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Teaser Music Video shot on a hacked GH2 - " Sons - KJZDKJSS "
  • Gear:

    Hacked Panasonic GH2 (Driftwood 176 GOP1 patch)
    1000w Arri Juniors,
    Novoflex MFT-NIK adapter (new version)
    Sigma 10-20mm f/4.0-5.6
    Nikkor DX 35mm f/1.8
    Nikkor af-d 50mm f/1.4
    Nikkor af-s 70-200 VR
    LCW ND Fader
    Custom Gini-Cavision carbon rig
    Transcend 16gb sdhc cards
    Smoke Machine

    Sons - KJZDKJSS
    Full music video and short film coming in 2012...

    Production: NoVa, November 2011
    Shot and directed by Riccardo Bertoni
    Edited by Riccardo Bertoni & Marko Zigon

    Official Website:
    Official Facebook Page: (link in slovene)

    My blog:

    © Menart Records & Skupina Sons
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  • nice effort and cheers for posting:) great to see more and more productions on the gh2.
    One criticism I have, is that the entire video consists of close-ups and medium shots. Where are all the wides?! (+it seems like u have a nice location but we can't see it) In my opinion, it's almost impossible to make a video have depth and attract viewers more easily without some nice wides that give a sense of space. Too many CU= abstractness . Just sth to consider for next time. Keep em coming!
  • Hi stefanos, I forgot to write it down... there's a reason behind it... it's supposed to be a dream (the slovene title "Kje je zdaj dekle ki je sanjalo stoje" roughly translates as "where's the daydreaming girl", it must look fake and abstract) and that's why I've also added a few lens flares in post (the pink flare is actually box flare caused by the gh2) + it's missing about 15 minutes of footage, hence "teaser" in the title. I might upload the English version, or a translation if someone's interested.

  • Same day edit. The artist is moving and we planned on knocking out 3-4 videos next few weeks for his EP before he leaves. By no means am I professional.

    I picked up a camera(GH2) in March of this year and started reading and watching tutorials. No formal training in videoagraphy or film. I have a background in graphic design is all.

    Thank you for this community and the work done on the GH2 Hack.

    Driftwoods Seaquake patch.

    Lights used were 4 cheap shop lights from Home Depot(outside scene).
    Edited in PP CS5.

    20mm Pancake
    50mm Minolta 1.7
    28mm OM 2.8
  • Great job vas907! I like it.
  • Thank You Rbertoni, great job on your vid also.
  • 1920x1080 screenshot
    FHD Screenshot.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • wow. flares are giving me seizures @.@

    @RBertoni, the quality and depth of the footage is simply staggering.

    is there a genre for these types of performance videos? I know in S.Korea, nearly every music video is like this.
  • Sorry :P Wait until you see the movie...

    Don't know about a genre (it's not my usual style and it's not meant to be a performance video either), all I can say is that the music video is part of a scene from an upcoming short movie (a mix of scifi and thriller) I'm producing and directing to promote the new album.
  • @Rbertoni and @ Vas907 good jobs guys. Are you guys getting those flares from lens or in post?
  • @HillTop1 Some flares are real (the pink box flare and some achieved with bad filtration on purpose), some are done in post.
  • @vas907 and @RBertoni well done.
    How many GH2 was used while filming, very nice view angles ...
  • @feha Only one GH2, I had a GH1 and a Canon XHA1 with a Letus Extreme adapter for backup bud didn't need them, not a single card error. Actually, I've shot a (let's say a major) documentary feature this year (still in post production) using just 1 GH2 with the same setup.
  • Great fun! @vas907 I like the way you play with slomo / reverse time just before the "Radio" title, then it all goes in the right direction when it all starts. Excellent!!
  • @HillTop1 All the flares in my video are natural, no post work. Just used the fishing line trick to get flares. @feha Only used one GH2 and a canon 60D as a b cam, didn't use any of the 60D footage though.
  • Abertoni and vas907 great job on your videos.

    Abertoni, I'm glad that you explained that it is part of a movie because that color correction looks epic.

    vas907...I like that song also. I agree....the reversing of the snow in slow motion looked cool.
  • @vas907 ? Never heard of that, care to share?
  • @hillTop1 You have use the flare trick with a lens that's mounted on a adapter. You tape a fishing lined vertically inside the adapter. Have to make sure that the line is totally vertical in the middle of the adapter.
  • I've re-encoded the video (x264), it's much better than before, now you can download the source file.

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