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'Apocalypse Now' Experimental Series 1 Thread - BOOM, Intravenus - cbrandin/driftwood AN Soft/Cinema
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  • @blaisejadoul My card is the 32 GB Sandisk Extreme Pro 95 MB/s class 10.

    One potential issue -- I think I accidentally engaged auto focus during the shoot. Could this be a cause?

  • @ahbleza Do you really need i.dynamic and i.resolution? It might help to turn those off.

  • .@ahbleza yes the auto-focus can be the problem
    When focus get lost, and refocus is quick with a lot off contrast or high detail, it can stop recording.
    or even when using a very high iso, but its very rare...

  • @braamokiev Very nice :), I added your video to the Vimeo Channel

  • @mozes Thanks for that. ISO was 160. The shoot was a simple interview, with primary camera my AF100 (flawless) as master, so no problems. There's some beautiful looking GH2 footage to cut between when needed. I will try with i.Dynamic and i.Resolution off too, next time. Live and learn.

  • @ahbleza, for mixing with af100, i think lpowell has matched the gh2 as much as possible with the af100 and certain flow motion settings. Or try cluster v6 an outstanding setting that did not fail once on me.

  • Hi @Mirrorkisser, thanks, I saw LPowell's settings, which I use (although I stopped using FlowMotion due to issues with its 720p60.)

    I went out into the park today, with a fresh battery, a clean formated card and turned i.Dynamic, i.Resolution and AF off. Once again, it recorded only 4.29 GB before stopping. Normally, I use my Voigtlander, but I particularly wanted to use my new Olympus 75mm f1.8 today, and it's just not spanning.

    Any other suggestions from anyone? Videospec shows my clips have average of 58 Mbps with 1080p24 (23.976 fps.) I was really hoping this would span.

  • @ahbleza ! I just recorded 01h01m30s (meaning 7x4.29GB + 1x2.57GB) and stopped because I think it's enough for the test of spanning. So can you try to reproduce this : Cinema 24H, Standard -2 0 0 -2, 50 fps, iso 640, i.Dynamic OFF, i.Resolution OFF, fresh battery, fresh formatted card 64GB 95MB/s class 10 Extreme Pro, Driftwood Cluster V7 AN 6GOP Nebula 444 Soft, Voigtländer 25mm f0.95 ? Hope you'll succeed !

  • Did a wee test tonight of AN - DREWnet 12/15 GOP Sharp with Helios 2/58M on 24H, 720p60 HBR, VB. All files spanned no problem at all. In camera play back. Very filmic image coming out of this little beast. Super please with the results @Driftwood Still have to grade the footage but i'm very please with the results coming strait out of the camera. Think I've found my new patch :-) I will be using it for upcoming project. Going to do some more testing with pany 14-140 soft and see what it looks like with the Helios. will try Nebular and upload results in the next couple of days. Again totally chuffed Thank you @Cbrandin @Driftwood @bkmcwd @Vitaliy for all the blood, sweat and tears you have put into making the GH2 what it is. Fecking brilliant guys ;-)

  • @Braamokiev Beautiful footage man, looks like a pro ad well done. Nice choice of glass

  • Now that I have my settings a little closer to right...Boom is looking better under extreme lighting in both 24p and 720p. Standard -2 Samyang 85mm

    1600 x 900 - 828K
    1920 x 1080 - 780K
    1600 x 900 - 751K
    1280 x 720 - 384K
  • A noob question: which one is best for HBR? I tried two of these and they're so good at 24p but not for HBR :/

  • First iteration of Valkyrie (mostly) used in this video, which is not a test! It's up for a prize in a video contest that's promoting the featured type of booze. Your thoughts are welcomed!

    Also welcomed are your "likes" on the youtubes, since the $4k prize is determined in part by how many of them it receives. And of course a cut of that would be heading right here to personal-view.

    Cheers, and thanks to the patch and settings developers.

  • Cluster v8 'Boom' Test Shots chile. Low res laptop screenshots.

    The Chilean Peter Sellers - Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 00.58.54.png
    1280 x 800 - 1M
    chile people - artist -Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 00.49.34.png
    1280 x 800 - 1M
    chile BOOM Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 00.50.44.png
    1280 x 800 - 1M
    chile - artist 2 Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 00.54.55.png
    1280 x 800 - 1M
  • I used DREWnet for this EXTREME LOW LIGHT video of a great band called the Album Leaf on two GH2's all ISO 500

  • @Frowest You've got skills-this looks great. Was interesting that the image was a touch soft, but that seemed to be just perfect for this show. Sounds great too. What did you do for audio recording?

  • Quite a GH2 newbie so gonna ga-ga my question here: gonna shoot a feature soon and was set on Sedna coz it's a Intra hack and was told that's the bollocks. Now I'm seeing this new Matrix 444 and it seems like Intra is no longer the bollocks. So which one is the bollocks for filmmaking? Intra or 444? Sorry for sounding dumb...

  • @Stills "Boom!" is an intra patch, and the soon to be released IntraVenus is also intra.

  • Sounds great! But I start rolling on monday...

  • @Stills I would never go with a patch this new without testing for a couple of weeks, so I say go Sedna. It might be older, but stable as hell and you can't argue with the quality.

  • IN my opinion, BOOm is the Bollocks right now.... but only in my VERY personal opinion. Actually I love SEDNA patches. All of them.

  • @Stills "Boom!" is giving some great footage, but is still a "matrix experiement" (see the write up, next to the setting in comment 1 of the thread). Sedna gives fantastic output and there is a lot of testing out there, and a lot of tweaking that has been done, I don't know what you are shooting, but the tried and tested Sedna is a great setting!

  • Agree with Hempo22, maybe it's a little bit new. But honestly, it's been 2 days of testng it... and NO PROBLEMO. At the moment. Today I will cover a fashion event and I will try to use it there. Let's see indoors crazy lighting.

    Quality of Sednas are just perfect. Nebular are great too.

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