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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • @driftwood GH3 Matrix footage looks phenomenal for documentary work. Really amazing stuff. Thank you.

    @EYESOUL This footage looks greats - thanks for posting.

  • @Driftwood

    In theory I understand the general idea of 4x4 vs 8x8 -- but I'm not an encoding guru -- so I ask you to provide a general explanation or link to one.

    Next, is this "true" 4x4, and if so, isn't this a big deal?


  • GH3onaGH2 work with a SD Extreme class 10 @ 45mbp/s or need a card more faster and great?

  • I have been getting a fair bit of camera freeze and lost recordings today shooting with AN Nebula 7 sharp on FSH with kit 14-140 lens + Heliopan fader ND 6+ 64gig sandisk in bright detailed scenes. Great patch though

  • @driftwood why do you recommend your latest setting for documentary work? Would you not recommend it for any fictional work and why? thank you!

  • @Manu4Vendetta I used a class 10 Transcend card with no problem.

  • a video shot with Driftwood Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now' - 6 GOP Nebula '444' matrix

  • @driftwood

    I just got back from testing "Quantum GH3 Matrix Setting Test 2" on the familiar test range.

    I like everything about it visually. Details are nice, highlights are as good as the GH2 gets, and I could very well be imagining mildly better dynamic range and less noise.

    At 24H bitrates are almost universally 86 Mbps.

    What I can say without a doubt is that this version does a substantially mediocre job on fast moving water. It looks exactly like a low bitrate long-gop -- indistinguishable from AVCCAM. Absolutely no “wow factor.”

    Accordingly, my response is as predictable as the sunrise. I request a high bitrate long-gop version of this thing. I did try setting the gop of this patch in Ptools, but it resulted in an almost universal 21 Mbps at 24H. It's possible that tells us something.

    So, exactly this setting in visual terms, but at 86 Mbps (relatively constant) in full long gop -- I expect would rank among the best ever settings for the GH2.

  • How does the new gh3 matrix 2patch compares withh Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now - Nebula' 6 GOP???

  • @fomalhaut3

    Great job on that. Outstanding production value.

  • Below are clips from the earlier evaluation of "Quantum GH3 Matrix Setting Test 2.” The water motion looks better on the small screen -- but my initial reaction was honest after viewing it on a larger screen. Other than the water motion issues -- it really is great looking.

  • Thanks for the test. Fullscreen of this video is not available in Youtube.

  • @willianaleman To get full screen of YouTube videos, you can click on lower right part of video frame where it says "YouTube". That takes you right to the same video, but now you're on and you can enlarge it to full screen. (don't forget to then bump settings to 1080 for best image).

    Also similar thing happens with Vimeo videos that people post/embed. Some Vimeo videos won't play HD, unless you click on "Vimeo" to get sent over to that video on

    Hope this is helpful.

  • I'm using a 32 inches 1080 monitor. The fullscreen for this video is locked. I can see other videos in fullscreen without problem, so it seems to be that this issue is not at my end.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • @willianaleman:"The fullscreen for this video is locked"

    This is bollocks! Fullscreen of this video is definitely playable and available for all modes (240p - 1080p) in Youtube !! By the way this is off topic and has nothing to do with this thread.

  • The GH3 Setting is purely experimental to see what people think about the matrix that is running on the new GH3 and patched into a GH2. Its not brilliant but its okay as it isnt really designed for the GH2. For me I would have to agree with onionbrain in that works better in the GH3's Long GOP settings and I wouldve recommended a different matrix set for the All-Intra modes of the GH3. Pany have this matrix flatly across all the mov modes in the current GH3 firmware I tested.

    Correction: @onionbrain In simple terms the GH3 codec's use of 8x8 Luma Transform and motion compensation using 8x8 blocks offers economical processing of the block size (4x4 blocks offer the smallest residual energy and more accuracy but can involve complex calculations).

    Looking through the GH3 footage Ive seen so far most of the picture is predicted using 8x8 Transform along with 4x4 on stark 'highlight' frequencies changes - typically around edges where luma change is predominant.

    There's loads of links regarding motion estimation, motion compensation prediction, DCT transform and quantization around here and the net.

    A nice understanding of the High Profile and the 8x8 additional transform found in the GH3 is here:

    Below are two pictures detailing the GH3's employment of 8x8 Intra Prediction for most of the picture and 4x4 Intra prediction is used for edges/ high contrasting luma frequency variations. This is from a 24p All-I GH3 recording. Notice that the i frames in the GH3's encoder are around half that of the GH2. This is the same for a whole range of detailed recordings - the bitrate, cpb coded pic buffer, and frame size in bits are substantially reduced in this rate control. IQ/QP is 20 like the GH2 but I believe somewhere in the Panasonic interpretation of the encoder is a cbrandin style 'Auto Quantiser' running off the base QP/scaling matrices - just like the GH2 after a few seconds the average QP improves tremendously.

    The GH3 is producing mean QP of around 14 in a large amount of my GH3 tests. Significantly, the Intra Predicted 8x8 mblock transform is providing less complicated calculations with almost no loss in residual power yet in terms of HVS is still very pleasing to the eye. The use of High Profile means at least 12% increase in memory requirements satisfied by the new and improved processing power of the GH3. H264 bitrate ceiling limits for High Profile means in theory we should be able to push the GH3 hacked to over double its current bitrate without problems at decode level/memory bandwidth. This will go to improving any artefacts that we see in the stock implementation.

    gh3_4x4 on edgesA.png
    2370 x 1372 - 3M
    gh3_4x4 on edgesB.png
    2353 x 1383 - 295K
  • @driftwood

    My thanks for the explanation and link.

    I blindly screwed with stuff and came up with a long-gop version that indeed gives about 85 Mbps at 24h. I haven't had time to play with it because I'm in the midst of a mini financial crisis while researching and script writing for a film that was supposed to be aired on regional public television yesterday. The issue is that I truly "blindly screwed" with settings. So, if you as our "Guru" are able to effortlessly render a high bitrate long gop version that capitalizes on the strengths of this new setting -- I'm very, very grateful.

    As always -- thank you!

  • Filmed with the Apocolypse Now Intravenus settings. My first time to use this hack. Works quite well but boy does it take up a lot of space. I think I got around 20minutes on a 32GB card. The detail this thing captures is amazing. I used the 7-14mm and 12-35mm lenses by Panasonic. Enjoy!

  • @Onion. Looks great. I wonder how much the youtube compression had to do with the water.

  • Cluster 7 sharp2, hyperprime 12mm, pancake 20mm, profile smooth

  • Here are a couple of ungraded stills from my newest short, shot with AN Drewnet Sharp2

    1920 x 1080 - 487K
    1920 x 1080 - 272K
    1920 x 1080 - 427K
    1920 x 1080 - 384K
  • @mlysbakken Interesting images. Kinda looks like a more intimate/indie version/variation of Hangover. Thanks for posting. Keep rockin!

  • This was shot using Cluster v7 Drewnet and Boom settings... Thanks again @driftwood and all contributors for making this all possible.

  • @Nameless Thank Christ these ultra film-like patches are now freely available to artists such as yourself, so that your work can be presented and preserved in the highest possible quality.

    Please, never stop gifting us your magnificence.

  • @Shaveblog Wow....That comment really means a lot to me as i consider myself to be still learning. Thank you very much for your kind words.