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Official Sony NEX FS700 and FS700r, 4K cameras topic
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  • Awesomeness.

  • Saving up my money for sure...Im happy and bummed that the announcement came so soon, I barely got to know my FS100!

  • Hopefully it'll have a further impact on the FS100 prices, or 2nd hand market.

  • The slow motion burst is very compelling and really puts to shame the final no slo-mo Scarlet... I can now rent this instead of certain much more expensive options for super slo motion; intra Gh2 for all else...

  • @Sage Yes, competition in the slow-mo market is always a good thing. Nice to have something cheaper than Vision, Weiss, RED Epic and the fourth one (EDIT:Photron/Fastec/Fastcam) to choose from.

    Pixel motion software like Twixtor and MVTools2 are great for low-motion but cannot handle the high motion shots that these excel at.

  • One day, one day.... in the meantime I need to stop watching that video :(

  • @robmneilson: Its a win-win situation for you. :) To me its sort of a big deal that this cam also shoots stills (unlike C300).

  • i think that bbc evaluation of f3 and fs100 show that sensor looks more like 12mp in binning mode than native 3.5 mp... SNR and color sampling looks more like 5.5 pixel pitch than 12 micron... maybe this is same sensor but now in native 11.6mp mode?

  • Brace for a the upcoming avalanche of films with super slomo. Take cover!

  • @brianluce Super Slowmo is the new Shallow DOF...

  • "Super Slowmo is the new Shallow DOF..."


  • @alcomposer: But at least it's a bit more useful...

  • @thepalalias - you managed to leave one little camera line off your list there. Phantom?

  • "Super Slowmo is the new Shallow DOF..."

    Yes. All work must be super boring F5.6-8 shot at 24 or 30fps. Nobody can stand out. Innovation and creativity is not "professional".

  • FS700 480 frame/second test:

  • @rockroadpix I did not leave them off, though I may have made a typo. I thought Vision was the name of the parent company that made Phantom? If not, I will replace it.

  • Man, I want this camera just for the slow motion, and even then it will be totally worth it. For regular 24p stuff, sony has a pretty hard time nailing down any sort of filmic look which is too bad. But this... 480fps...WOW, I'm in.

  • @L1N3ARX "For regular 24p stuff, sony has a pretty hard time nailing down any sort of filmic look which is too bad."

    Could just be the long-GOP motion on the stock codec... we've been spoiled. But the F3 and FS100 always looked pretty filmic to me...

  • I know this is foolishness, but once the firmware comes out to allow the FS700 4k, can Vitaliy reverse engineer it for the A65? How about the NEX7?

  • Since the camera is just outputting digital data at 4k, why can't an inexpensive devise just write the data stream to SSds? I can understand a $5k deck that is converting an analog signal to a digital file.

  • 4K raw is a tremendous amount of data. Rumor has it that the yet-to-be-released Sony recorder will have some form of on-board compression.

  • @Manu4Vendetta

    Jesus! That's almost as sharp as our GH2s :-p

  • That was a terrible golf swing...