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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • @Vesku Interesting difference, good find.

  • @AKED

    Question for GH5 owners: when recording with the GH5, can I use closed bluetooth headphones to check the sound or do I need cable bound headphones? Thanks

    You want to ask if GH5 support Bluetooth headphones directly? No.

    But if you have some battery enabled transmitter, why not? Just sound usually is worse and issues you hear can be caused by Bluetooth issues.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Thanks. I will use cable bound headphones.

  • Made some footage with the new firmware in HLG. Also exported to H265 in REC.2020 and HDR 10-bit.

    Second video scenes from France only this is not HDR.

  • GH5 has h.265 HDR (HLG) 72Mbs mode for HDR televisions. I wonder why it is the only possible 4k h.265 mode. It would be useful to shoot with h.265 using 4k 8bit and all profiles.

    It would be also useful to have a HDR profile for 8bit modes. We will see what happens in next update.

  • all Intra 400Mbps

  • @valpopando, what SD card was used? Most of the 400MBps videos don't mention the which SD was used. I'd really be interested in knowing everyone's experience with various SD cards.

  • @Piotrj i still working without issues with 100 euros Lexar 1000 xc II 150mbps

  • some test checking bokeh and sharpness between prime lenses and zoom / micro four thirds / FX DX lenses with speedbooster. all at f/2.8

    IMO Nikkor 85 and Voigtlander the sharpest , tokina very sharp at full aperture , but with some chromatic abberrations and strong loss of detail at corner , 25mm on 12-35mm doesnt match with 25mm prime lens summilux ...and more

  • Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera, $1499

  • LUMIX DC-GH5 Firmware Ver.2.2

    • Support for Fn button present on H-ES 200 (200 mm / F 2.8 lens), so that the function on the button can be set on the camera side.
    • The stability of motion picture recording has been improved for VFR recording.

  • Just updated my GH5.

    I wish a future firmware update adds extra shutter speed options such as 24, 48 and 120 for example. Yes you can set the GH5 to show the shutter angle but I'd rather see those added to the shutter numbers so that I wouldn't need to change the settings if I were to take videos or photos. You have those extra shutter speeds in the Z Camera E1 which is a $250 camera. Would be nice to see that in the GH5.

  • @Paulo

    I agree 100%.

    Unfortunately, setting shutter angle (Creative Movie Menu, SS/Gain Operation) to ANGLE (e.g., 180d) rather than SEC (e.g., 50 or 48 as you have suggested be added), does interfere with some other functions of the GH5 including the Tether App (cannot change SS or ISO during movie recording if SS=ANGLE or ISO=dB is set) and One Push AE (malfunction if SS=ANGLE, not sure about ISO=dB).

    Probably edge cases for most users.

  • Can someone see the difference between 1/24s - 1/25s or 1/48s - 1/50s ?

    I would like to have a GH5 even SHOWING exposure values in all video modes. How many years and FWs more before it happens?

  • With the 2.2 firmware update the function button on my Olympus 40-150 now works.

  • Is the GH5 10bit a Game Changer over the 8bit Sony a6500?

  • Hi everyone, here's a video I shot with V-Log L, 10bit 422 400mbps All-I I edited on FCPX. exported as source-apple prores 422 in 4k Color grading done in FCPX.

    I'm having problems with the footage having some heavy banding on the sky. I'm not sure why and I'm not sure how to export the video via fcpx without getting any banding.

    Help. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks.

  • @tjmac17

    Usually V-Log make any banding worse (as you just have fewer bits for gradients in source).

    You can add luma noise to mask banding.

  • @tjmac17

    HLG profile has the same dyn range but better quality and less banding than vlog-L.