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Degradation: More on crypto currency humanity crime and electricity
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  • Large power units with a capacity of 500 MW each have emergency shutdowns at the Ekibastuz GRES, the press service of KEGOC reported.

    The shutdown occurred on October 14th.

    "With an interval of several hours at Ekibastuzskaya GRES-1 and Ekibastuzskaya GRES-2, large power units with a capacity of 500 MW failed. Also, a boiler at the power plant of EEC JSC was emergency shutdown with a decrease in generation by 150 MW. Thus, the total volume of emergency decrease in generation at the above three power plants exceeded 1000 MW, " KEGOC said.

    The corporation noted that due to the existing power shortage, these emergency outages at power plants will provoke unacceptable power deviations at the border with the Russian power system, interstate power lines may restart with the threat of a systemic accident.

    In order to minimize the consequences of a decrease in generation in the power system, the company has limited excess electricity consumption.

    Main cause is big number of huge mining farms that moved to Kazahstan.

  • I would imagine that one or two crisis events (brownout, blackout) will trigger a strong regulatory reaction to crypto in the west.

  • @robertGL

    Issue now is that US stands behind all crypto scam, it allows to park lot of newly printed money.

  • The New York State Assembly heard testimony from four Cornell University scientists in four different disciplines on the climate impact of Bitcoin mining. Scientists were categorical: it was time to tie up with bitcoin in the most rigid way, otherwise it would have an extremely negative impact on the United States' commitment to carbon neutrality.

  • Just last month, three of Kazakhstan’s most vital coal-fired power plants faced emergency shutdowns. In light of the outages, Coindesk reports that the country’s Ministry of Energy would start restricting new mining farms from using more than 100 megawatts (MW) over the course of two years, but later walked back on this limitation for lawful miners.

    Most fun is that it is bureaucracy and banking system that stands behind all large mining farms.

  • Last week, eight US lawmakers, led by Senator Elizabeth Warren, sent letters to a number of the world's largest cryptocurrency miners - Marathon Digital Holdings, Riot Blockchain, Stronghold Digital Mining, Bitfury Group, Bitdeer Technologies Holding and Bit Digital - asking for information on their annual energy consumption. objects, the impact of their activities on electricity prices in the region, as well as plans for possible expansion.

    Energy issues are coming.