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Poor Philip Bloom
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  • I have enough proof that i't wasn't me :D :p

  • @MorningManiac I think you're right on target here. In a truly free society we are supposed to reserve judgement against someone in order to elevate the ideal of a fair justice system. Unfortunately it seems prejudices or life experiences tend to skew people's ability to follow through on this courtesy. In fact some even set off on a war path destined to take a person down because they feel the seriousness of the accusation alone is enough to convict or at least provide them the cover to act like a judgmental prick.

    If you truly want to observe the strangeness of society, watch this comedy bit and see how awkward things get in the middle of the set when Burr has the audacity to ask - 'why is it wrong to want to know what actually happened prior to the act of physical abuse?' Its amazing how comedians have the innate ability to illustrate through absurdity how we are capable of putting up emotional boundaries that eliminate frank conversations from being able to take place.

  • I have no idea who's telling the truth here. No one else does either.

    But Kessler crane drops him just on an accusation. Supposedly his best friends. Kessler is a tiny niche company, what are they afraid that negative publicity will send camera geekdom fleeing from their "Philip Bloom" brand dolly??

    It's this kind of hysterical reaction that is the true crime of all this. They have 0 evidence, no police involvement, a facebook post and they drop PB, a man they've had a decades long relationship with.

  • What Kessler did is Marketing 101. If they hadn't publicly revoked their collaboration with PB, it would have taken less than 24 hours for the first meme images to turn up in the social media - showing women getting beaten with a Kessler Pocket Dolly PB Edition, with punch lines like "beat'em before you let it slide" (or more creative ones). Kessler's product would have been dead, its brand damaged. In comparison, the people who now take issue with Kessler prejudging PB will be fewer. If they stop buying Kessler products, their boycott will amount to only minor collateral damage in the company's books.

  • It may be marketing. But it's still abhorrent, unfair, and lacking moral courage. Oh right, that is marketing.

    Welcome to 2015 where an accusation with no evidence results in summary judgment.

    And we all accept it - with a whimper.

  • It may be marketing. But it's still abhorrent, unfair, and lacking moral courage.

    Marketing does not have any smell. Philip was in shade lately. As for Kessler - sliders sales are not good, so it is not big issue.

    Weird thing anyway.

  • Gardeners end business relationship with Kessler Crane.

    He yanked a healthy leaf off a houseplant when he was 3!

    Buddhists end business relationship with Kessler Crane.

    He stepped on an ant when he was 4! It was MURDER!

    the cover page photos on Ms Collaton's website depict idyllic happiness. Expectations of a storybook life then getting harsh realism or film noir?

  • I knew there were something wrong with Philip Bloom. He looks like so gentleman and down to earth, but usually those ones are the worst. There's scientific definition for these people and it is psychopath.

  • @tonalt, so you were just waiting to see what you wanted to see?

  • @tonalt ! This is exactly the stupid prejudice everyone is exampling ! Isn't it at least as reasonable to assume ...she's the psychopath ?? And btw....psychology is anything but no modern standards do any of it's premises nor methods hold up to the scientific method. You obviously have no idea of what your talking about.

    As for my opinion on Kessler....they should be boycotted. And bloom should sue , if for no other reason that to cleanse his reputation.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Does this mean the Kessler PBloom slider will soon be in PV Deals?

    I kid, I kid...

    @kurth - what if Bloom is found guilty somehow? Odds are, unless there is concrete evidence in this, he won't be found guilty. You seem to know that he's innocent.

    I don't know which story to believe at this point. The fact is, none of our opinions matter in this.

  • @rockroadpix...omg mean I should put faith in completely corrupted systems of justice to tell me what's true ?? Three wives....dozens of girlfriends ....hundreds of encounters, and almost 66 years loving women is far more informative than some incompetent judge in the uk or the usa, or for that matter , just about anywhere.

    I just have one question....who's not seen a woman go hysterical over a relationship ? Then you're lucky indeed !

  • Interesting you don't say what if he is guilty.

    I have dated some crazies, just smart enough not to marry them. Sometimes one has to look in the mirror for what the issue really is...

  • @rockroadpix....then what did you discover ? I never accuse people over gossip and innuendo on the internet. She had the chance to press charges the night they say the argument occurred. And she didn't. Nor did the police press charges themselves, which they could if they saw any evidence whatsoever of blooms so-called abuse. These 2 facts themselves, combined with the facebook gossip posts should be enough for anyone to see the truth. It's frankly unbelievable how naive people are. It's like the childrens game "pile on" ! Bloom , in most countries, could easily sue for defamation and win due to those simple facts of the case alone. So far , from what I've read, he's comported himself as a gentleman, contrary to some of the people here !

    1. I found that i had insecurities that caused me to want to help these women or stick with them to feel better about myself all the while, they were making me more insecure.
    2. Do you have any idea of the numbers of women that don't press charges that are in abusive relationships? Take Ray Rice's wife for instance. It's a staggering percentage.
    3. It's idiotic to strongly jump to one side or the other in this case without knowing any real facts.
    4. I was playing devil's advocate to your steady defense then you got all hot and bothered and thusly, pointed out your poor life choices in women possibly (ironically) skewing your worldview in all of this.

    Have a nice day, I'm done with this silliness. Hopefully, the truth will come out and whatever therapy/ remedy is needed is received.

  • @rockroadpix...where'd you see my poor life choices ? Jumping to conclusions again ...just like with PB. And it's another immature conclusion on your part, as well as anyone who uses facebook gossip to judge someone. Reminds me of stoning, where the whole community gathers to murder their outsiders.

  • We cant overlook the fact that there has always been people that would love to see the ground fall from underneath Bloom's feet. The guy has always had his fair share of "Haters". This situation has them all in a frenzy, saying things like "I always knew there was something wrong with him." the truth may come out, and either side will have to deal with this situation as they see fit.

  • She said, he said... Everyone has an opinion but the reality is no one knows what the truth is. Someone posts something on Facebook and the fuse of public opinion is lit. The genie is out of the bottle and it can never be put back in. Welcome to the Internet!

  • @pundit - wrong....if the police had seen any evidence of physical abuse , they would have arrested and charged him that day, or soon thereafter. That one fact makes it far clearer than he said , she said. And the statute of limitations is far exceeded. But now it's a clear case of defamation. I don't know the slander laws in the UK, but where I live, it's defamation, even if it's true, if it's said to cause harm to the person's reputation. Esp. when there's financial repercussions. The problem might be them residing in two different countries on separate continents...although blooms business interest surely transcend borders. Bloom is showing mature restraint. He's most likely been advised that a civil lawsuit is a giant can of worms , where , obviously demonstrated on this forum, people tend to side with emotional women, and the chances of him collecting an award is small, even if he wins.

  • And some people ask - why we have present TV and newspapers... :-)

  • I'm not sure what Phil Bloom is accused of, however I'm 100% confident he either didn't do it, or did it. One of the two. This will end his career.

  • Well the Kessler marketing 101 didn't work on me (except - now I don't buy their stuff anymore). If they don't want his name on their products anymore or end the whole business relationship - okay, tell the guy in person and call it a day, but a disclaimer press release like this? Seriously? In my book, thats a major lack of moral fiber. The sad thing is, everybody is gonna loose in this game.

  • The Kessler thing is extremely weird. I have always found Philip to be a kind and giving person. No thoughts on the rest.

  • Ironically, thanks to this thread I learned about Kessler cranes - they seem to be a great company to buy from!

  • @robertGL Yes I'm thinking about KC-Lite 8.0 Crane.