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'Apocalypse Now' Experimental Series 1 Thread - BOOM, Intravenus - cbrandin/driftwood AN Soft/Cinema
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  • This is what i get every 12 frames in HBR, using "Apocalypse_Now_-Cluster_v7_DREWnet_12_15_GOP'444_Soft'"

    -very nasty jpegy-looking compression errors. attached screenshot as png, and also streamparser screenshot.

    1918 x 1076 - 2M
    1269 x 593 - 78K
  • @blaisejadoul OK, I switched to my Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 manual lens.

    Same problem. The AN Soft 444 doesn't span for me with a SanDisk 32 GB 95 MB/s Extreme Pro card. Anyone else got any suggestions? I also tried the SanDisk 32 GB 45 MB/s, and the SanDisk 32 30 MB/s... none of them span with current settings.

  • @ahbleza yep, but 24L does span with that card if you're talking about the nebula settings (but you'll get about 12 minutes in a single 4GB file with that anyway). I think the general consensus is that spanning with the Sandisk 95MB/s cards works better with the larger 64GB card.

  • I spent a full morning shooting with Driftwood Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now' - 6 GOP Nebula '444 Soft' - setd, in 24P H, and the Panny 14-140. I made about a hunderd clips, mostof them 10 seconds long, some of them 5 minutes long, daylight, interiors, shallow DOF, and even at f22, slow shutter, fast shutter, never never a hang, sometime I needed to turn the camera off on for preview the clip, I also did not record a short clip after the long one to see what happens, nothing, it just work, so far no problems.

    Should I test again with the smallHD hdmi EVF ? can that cause some problems ? (because I use it a lot in general, not this morning, just to travel light).

  • Cluster 7 Nebula 444 Soft is so good for panny lenses. its not so much detailed. but looks so filmy. a slight grain with a soft texture keeps the footage look so good for color correction and grading this patch is also friendly. thanks to @driftwood sir and the AN testers. i am so excited and waiting to see Intra Venus 444 Soft for Panny lenses. i hope it would over run all other setting. Superb Work.... Thank You So much people...

  • @driftwood cluster V8??? i doubt whether u sleep or not. you seems like working too much. all the best!

  • @matt_gh2 I used a RODE videomic on one and an Azden SMX-10 on the other, used one channel from each cause RODE was too loud and Azden was too soft; together is what you heard.

  • Thanks for the advise. That's what I like about this community; you guys are direct! On topic, Sedna is amazing but out of all the hacks I have ever tried nothing looks as good IMO as Boom! after colour correction, it is just pure cinema and it looks very stable as far as I can tell from my own tests and other peoples.

  • @Stills just a friendly word of caution.. In Nick's intro it mentions "Apocalypse Now 'Boom!' - Intra GOP1 24p Flat 4 matrix experiment. Works very well for Mid Shots/Close Ups"

  • I like BOOM! a lot, but what are other good allround and stable intra settings by Nick? Some recommend Sedna, but that is a rather "old" setting. Thankful for every recommendation, cheers!!

  • @Zaven13 No mention of 24p, 60p or other higher rates? And I'm curious about it specifying both MP4 and MOV... aren't these basically the same, with different wrappers?

  • @matthere The only time I've had BOOM go into fallback mode was when I had it in L mode. The same type of shot did not fall back when I was in H.

    I've been doing mostly wide shots (Some really wide with the 7.5mm) all day and it's preformed like a champ.

  • @peternap - Thanks for the info :) @Stills Boom should be ok in 24H mode

  • @Stills, @MirrorKisser. If you are only interested in intra and 24p, then Sedna and CM settings are good to go. If you require any non-24p modes like HBR, FSH and SH, you need a longer GOP setting (3GOP, 6GOP, 12/15 GOP) for stability.

  • here is a Boom! sample.

    I'm happy with that quality. thanks, driftwood, cbrandin and VK!

  • @peternap Gotta love that Samyang 85mm!

  • @jweeke Nice job! It made me smile! Totally forgot I was watching it to look for signs of a GH2. Just sat back and waited for the story to unfold. Where was this shot?

  • @vicharris Thanks, that means a lot! We try to be entertaining, at least.

    The video [

    ] was shot in Seoul, and features a type of alcohol which I'm not even sure you can get in other countries. But if you find it you should try it, because it's truly pretty great.

  • @ahbleza "Same problem. The AN Soft 444 doesn't span for me with a SanDisk 32 GB 95 MB/s Extreme Pro card."

    I think that's normal. You really need the 64 GB card to get spanning.

  • Shooting a short for the next 3 days on Boom.

    Still from dailies, precolor.


    Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 10.12.22 PM.png
    2186 x 1228 - 2M
  • @jweeke On second look, the letters should have given it away. Where'd you find all those white guys? Military? I spent 3 years in Japan and that sight looks all too familiar!! :)

  • @vicharris Similar, eh? ^_^ Couple army guys, but mostly ex-pats. The teaching market is a great way to make a living here.

  • Flow Motion v2.02 versus Apocalypse Now - Boom Flat 4s - 24H mode

    Flow Motion v2.02 (unedited 200% crop): image

    Apocalypse Now - Boom Flat 4s (unedited 200% crop): image


    Detailed analysis here:

  • Not sure of the point.

    In more productive insight, has anyone else noticed an INCREASE in grain even at ISO 200 with boom?

    300 x 300 - 13K
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