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ETC crop mode physical size on gh cameras
  • Do the cropped physical sizes of the gh sensors change in etc mode? I would kinda of assume that the fhd ETC mode on the 20mp sensor ( gx9, g9, gh5 & gh5s ) would be physically smaller than on the 16mp sensor. And the gh5(s) has a uhd etc mode. And don't the new olympus's have something similar ? There must be some data sheet or white paper somewhere/ thanks/k

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  • Sensors datasheets are all closed info.

    So, for same sensor size is same, of course.

    For 16mp crop is smaller.

  • @vitaliy...."For 16mp crop is smaller." ...wouldn't that be the opposite ? If the sensor has 16mp vs 20mp, then the 16mp pixels are larger. Therefore the 1920 x1080 crop would have to be larger as well...or is my logic faulty ? ...and that would make the fhd etcmode on 20mp a smaller window than the window on the 16mp sensor, like the gh2, gh4 etcetera. The question is how much smaller in actual physical dimensions ? If it's straight forward, then the window would be 20% smaller on the 20mp sensors. That would be a considerable difference.

  • @kurth

    If crop is smaller actual physical size of window is larger. Simple.

  • ok....just an interpretation misunderstanding. I'm working on the size of gh4 vs gh5 etc mode window. Give me a moment....ok, using the actual and effective sensor specs at b&h, I get the gh4's etc mode window is 6.72mm x 3.78mm...and the gh5 etc mode is 5.97mm x 3.34mm