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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 2
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  • @thoughts2uk : Which settings have you been using that deal with banding best? I've been using Sedna A AQ1 and there is still very noticeable banding under certain conditions (eg out of focus areas with smooth gradients such as dimly lit white walls)..

  • I also hope the GH3 photo quality is on par with the OM-D otherwise I will buy that Olympus camera for stills and stick with my trusted hacked GH2 for the time being.

  • This GH3 sample video doesnt look impressive at all, not sharp, noise...

  • For video GH3 has 2 competitors: gh2 & blackMagic... For photo, OMD & gh2...

  • @uppfade both new video releases have failed to impress me too!!! In the fountain video i can see lots of aliasing, moire and noise ...! I'm not sure if it's the camera or the cameraman but i would have thought pana would've preped whom ever was going to be releasing these videos on how to get the best looking images/results to get the hype going! These images remind me of the canon 7D!!! I'm really frustrated in the way which Pana release their cameras with these sub standard videos from dodgy bloggers!

  • The grill in the background has tons of moire. I have never seen that kind of moire in my GH2.

  • @magnifico @mpgxsvcd i totally agree if i didn't need my camera for photos i would make the jump to the BMCC especially at the price point of the GH3 in the UK!!!! I really need to have a pro stills camera. I'm going to keep on saving and see what happens but i feel pretty disappointed as i'm doing more and more video these days and thought the GH3 would be the Pro hybrid camera we were all led to be believe would do the job!!!

  • Agreed don't like the moiree but maybe one of the settings helps with that, like sharpness, contrast or DR, But maybe not. It doesn't have that super sharp GH2 look anyway. I think we need some more testing in decent light, although of course low light is a feature.

  • @DrDave

    I still think people will cancel their pre-orders and wait for the first batch to come out. It is likely that the initial users will be able to figure out what settings will reduce the effect. If not then maybe a firmware update/hack could help.

    I know what just jumped to the top of the most requested hacks list though.

  • The search for the perfect hybrid camera continues...

  • @sohus

    I like to think of it as "The search for the perfect hybrid camera goes on hiatus until the issues with the GH3 get resolved or new models come out".

  • @uppfade

    I've seen video that looks like that, and it was AF100 footage.

  • @mpgxsvcd : A firmware update / hack will never help with moiré/aliasing/unsharpness issues because they're a matter of the pixel downscaling method hardcoded into the camera's chip. Guess we'll have to write off the GH3 as a video quality downgrade to the GH2.

  • looks really bad.. Won´t cancel my preorder yet though. 2 weeks should be enough to see if it is workable or not. Only if the price goes really strange.. (fuji x-e1 will do as a stills cam no doubt if that is all the gh3 is!)

  • @cantsin

    Firmware can't get rid of it. However, it could mask it. Still not an ideal solution though. It is not looking good for the GH3 video wise.

  • I want to see footage shot by someone who knows Video and with non electronic M4/3 glass. I wonder what role the electronic processing on the Lumix lenses does to the image.

    It seems like as along as we are seeing 12-35 lens footage we are seeing Aliasing and Moire. The only things shot without lumix glass has been the Bloom piece which didn't have any moire in it as far as I remember.

  • @cantsin, Pana with gh2 had gold in their hands as far as downscaling-pixel binning-no lines skiping-hard coded things is concerned. Hope they did the right thing with gh3...

  • The strange thing is, that the "same" camera could produce this (where I struggle to find any moire/aliasing despite a reasonable amount of detail and typically difficult subjects in frame):

    1920 x 1080 - 951K
    1920 x 1080 - 1007K
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    1920 x 1080 - 737K
  • this is the only clear aliasing moment I could find apart from some in the opening scene (guy in hotel).. if you look at the highlights on the bar..

    This makes me think that there either is a settings question on how to achieve a cleaner image or bloom & co did a really good work at spotting aliasing / moire in the shooting stage. OR: a bunch of incompetent idiots shot some really bad footage and mucked it up worse in post.

    On second thought, it makes sense though; if sharpening is applied in cam prior to scaling, and scaling isn´t done well - it will increase problems severely.

    1920 x 1080 - 655K
  • @RRRR

    Look at the moire in the "Don't Run" sign. The aliasing isn't good. The moire really isn't tolerable.

  • It is clear GH3 has a little more aliasing/moire than GH2, but in return were getting several big improvements (banding/gradiation/DR/colour/low light?). We wont learn anything from a few crappy run n gun photosite videos. Wait for the FILMMAKERS to get there hands on it ie people on this website b4 panic-stations.

  • @mpgxsvcd

    Aren´t the "Don´t Run" sign patterned like that though? If you look at the video there is no moire, it´s not "alive".

    My main point above is that there are plenty of thin lines, angled in all kinds of ways which should have caused problems with aliasing. I could only find a couple of really contrasty spots (either thin lines, or angled in a certain way) in the whole short which caused any real problems.. It´s clear as day though, (sadly) that the gh3 wont be as clean as the gh2. That said, it might has its uses but most remains to be seen.

  • Here are seven Full 1080 HD movies taken with the new Panasonic GH3 compact system camera using the MOV, AVCHD and MP4 formats, including 72Mbps in ALL-I.
    streamparser from clip 121722001.mts

    When its hacked there is a lot to win....

    9-10-2012 23-31-35.jpg
    649 x 989 - 283K
  • Although it doesn´t look good then I must complain about the photographyblog-guy.. he clearly has no idea about what he´s doing, and then states that the quality is representative of the final product..

    Avchd and all-i seems to do a lot worse of a job than mov 50mbps. Mind, the guy clearly has some in-cam sharpening going on in each shot.

  • Hmm, for just a basic sample shot, it's okay. Nothing convincing me the GH2 couldn't do as good or better here. But like everyone is saying, let's wait until some of the more creative among us do something in a film / narrative setting. As for now, I'm feeling pretty confident sticking with my GH2 and waiting out for a 4/3 BMC.

    Still have my fingers crossed that the GH3 will turn out to be a great cam!

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