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Official Sony NEX FS700 and FS700r, 4K cameras topic
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  • new camera for 400 bucks nice ;-)

  • If true, that's a shame. Still though, the SDI out is natively 8bit 422 (vs. 8bit 420 internally), so maybe S-Log2 could still be somewhat useful with an external recorder.

  • latest info from Sony Europe: SDI output after FW update is still 8bit. So If you dont have a RAW recorder the ony benefit is sLog which doesn't make sense in 8bit

  • @digger I meant 10bit (or even 12bit) from SDI. I think only in S-Log2 the minimum iso is 2000. On the other profiles, it should be lower. I saw a noise test of S-Log2 on the cam and it was quite interesting. Here it is:

    Noise levels are quite low. I hope I get my cam back next week so I can see for myself how the firmware performs.

  • @Tobsen thanks for that article. very interesting, but it says the HDMI-out is still 8bit? You've heard 10bit from HDMI or SDI? I've heard 12bit from SDI (but am still unsure whether that is 4k/2k only with a higher end external recorder: it would be great to have even 10bit 1080 from a Ki Pro Mini for now). The 20000 ISO minimum is something new I had not heard about. It's both good and bad. Good for getting more slo mo in lowlight; bad when you want to get shallow focus on a fast lens in bright daylight (we'll definitely still have to use screw-on ND filters for the lens).

  • also, check

    Here they give you a couple of options and a comparison table on the bottom.

  • @digger the Convergent Design 7Q can record compressed 10bit YCC from the 1080p up to 60fps. Here is an interesting article on the FS700 upgrade:

  • One thing I'm trying to figure out with the FS700 and the upgrade: I know that with the upgrade you can shoot 4K and 2K raw with the proper recorder, etc. But they also add S-Log2 which you can shoot with the external recorder or internally AVCHD. Internally it will be 8 bit. Right now, the SDI out is 8bit, but once you upgrade the camera they say you can shoot 4K RAW at 12 bit. My question is: once upgraded, can you take a regular (i.e. non 4K) external recorder like a Ki Pro Mini and shoot above 8 bit out the SDI in regular 1080p (e.g. for the Ki Pro Mini it would be 10 bit 422)? This would make it so much easier to grade and match with other cameras; plus I don't know how well S-Log2 in 8 bit would hold up under extensive grading.

  • Borrowed this cam for the slowmo. Love it.

    FS700+Metabones SpeedBooster+Samyang Primes

  • regarding the options with the 7Q:

  • @peaceonearth ecxept the fact that Sony will not allow all codecs to be used by Convergent design. No 4k raw for the FS700 it seems. I preordered the Blackmagic just in case.

  • @Tobsen great - it seems it works without additional invest of the HXR-IFR5

  • Regarding 4K and 2K options using the Sony recorder and Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q

    I wanna know more about that compressed 4k codec.

  • image

    800 x 617 - 69K
  • We have been shooting with the FS700 vor three months now using mostly Canon, Tokina and Rokinon glass (with Metabones II)

    Our last short project we shot with it:

    I hope it is ok to post it here as an example of the Image delivered by the camera. IF not, I understand if it has to be (re)moved.

    @peaceonearth I once had the same problem with the Tokina at 11mm. I will test that again in the snow next weekend.

    BTW: Fridge shot was done GH3 using the Lumix app.

    Merry Christmas!

  • nice detailed report about shooting an indie film with the FS700


  • Sony announced 4 K RAW recorder and firmware update

    I won't bet but I see it coming to the market before BMD will ship a significant number of their camera

  • Has anyone encountered any 4k footage from the fs700 yet?

  • anybody using FS 100/700 with Metabones Canon EF Lens to Sony NEX Smart Adapter II and Tokina 11-16 /2.8 ? I read in a forum about issues with focus to infinity but I'm not shure wether this is believable because I didn't find any other report.

    Are there issues due to bigger super 35mm sensor (1.5) to APS-C (1.6) lens?