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New roller slider on eBay
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    A 1.2m roller style slider for just under $200 plus shipping. Comes with both standard and bowl mount which is a definite time saver. Not sure what kind of bearings are used though I'm sure it would be much smoother than friction based sliders such as the Igus etc.


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  • Ahh! Looks very promising! I just returned one of those Igus type sliders. I don't know who would find those usable?

  • I've just sent the seller a question asking what the dolly truck is made from. I would hope metal not plastic.

  • It is not new, really.

    But sliding base is simplified compared to previous variants.

    It has issues, like big weight of rods. Also legs are not very good.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I concede it's not new but the price is quite a lot lower than most similar roller sliders I've seen.

    I have an Igus friction slider and it is very difficult to achieve smooth movement. I think for $198 this roller slider looks a better option.

    I contacted the seller and the base and bowl are metal with rubber rollers.

    They have another version for $298 which the base can be steered in standalone operation. I'm not sure of the construction until I contact the seller again.


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  • @pundit

    I know, I have similar one.

    Get my good advice, get light Varavon slider and extra small dolly, if you need one. It'll be much lighter, compact and better working solution.

  • @vicharris, I modified my Igus slider to be more usable! Used some metal shelf brackets and added some bearings to the ends and fit on rubber O-rings so it rolls better on flat surface ground or carpet.
    Cart it around with a tripod head angled up for super low shots!

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  • am i mistaken if i say, this has no advantages over metal industry standard dry glider/slider?

  • @fatpig

    What do you mean? If thing in the firs post of the topic, it has big advantages.

  • I ended up buying the Varavon Slidecam 'S' though Vitaliy's special deals (thanks Vitaliy). Quality is excellent and the slider very smooth and versatile due to its mounting options. I am now in the process of motorising it.

  • I always wondered how much those rods bend when the camera is right in the middle.

  • If you mean steel rods - they do not bend at all.

  • I meant the rig in the first post. Are they solid or hollow? I have a hard time believing anything longer than 1 meter wouldnt bend if you tried putting anything larger than a DSLR on it.

    I've seen some motorized versions of a similar system (two rods in the air and the carriage) and it was bending quite a bit (it was a bit longer though).

  • @mk47

    I have no idea.

    If it is steel rods, they are solid and do not bend. I think you can put 25kg on them and they won't notice.