much as the video was pulled.

  • @hoodlum - who and what was in that video?

  • OM Digital solution had the video removed yesterday. It was hosted by OM Digital Senior Manager Mark Thackara. The above summary was accurate based on my viewing of the video while it was still available.

  • My dream Olympus camera:

    • Could use the current 20mp sensor. Or a new one, with 1 stop low light advantage, same resolution, with around 26 mp like the Fujis;
    • Good PDAF AF, with tracking and face/ey detection, even in video;
    • Better codecs, 10bit internal, 4k60 internal (could be only for short clips);
    • Punch in focus during video;
    • Better EVF / LCD;
    • Separate stills / video settings;
    • E-M1, E-M5 (better) or Pen F (best - with some ergo tweaks).

    Not hard to do.

  • OM Digital promised yet again to continue with Micro Four Thirds — echoing past statements — and clarified that just because the company uses the name “OM” it doesn’t mean that it plans to only produce the OM-D line cameras.

  • The end is not too far


    Japan had been last market where Olympus had some good sales, no more.

    765 x 494 - 53K
  • The Japanese site is speculating about a possible L-mount move from OM Digital. They name a couple of reasons why they think that might be the case:

    • L-mount alliance itself announced that new partners might be coming soon.
    • OM Digital is now free from Olympus “philosophy” of sticking to MFT only
    • OM Digital announced a new “WOW” product for end 2021 or early 2022. This wow product may be a FF camera?
  • Strange little teaser

  • What would you say is the biggest challenge faced by OM Digital Solutions (OMDS) in 2021, and how do you plan to address it?

    We announced the carving out of the camera division from Olympus last June, and I think a lot of people were worried that it meant Olympus cameras would be different in the future, or our R&D philosophy or our product roadmap would change. I would like to state, once again, that we decided to split off from Olympus, which is a big medical company, in order to better manage our business and do what’s best for our camera customers. In this new company, OMDS, we have senior leaders in place who will bring fresh perspectives to company challenges, and this is a perfect start for a new chapter in the 85-year history of Olympus cameras.

    The challenge is proving it. I can say whatever I like, but people need to be able to believe it. Not only existing Olympus users, but non-Olympus and non-Micro Four Thirds photographers. We need to make those users realize that they can invest in our system with confidence. The best way to do that is by introducing innovative products, and I can confirm that will be an exciting product announcement from OMDS later in 2021. I think that will put a lot of people’s minds at rest.

    Our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Setsuya Kataoka gave an interview in February where he mentioned new products, and today I can confirm that the announcement will be this year.


    Any partnership will be only slapping brand name.

    Samsung had similar partnership with Schneider Kreuznach but in no way it mean anything.

  • I hear bad vibes again among tiny amount of Olympus people who are left in US and EU (besides youtube and similar ass licking guys, see above, who will be happy to work almost for free now as no one else need them).

    Most probably new efficient management have some new optimization plan. They already managed to literally destroy strong brand position in Japan by imposing total chaos. We will see in May.

  • The Swiss website Digitech intervewed MR. Sandro Rymann. He confirmed that they will announce a new camera “within weeks” and this will not be the only camera coming this year! I guess this new camera may a be a Tough model…

    More tidbits:

    • OMD Digital employs 200 people in Europe (before the move to OM Digital they were 400), lot of them actually are ambassadors with zero payments and contractors who get payment rarely and in small amount
    • It’s likely we will develop less entry level models
    • There will be a new Tough camera model
    • We can use the “Olympus” name for many years (many more years than actually initially expected).

  • OM Digital will very soon announce a new wide angle lens. Most probably it is the new 8-25mm f/4.0 PRO lens that was added to the roadmap last year.

    Note that lens had been designed at least 2 years ago, and all equipment and forms already existed almost one year ago.

  • OM Digital says July 3rd is PEN Day

  • More on strange PEN day