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AN "Valkyrie", GOLGOP3-13, GOP3ZILLA, natural, Freeze-less Reliable All-round GOP3 Settings :-)
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  • @bkmcwd

    I used "GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_standard_BETA7e" 24H mode.

    Thanks for amazing quality settings and your hard work!

    *FILM MODE is NOS.(-2,0,+1,-2) and the lens is LUMIX X PZ45-175mm

    *SANDISK Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-I (90MB/s) 64GB

  • @har_k Thanks always for using my settings! :-) After all, is the BETA7e with stock Deblocking tables better than BETA7d with custom?

  • @bkmcwd

    Yes.  Since your settings can use low qp and high frame size compared to unhacked settings, I think the BETA7e with stock Deblocking tables is better than BETA7d with custom.

  • @har_k

    "I think the BETA7e with stock Deblocking tables is better than BETA7d with custom."

    Yea, I think so too. :-)

    I think these days that stock Deblocking tables are better than custom "high value tables" for high bitrate settings.

  • @ GOLGOP3-13 lovers :-)

    Furthermore, I release the experimental version of "GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_standard_BETA7f" before "Valkyrie" again.

    This is changed from "BETA7e" in HBR and 60i/50i modes. Although the GOP tables were only changed, I think that this BETA7f can maintain the higher bit rate rather than BETA7e.

    Since I think these days that stock Deblocking tables are better than custom "high value tables" for high bitrate settings, I improved BETA7e fundamentally. Of course, 24p, 720/60p and 50p are completely the same as BETA7e.

    Please try it!

    Please DL original files from vimeo site to look the REAL IQ.

    *If an extension of original file is changed into "mts" from "vid", it can be made to read also into StreamParser.

    *These videos are only samples for image quality.

    1298 x 633 - 200K
    1296 x 631 - 189K
  • Hi @bkmcwd : I have a 50i steadycam shot next week. Which of your settings do you recommend me for 50i?

  • Hi @YOSS

    "Which of your settings do you recommend me for 50i?"

    GOP3ZILLA_ST_V2 or GOLGOP3-13-MAX_EX_BETA7f is my recommendation although based also on the conditions to shoot or the object. :-)

  • @ GOLGOP3-13 lovers :-)

    I release the experimental "GOLGOP3-13-A_BETA3" setting.

    I think that 1080i and HBR of this setting are improved rather than BETA2. And I also improved 24p slightly according to 1080i. Supposing this GOP table pattern of 1080i works well, I will be going to apply to all my settings.

    Please try it! And many thanks for your feedbacks!

    *Of course, already combined with excellent audio tune @thepalalias's "Pasadena_Pulse_Audio_V2_Beta2"


    *Although bit rate setups are quite high, the bit rate which actually appears are lower than these. Since the actual bit rate changes by the object to shoot, please confirm by yourself.(Max bitrate is about 90M in 24p.)

    *24H and 24L are high quality 3GOP setting with mega size I-frames.

    *24p80%(30p) is available in 24H & 24L both.

    *60i, 50i, HBR30p and HBR25p are also high quality and stable 3GOP settings.

    *720/50p and 720/60p are 6GOP and 9GOP. It has tuned up so that the bit rate at the time of motion may go up rather than the time of statics.

    *I especially recommend you use with SanDisk 95MB/s 64GB SDXC card strongly.

    *In camera playback is available in all rec mode, at least available after reboot the camera.(Not tested full yet, but probably)

    *EX Tele works.(Not tested yet, but probably)

    *Spanning in 24H, 24L with SanDisk 95MB/s 64GB SDXC Card. In other rec mode, need test.

    *Spanning in other cards needs to be tested.

    1297 x 632 - 174K
    1297 x 633 - 182K
    1297 x 635 - 179K
    1298 x 631 - 186K
  • I also release "GOP3ZILLA_Standard_V3_BETA1" setting. The GOP table of 1080i is changed also in this setting. Please compare with GOP3ZILLA_ST_V2. It is the same as V2 except 1080i and HBR.

    Supposing it works well, I will be going to use this GOP table also in Valkyrie. :-)

    I am very sorry! First zip file is wrong. Second is right one.

    1297 x 632 - 187K
    1296 x 632 - 193K
    1296 x 631 - 181K
    1297 x 632 - 186K
  • thanks @bkmcwd ... I'll be flying the GH2 on a Steadicam over a cemetery, day time. Wide shots. Should I try golgop3 or gop3zilla? what's the difference? (50i pal)

  • @YOSS Welcome! :-)

    "I'll be flying the GH2 on a Steadicam over a cemetery, day time. Wide shots."

    If it is the situation, I choose GOP3ZILLA. Although based on liking, of course, I think that GOP3ZILLA focused on a feeling of resolving is suitable if shooting in the nature, daytime. If you have time to test in advance in a nearby park etc., you compare V2 with the latest V3_BETA. I think that I designed so that V3 can use the bit rate higher than V2, but I have not done still sufficient verification.

  • @bkmcwd About what time does Valkyrie become?

  • @hi1130

    "About what time does Valkyrie become?"

    I am not sure... Since I have promised releasing "Valkyrie" after the release of "Apocalypse Now" as Nick, I cannot open to the public yet.

    "Valkyries" of the version to which the first matrices of Chris are applied as they are are in a state releasable at any time. :-)

  • drum roll...

  • @flaschus It seems that Nick releases a still newer matrix. I am also preparing for releasing simultaneously the version as which it was adopted. :-)

  • Well....Nick promised to release it this weekend so I assume it will be out today.

  • @peternap BETA testers are just going to verify many things now. What passed all tests will be released. I am not sure whether it is today.

  • Just quoting what he posted @bkmcwd. It'll be released when it's released.

  • @bkmcwd

    what fun; how exciting!

    i dunno if your MAX matrix can be bested...

    I have been putting the GOLGOP13-MAX-betaf thru some paces and it grades very very nicely.. 24p mode of course.. top notch setting,,,

    how far away is this patch from being out of the beta stage? (GOLGOP w MAX matrix)

  • Many thanks @flaschus! :-)

    I am also very much pleased with GOLGOP3-13-MAX_"EX."

    "how far away is this patch from being out of the beta stage?"

    Although I am going to remove BETA numbers in a few days, since I have some part to still adjust a little, please already wait for a while.

  • @ GOP3ZILLA user

    I am very sorry! First zip file is wrong. Second one is right.

    I noticed now... ;-)

  • @all

    I have released Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO 'Apocalypse Now' with cbrandin 'Original 444 Matrix'. :-)

    This is a starting point to the last, and I am still during improvement of this. Of course, I am also working on GOLGOP3-13, GOP3ZILLA, and natural settings.

  • I'm going to download it now and try it out today. Thanks for all the work!

  • giving it a go now, too, really curious. Thank you for your efforts, keep it up!!

  • @peternap @Mirrorkisser

    Welcome! :-) Many thanks for your feedbacks especially about HBR. If quite good about 24p, I feel, but HBR is considered that there is room for improvement. Of course, I am glad if the comment about 24p can also be heard.

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