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Poor Philip Bloom
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  • I would bet Kessler is professional enough to have informed PB's agent before their press release went public.

  • Kessler is a piece of shat ! Not even thinking that he was PB's so-called friend, the fact that he did this based on internet innuendo and rumor...i.e. no charges of any kind....not even to my a despicable kneejerk reaction to save what he thought might be some negative financial result. early morning boredom set in so I decided to read alittle more about this incident. Even cnn has posted something...

    Any fair reading of this womans comments reveals she's having serious emotional issues. The very fact she admitted of alienating her own relationships with "both" of her parents reveals deep emotional schisms. And beyond the reality that there were never any charges nor investigation, after reading a number of threads and articles ....cinescopophilia, petapixel etc. , the most disgusting at eoshd, although all of them unprofessional, this only demonstrates that most people don't act fairly ! And the profundity of the damage it's caused PB , i.e. cnn's article alludes to dropping him as dp on the wonder list ( I don't even know what that is but it sounds big ! ) might force him into having no option than a civil suit to prove his innocence.

    The whole affair of unjustly hanging a man, destroying his career out of vengeance , and then using the internet to spread the virus is sad.

    That doesn't mean it's ok for men to beatup women. It's not. No excuses. However, when she says she hides her bruises to the police during an official police intervention....that's a lie. Any social worker, police officer or lawyer knows it's a lie. The police team responding to domestic violence calls...most likely male and female officers, separate the couple, and the woman officer sympathetically questions the woman. That would include a physical inspection of face, torso, arms etc.

    It's really incredible that our society can condemn a man w/o any proof for domestic violence, and then , at the same time, politically sanction men to go murder innocent women and children in foreign lands.

  • has nothing to do with CNN. One of the comments implies that is it run by a teenager.

  • You're right ! That's kinda of...illegal isn't it. He has only a slightly modified cnn logo. Doesn't matter. He's quoting from other sources except one paragraph. The important part is what sara reveals herself....and that's a quote.

  • All this is purely conjecture. None of us were there and none of us know what really happened, or didn't happen. Get your camera and go shoot something instead of wasting hot air on all of this. Or better still, maybe hire some actors and shoot the "The Days of Our Lives - Philip Bloom Edition" miniseries.

  • Advice from Werner Herzog:

    4 ......Never wallow in your troubles; despair must be kept private and brief.

    although he also says...

    23 ......Take revenge if need be.

    Life isn't easy!


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