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AN "Valkyrie", GOLGOP3-13, GOP3ZILLA, natural, Freeze-less Reliable All-round GOP3 Settings :-)
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  • @bkmcwd: i noticed another thing with candidate 5. Do you remember the file you uploaded of the house roofs in the evening, where there were some artifacts on the electricity lines/cables?

    I just had the same experience when i filmed my girlfriend in a midshot and about 25cms behind her was the charging cable of my mobile phone. Around the black cable were the same kind of strange artifacts. I would show you the file, but then my girlfriend would kill me :-) Was at iso 320, f4, smooth -2,-2,-1,-2, canon fd 35mm.

  • @bkmcwd Dropbox says it will take around 4 hours till the 3 files are uploaded. I sent you the link. Hope it helps :)

  • Candidate 5 just one time froze, I love 24p one of the best i have ever seen.

  • One question , 24p is different between type-zero 1 and type-zero2 (any cadidate)? or both are the same?

  • @bkmcwd first one is ready for download ;)

  • @vittowar that are some very nice slomos....

  • I can release two candidates of TYPE-ZERO within one day. My BETA team in Japan did good work. :-)


    Thanks for your report! :-)

    If artifacts is worrisome also in C5, you may be pleased with the candidates which I release next. Or please try C4.1. C4.1 is softer than C5.

    Although I would like to be killed by your girl friend, I have to make many good settings before that.

    @Tobsen A lot of many thanks! :-) I will see thoroughly later.

  • @vittowar Thanks for nice footage! Good slomo. :-)

    "Candidate 5 just one time froze"

    Which card did you use? In 24p?

    "24p is different between type-zero 1 and type-zero2 (any cadidate)? or both are the same?"

    Do you understand by this explanation?

  • @bkmcwd thanks for your reply. Then I can tell in my opinion Type Zero I - 24p is the best one. My card is Sandisk 32 Gb 95 mb/s

  • @vittowar Yes, TYPE-ZERO1 is from pure concept by Chris in 24p. Although artifacts may appear depending on conditions, it is one of the best at least. :-)

  • I just tried #5 in 24p again and it looks mighty good so far. The color red is always something I look for. I still haven't tried it in 720 or at night. Sorry, I've been real busy.

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • @peternap Thanks for testing in being busy! Looks nice. :-) Some artifacts may appear in 720p of C5. Please check. Please try C4.1, supposing artifacts appears in 720p of C5. I think that it probably does not appear in C4.1.

  • @bkmcwd Morning (accroding to my time zone)! How is the newest development going?

  • @Tobsen Although there are already 2 completed versions, since I was inspired by the feedback from you, I am working on some still higher versions. Improving stability rather than old candidates, I am striving to raise image quality. Please wait for a while. ;-)

  • @bkmcwd sounds great. Take your time, I am excited :)

  • bkmcwd is also busy to find out all real facts of gh3 like hdmi uncompressed peaking.... Isn't he among the first people in Japan be able to get the GH3 before us :;)

  • @tinbeo I do not think so. Although it is natural, since their boss does not like Hack. ;-)

  • @bkmwcd I just got a call that I might have to go shoot some impressions of a wind energy fair tomorrow/Friday. Any chance you got another more stable version ready to be tested?

  • @Tobsen Nice timing! :-)

    We Japan team was just going to test by narrowing down the next candidate now. Since our town is midnight now, the last check is a schedule for tomorrow/Thursday. Within how many hours do you need it in the back?

  • @bkmcwd I asked a friend who will stop by Japan on the way to US. He would buy Gh3 for me. By the end of September, will GH3 be available in Japan yet? I wondered if your boss is your wife as my friend call his.

  • @tinbeo

    Not my boss, but Panny's boss. LOL

    I do not think that I can get before official release. Because, Panny is prudent especially in Japan, I think.

    Of course, my boss is my wife as you know.

  • I need it within the next 12 hours (but then, I won't be able to really test it, but take it straight to a paid job). It only makes sense though, if it is much more stable. If it will be a very experimental candidate, I will stick to soemthing safer. Don't worry, take your time. I can also test it at a different point.

  • @Tobsen I sent PM to you. Please check. Good night :-)

  • @bkmcwd I saw it :) thanks a lot!

  • NEW!

    bkmcwd Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO2 Candidate1.1 'Apocalypse Now' with cbrandin 'Pure Original 444 Matrix' and 'Modified 444 Matrix' - Setc.ini - Released 20/09/2012

    "TYPE-ZERO1" released previously was not good in other than 24p. And, previous TYPE-ZERO2 "Candidates1-5" are sometimes not good in IQ or stability. Therefore, I further improved C1 and made Candidate1.1. setting. Probably in this C1.1, the finest noise in candidates of TYPE-ZERO2 will be reproduced.

    I reduced artifacts in HBR and 720p, following the pure original matrix of Chris as much as possible.

    Please try this. And I am very glad if feedback can be got.

    Special thanks to @har_k and @syoushow! :-)

    Of course, thanks to @cbrandin and KING @driftwood!

    • Superb-looking simulated 444 matrix from cbrandin

    • Modified 444 matrix from my BETA Team in Japan is adopted in HBR/1080i and 720p modes.

    • Upto 140M for Top Quality 1080p24 at Q18

    • Upto 140M for Top Quality 1080p30 at Q18 in 24L mode with 80% Slow-Motion Mode (No Sound)

    • Upto 75M for Top Quality HBR/FSH modes

    • Upto 75M for Top Quality 720/50p modes

    • Upto 55M for Top Quality 720/60p modes

    • Extremely reliable top performance in AVCHD 24H and 24L

    • 80% Slow-Motion is available in 24L only

    • Fully working iA and iDynamic modes if you require them

    • Beautiful 3 GOP bringing short GOP style detail & movement-rendition in 24p

    • Bush of Death / Death chart tested.

    • Wonderful Pasadena Pulse Audio Patch V2 B2, by Per Lichtman

    • Top quality 2K mjpeg Mode in HD by Nick Driftwood

    • In camera playback is sometimes not available in 24p. In other mode, available after reboot the camera.

    *I especially recommend you use with SanDisk 95MB/s 64GB SDXC card.

    Sorry! At all, since the contents of the setting were the SAME, they were SATISFACTORY, but what does not have an excessive description in a comment field was reuploaded.

    Please download the 2nd zip file! :-)

    bkmcwd Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO2_Candidate1.1 'Apocalypse Now' with cbrandin 'Pure Original 444 Matrix' and 'Modified 444 Matrix'.zip
    bkmcwd Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO2_Candidate1.1 'Apocalypse Now' with cbrandin 'Pure Original 444 Matrix' and 'Modified 444 Matrix'.zip
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