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AN "Valkyrie", GOLGOP3-13, GOP3ZILLA, natural, Freeze-less Reliable All-round GOP3 Settings :-)
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  • Probably I think that C4.2 has too strong the Deblocking effect. Therefore, I am going to improve C5 to the next of this C1.1. :-)

  • @bkmcwd Sorry, I'm confused. Is this new type ZERO-2 candidate 1.1 a modified matrix from the original Cbrandin AN only with regards to HBR/1080i and 720p, In that for 24p its the same matrix as ZERO-1 ?

  • @bkmcwd reporting back from the front. C1.1 is more stable in HBR, didn't shoot 720p50 today. Only once in the beginning, the cam locked due to "exceeded on" .

    Really exhausted now. will send you some files for analysis tomorrow.

  • @bkmcwd. I did a quick test of the C1.1 using Panasonic 14-140 and Sandisk 64GB 95mbs. 24p and HBR worked fine and very good quality. FSH locked in zooming to 140mm. SH looks good but lower bitrates 45MB.

  • @Stray

    "In that for 24p its the same matrix as ZERO-1 ?"

    Yes, it is same as TYPE-ZERO1 in 24p. :-)

    The modified matrices are used in 1080i and 720p. However, there are 2 different matrics.

  • @Tobsen

    Many thanks for your report! :-)

    I am looking forward to see your results. I will improve it furthermore.


    Many thanks for your feedbacks! :-)

    "FSH locked in zooming to 140mm. SH looks good but lower bitrates 45MB."

    Which is in PAL or NTSC? I will improve it soon.

  • @bkmcwd I'm impressed with 1.1. I covered a planning commission meeting tonight. It was a very tense meeting and the press areas were used for seating. I locked the AC160 down and scooted around on my hands and knees with the gh2. I hadn't planned on using it tonight and had the 14-140 on it. That was the wrong lens, The lighting was horrible and the lens wanted to hunt. WB changed with the part of the room I was on. 1.1 in 1080-24 did a fine job especially considering the circumstances. If this does half as well in 720, you hit the jackpot.

    ISO is 1600 Thanks!

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1280 x 720 - 1M
  • @bkmcwd first files are up. Forgot to mention what I used: 14-140mm, wide shot with Oly 12mm smooth -2-2-2-2 Sandisk Extreme Pro 95mbs Iso 160 - 400

    Caution with skintones. Lighting was horrible there - typical tech-fair where every stand has different lighting.

  • @peternap

    Many thanks for your report! If the lens, ISO and the situations are taken into consideration, I will also think that these are not bad. :-)


    Thanks! I'll tweak soon. :-)


    Downloading now. I will be again inspired by your result.

  • @Zaven13

    In 720p of NTSC, I think that 45M is common. If stability is ignored, it can set to the higher bit rate, but I do not regard it as good.

  • @bkmcwd I hope it will help you. But this time, it is totally different kind of footage - more ENG style.

  • @Tobsen OK, I got it. But they are very helpful. Thanks! :-)

  • Still using 1.1 and still having the wrong lens in the wrong place.

    This was apparently a shooting just before I got there and I had my Samyang 7.5 on and I didn't have a camera light with me. (We had just gone to the movies)

    Part of this was ISO 1600 and went up from there. Standard -2

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • @peternap

    Thanks for testing and report! :-)

    Is this in 24p, right? It seems to be a quite dark situation. How do you consider results?

  • @bkmcwd Sorry, yes 24 P

    It was pitch black. You can see where the suspect is only illuminated by the cop's flashlight and only on the cuffs then. The frames are noisy as hell but considering the lighting, I can't imagine otherwise. I'm happy enough with it to keep testing. I'm videoing the slutwalk tomorrow and I'll use 1.1 and Boom.

    I can say this, under conditions like tonight, things happening fast, no light, blue lights to one side and flashlights....any image is a good one but this is a lot better than most. I really wish I'd had the Samyang 85mm.

    I only had the 7.5 to see how it looked in a moving car with 1.1 which it passed beautifully in 720p 60. That's a major issue with me.

    1280 x 720 - 1M
  • @peternap Thanks for your comment! :-)

    Since I release C1.2 now, please also try it.

  • NEW!

    bkmcwd Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO2 Candidate1.2 'Apocalypse Now' with cbrandin 'Pure Original 444 Matrix' and 'Modified 444 Matrix' - Seta.ini - Released 23/09/2012

    "TYPE-ZERO1" released previously was not good in other than 24p. And, previous TYPE-ZERO2 "Candidates1-5" are sometimes not good in IQ or stability. Therefore, I further improved C1 and made Candidate1.2 setting. Probably in this C1.2, the finest noise in candidates of TYPE-ZERO2 will be reproduced. This C1.2 is the setting stabilized more from C1.1.

    I reduced artifacts in HBR and 720p, following the pure original matrix of Chris as much as possible.

    24p is perfectly the same as TYPE-ZERO1, TYPE-ZERO2C1, and C1.1.

    Please try this. And I am very glad if feedback can be got.

    Special thanks to @har_k, @syoushow and @Tobsen! :-)

    Of course, thanks to @cbrandin and KING @driftwood!

    • Superb-looking simulated 444 matrix from cbrandin

    • Modified 444 matrix from my BETA Team in Japan is adopted in HBR/1080i and 720p modes.

    • Upto 140M for Top Quality 1080p24 at Q18

    • Upto 140M for Top Quality 1080p30 at Q18 in 24L mode with 80% Slow-Motion Mode (No Sound)

    • Upto 75M for Top Quality HBR/FSH modes

    • Upto 75M for Top Quality 720/50p modes

    • Upto 55M for Top Quality 720/60p modes

    • Extremely reliable top performance in AVCHD 24H and 24L

    • 80% Slow-Motion is available in 24L only

    • Fully working iA and iDynamic modes if you require them

    • Beautiful 3 GOP bringing short GOP style detail & movement-rendition in 24p

    • Bush of Death / Death chart tested.

    • Wonderful Pasadena Pulse Audio Patch V2 B2, by Per Lichtman

    • Top quality 2K mjpeg Mode in HD by Nick Driftwood

    • In camera playback is sometimes not available in 24p. In other mode, available after reboot the camera.

    *I especially recommend you use with SanDisk 95MB/s 64GB SDXC card.

    bkmcwd Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO2_Candidate1.2 'Apocalypse Now' with cbrandin 'Pure Original 444 Matrix' and 'Modified 444 Matrix'.zip
  • @bkmcwd 6 hours of videoing today with 1.1 14-140 and 7.5 lens. Bright cloudless sky, Standard -2. All 720p-60

    One lockup that required battery removal.

    1280 x 720 - 1M
    1280 x 720 - 1M
    1280 x 720 - 1M
    1280 x 720 - 1M
    1280 x 720 - 2M
  • @bkmcwd You're a busy rascal,

    I'm too tired to go looking for blue lights tonight but I did drive into town to give 1.2 a quick test. Nikkor 55mm, 2.8 lens, standard -2 ISO 400 24P ET mode

    There seems to be a lot less and finer grained noise. Color is very good

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 567K
  • @peternap Many thanks for using Valkyrie and report! :-) Screengrabs look pretty good.

    "One lockup that required battery removal."

    Which card did you use? 60p mode is the most troublesome weak point of GH2.

  • @bkmcwd >Which card did you use? 60p mode is the most troublesome weak point of GH2.<

    Sandisk 64 gig 95mb

  • Woops!

    @peternap Many thanks for feedback. :-) I will tweak further more.

  • @bkmcwd The lockup was on ver 1.1. I haven't used 1.2 enough to know if it will be stable or not.

  • Woops again!!!

    @peternap I am too busy rascal. LOL I wait for the new feedback from people.

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