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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • Thanks, mee. Interesting times, indeed. The police were polite because probably most of them agree with the protesters.

  • @peternap

    Thanks, I definitely will do things a bit differently next time, but overall I am satistfied. What can't be seen on camera is that the Police man that is trying to secure the gate singled me out when I tried to cross the line the first time, he put his hand up in front of my chest and though there was no contact it shook my nerves a bit. You can see my friend who got caught up in the excitement come back to me saying "let's go", but the officer was still very near, hence the hesitation.

    I will be working on breaking the interview of a mother and two daughters up into 2gb chunks for Vimeo tonight, but will have to load it without subtitles till either my wife or friend does some translating for me. the parts I understand were very touching though, and they can actually be seen at 8:30 in the video above. Amazingly they found me in the crowd to say goodbye before going home to Ibaraki (very close to Fukushima).

    So Peter, Where is the Farmers Protest? What are they protesting? I am finally considering a B camera, but think a Nice wide fast lens may need to come first. 35mm on a m4/3 was a stretch for this event.

  • @Ralph I think you hit the nail on the head. Me and my friend saw police in their vehicles watching their footage on phones after the event, and they were smiling. Also should have mentioned it was somewhere around 100 degrees during this event !

    Oh and of course the media coverage was brief and failed to mention or show the filling of the street or frenzied chanting "Saikato Honsai" ( Restart, We Disagree ). 90% of the press was foreigners actually.

  • If I may throw my 2 cents in here, a manual focus lens is probably not the best choice for a situation like this. Using a Panasonic or Olympus lens with the 'manual-autofucus' technique (discussed above) will give you a higher percentage of in-focus pictures.

  • Shot on Sanity 5 with SLR Magic 12mm Hyperprime, graded with ColorGHear:

    I think it held up great in the one lightbulb/low light setting. Color grading held up as well.

  • @tcarretti

    Yeah, it creeped me out. God, what's Bloom up to now?

  • @Ralph_B I used my panny 14-42 lens for allot of the day shots of the event, but I really wanted to get as little noise as possible in my night shots. Yes I wish I used it a bit in retrospect. If I had the funds I would be getting 4 lenses right now. 1) Summilux 25mm 2) Olympus 12mm 3) Nokton 25mm 4) Nokton 17mm. I really prefer non fly by wire focus rings, but naturally enjoy AIS.

  • @mee Ralph's right. I generally carry three cameras. One GH2 (lately with the 7.5 sangyang) one GH2 with the 14-140 and a camcorder (usually the Canon XA10) that changes as I upgrade equipment.....and a Manfroto monopod with feet.

    Sometimes I take a GOPRO or two to hang on the side rails of my shoulder rig.

    The monopod also lets you get high shots and makes a fair club.

  • @peternap I have been wanting a B camera for awhile, but I would like to hold out and get a GH3 using the GH2 as the B. I had Manfroto tripod actually which is also part of why the shots were so shaky as I tried to make for the center divider in the street and plant it. I think the semi professional looking setup is why the officer singled me out also. I definitely want to get a lighter tripod too, I have an older 501 and very solid but slightly heavy 3211W legs or was that 3221W? It's great but, a beast to carry around Tokyo.

    P.S. I would still love to see some footage from that 7.5 samyang in ETC Tele mode ;)

  • @me I owe you some 7.5 shots.So far, it's great in standard mode and pretty unexciting in ET. I'll post some at the end of the week though. Keep taking the current events there though. I'd give anything to be there now.

  • @peternap Thanks, I appreciate it. I am kinda hoping for unexciting with the ETC mode, but I guess it depends on your definition. I will certainly keep taking videos of the events whenever possible. There is another this weekend, and every Friday night they have been gathering outside the prime ministers home as well. His home is a bit far/costly for me, but if the weekend event is close enough I will be there. Also I am uploading the first interview right now, but Vimeo is at a snails pace for some reason. It will be up within 5 hours though.

  • Here is one of the better looking segments of the interview.

  • I just uploaded a small clip of some trees moving in the window that i shot with Sanity 5 the other day when at a wedding. I hope to make the full wedding video available at some point. For now this is direct off the card .MTS original file that should be downloadable should anyone want to.

    shot with the 14-140mm lens.

  • I just installed this hack over the flowmotion v2.02 and must say I really really like this one. I don;t know how you did it, but the file size is GREATLY reduced but the quality looks the same or even better I must say. With this hack I am getting twice as much record time but still excellent quality. THANK YOU!!! & please keep up the great work I am ready to donate as well when needed just let us know.

  • @FilmingArt

    Thanks for the report. Sanity 5 is truly something special. The quality continues to amaze me. Today I shot an entire project in ETC mode and Sanity cruised through flawlessly.

  • I agree - i shoot mostly performances i'm involved in where spanning, reliability and getting 2 hours on a 32GB card are of utmost importance --- and Sanity 5 has been doing that without a hitch AND getting great quality video for me for the last 3 months or so. I haven't loaded any other hack for quite a while. It's awesome. Thanks Ralph! (and of course Vitaliy too!)

  • So... I need spanning and to film in 24p. IIRC only certain kinds of 24p will span. What is the bit rate of 24L vs 24H? What is required for spanning for 24L?

    Is in camera playback available for any filming mode of Sanity 5.1?

  • @8pct_milk

    Quote from Sanity 5 patch notes:

    "Spanning works with 24L, FH, SH & H modes. When spanning, do not go above iso 5000 and do not use ETC. Spanning works in HBR mode with third party manual lenses. Do not go above ISO 3200. Spanning does not work reliably in HBR mode when using Panasonic lenses."

    The above was tested when using Sandisk 16GB HD Video 30Mbp/s Class 10 cards. Some people have reported successful spanning in 24H when using faster Sandisk cards. The difference in picture quality bewteen 24H and 24L is very slight, and you'd be very hard pressed to see the difference. Bottom line: 24L in Sanity 5 is a very high quality picture and I've used it for paying gigs (and the client hired me back for more).

    As for in-camera playback, most times it works, but sometimes it doesn't.

  • @ralph_b - yeah i've seen that quote before. So, I could expect with a 30mbps Class 10 to be able to span with 24L...and possibly get playback in camera? (what makes it play or not?)

  • Yes, 24L will span fine with a 30mbps Class 10 card. You can use Panasonic lenses or manual lenses.

    What makes one clip playback in-camera and another not? It's a mystery.

  • @ralph_b - what is the bit rate difference between 24L and 24P? Are there comparison videos?

  • @Ralph_B

    Quick question, what if any is the main difference between your hack and the others? Also if you could improve on anything, what would it be?

    It seems like the other Developers using their hacks are constantly trying new things and fixing things. In your opinion is this the best of your version of the hack? Thank you for all of your hard work, I just really want to use a great patch and just work on my productions


  • @FilmingArt

    Sanity 5 has something none of the other hacks have - quality AND effieciency. Other hacks will give you quality, but at the expense of extremely high bitrates. This translates into higher priced SD cards (and more of them) and more hard drives to hold those huge files. SANITY 5 will give you absolutely top quality at bitrates not more than twice stock. And it will do it in all shooting modes (not just 24P) and with 100% reliability. Ordinary Class 10 SD cards work just fine.

    As for further development, Sanity 5 has reached what I dare say, is perfection. I say this because I compare it to an absolute standard of reference: the uncompressed HDMI capture. And I project these onto a 10 foot screen. Now, there is a difference, but that difference is so slight as to be of no meaningful significance. In other words, Sanity 5 rocks!

    There's really nothing more to do except go out and shoot.

  • @Ralph_B Thank you, for all of your hard work and time. Even if you find you have reached near perfection with this patch still stop in once in a while to let us know how your'e doing. Thank you, now it's time to shoot!

  • I agree whole heartily, again and again i find myself coming back to Sanity 4. And now, have started testing Sanity 5 which Im very happy with the results. Having several Pro cards, but also being able to use my backup Transcend 32G cards without worry is wonderful to have when your working on a job. Awesome work! And ill probably be sticking with Sanity 5 as my "stock" patch for most jobs!