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Black Magic: Official $1,995 raw cinema camera topic, series 2
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  • @peaceonearth thank you! Thats the cheapest i've found so far. Here it retails at 2495€ plus 23% tax

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev thanks, just found teltec there has good prices also. Anyone knows if they ship to all Europe? I am based in Lisbon.

  • Big smiles from me .. the difference is even more than I thought it would be.

  • Any one seen a video comparing or know if there is major difference in regards to DR, latitude, and color while shooting RAW vs ProRes vs DNxHD ,thanks

  • @sammy, two post back in this thread

  • that BMCC vs 5d miii vid could really get some momentum going for the BMCC

  • @sammy

    So think of it like this (and this should be true with any RAW camera) if it's 13 stops of Latitude in RAW and the native ISO is 800, than at 800 ISO in ProRes or DNxHD in LOG mode you should theoretically get 13 stops or very close to it. That said, if you go to 200, 400, or 1600 ISO you will loose some latitude. With 400 and 1600 ISO you'd theoretically loose 1 stop and only have 12 stops (which is still great). This is because you are 1 stop away from the Native ISO. At ISO 200 you should be losing around 2 stops bringing you to 11 total stops of latitude. This is because you are now 2 stops away from the native ISO.

    Basically if you want the full latitude of the BMCC, but want to shoot compressed ProRes or DNxHD that make sure you are on the native ISO 800.

  • just learned in the black magic forums that they are planning on adding Image Stabalization to their ef mount black magic cinema camera in the next firmware update and that it should even work with ef-s lenses.

    That's all i needed to hear. I was super excited about the gh3 but the reality is hack or no hack, the era of avchd/h.264 aquisition for professional film/video makers is at the beginning of the end.

    I'm in Hollywood making a living off of avchd/h.264 video with a little r3d mixed in (when there's a budget for it.) But soon as the cat's out of the bag with the bmcc camera, that's all the folks that want their shows shot on red but can't afford red rates will be asking for.

    I already have canon glass from 17mm - 255mm. So the switch to bmcc will actually be cheaper:

    The gh3 with a 12-35 and a 35 - 100. Total including tax and selling my canon glass = $3690 vs BMCC (and using it with my current Canon glass) $2999 + 10% tax = $3300

    I've grown a huge chip on my shoulder watching these dslr/m companies milk us by barely trickling out video tech upgrades over the last few years.

    I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she walks into the uptight clothing store and says to the clerk that refused to serve her the day before: Me as Julia Roberts @ Photokina "You work on commission right?" Canon/Nikon/Red/Panasonic/Sony Sales reps "yup" Me still as Julia Roberts @ Photokina "Big Mistake, HUGE... I'm off to Black Magic"

    now i just have to keep my fingers crossed that BMCC actually does get I.S. working in ef-s lenses.

  • I think it's pretty safe for them to announce this. Making IS work means just supplying power to it, while autofocus is far more complex, where you need to calibrate for every single lens.

  • @nomad Actually it's NOT as simple as adding power. That's why it wasn't present on this release. (power is there for IRIS remember)


  • @johnbrawley having not decided whether to go for MTF or EF mount I would like to ask for your thoughts about it. Probably you are the only person who had a hand on both. As a Canon photographer I have a bunch of L lenses and after using GH2 for one year I own some µFT: 12mm SLR magic, 25mm Voigtlander, some FD glass with a novoflex adapter but in use only 50mm 1:1,4.

    I tend to go for EF mount because I don't own C-mount or PL lenses and have no plans to make invests in these glasses. GH2 community is enthusiastic about µFT..

  • next goal for BM is to add full fledged m43 with AF (even slow), PZ and IS support.

  • @peaceonearth

    I think the m4/3 is a more open option. You probably have more options and there are more and more companies making m4/3 specific lenses that will still work with the passive mount.

    If you already have a lot of EF lenses and IS is also important to you, then EF is compelling, as long as you're OK to go to something like the Tokina 11-16 for a faster wide.

    Personally, I don't love the EF mount. You don't get smooth iris changes. You don't get any flexibility in mounting other lenses and you're kind of locked into canon stills lenses, which as nice as L series lenses are, are still just stills lenses.

    I like the wider range of low and high end options you get with m4/3. AF doesn't matter to me and I prefer the manual iris too.

    If you already have a 5Dmk2/3 then maybe you can consider both ? Get a m4/3 BMCC and keep shooting Canon for stills and the occasional video shot you could only do with a canon dSLR.


  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    There's a lot to still work on. Aside from actually making them too of course, they have a lot of work to do on the software as well (better metering, VU's etc)


  • @johnbrawley

    May be it is good idea is to suggest them to make electrical contacts from the start (from logic side), but not make it working from the start.

    Such approach will allow to use firmware updates instead of major changes.

    I am sure that all IO abilities (in main LSI or FCPGA) is present already as they have them for EOS.

  • @johnbrawley I guess John's guess is the best insider guess right now although @Vitaliy_Kiselev just touched on it.

    Some of the changes and upgrades that will be coming will be major firmware advances I expect. In your opinion, will BM owners get these free or will the improvements become a constant pay as you go plan.

    I'm really beginning to warm up to this camera.

  • Vitaliy's suggestion of putting the electrical contacts in now and activating them later, makes tremendous sense. I hope Blackmagic seriously considers this, even if it means delaying the camera several months. It will make the camera an even stronger product.

  • I too strongly believe that Vitaliy's suggestion makes tremendous sense. Also if this would mean to delay the camera like @Ralph_B told.

  • It would be great if at least you could control iris and have manual focus on Panasonic and Olympus MFT lenses. I would not hesitate buying the BMCC. I reckon, though, there would be no image correction on these lenses, and distortion and CA could be quite severe.

  • Not with Panny-Leica or Oly lenses.

  • I hope Black Magic considers Vitaliy's suggestion. When the BMC rep said they'd consider making an active m43 version, I automatically thought "great, then I'll have to buy another camera just to use my active lenses".

  • @mintcheerios when did BMC say they'd consider making an active m43 version of their camera?