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GH2 Flow Motion v2 - 100Mbps Fast Action Performance & Reliability for Class 10 SD cards
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  • The AF100 actually looked pretty decent in the comparison footage on the previous page of this thread. However, those were static shots without a great deal of motion. Let's see how the AF100 does with my favorite outdoor scene, a lyrical stream of running water (unedited 200% crop):

    AF100 - 24p: image

    GH2 - Flow Motion v2.02 - 24p: image

    Ouch! The AF100 clearly has macroblock issues with fast moving subjects...

    AF100 24p - Flowing Water.jpg
    1024 x 616 - 233K
    GH2 24p - Flowing Water.jpg
    1024 x 616 - 260K
  • Here are links to downloadable, unedited AF100 and GH2 footage that produced the frame grabs above:

    AF100 - 24p:

    GH2 - Flow Motion v2.02 - 24p:

    (Sorry about the color cast on the GH2 footage, it was taken before I worked out how to match the GH2 to the AF100.)

  • While I was out testing the new camera today I ran across a fountain. I wanted to see if 2.2 would lock up using my new 85mm Sangyang at 720-60. After ten minutes it was still running like a charm.

  • Gh2 FlowMotion VLC screen grabs from a 2 day shoot in San Fran. FH 1080 interlaced footage, 14-140kit lens all ungraded straight from the camera.

    Natural light thru a window and a mobile School White Board used as a bounce board on the left hand side, yep all I had available. Thank you Mr Powell and VK.

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • @LPowell You posted your recommended daylight settings. Do you have some nice Nighttime settings as well?

  • @Rambo Looks great with avail light and that lens!

  • Sorry, can someone recommend good settings for aerial video (from a octocopter with a GH2) with FM2.02 patch? I want the maximum detail possible, I'm using sandisk extreme 95mb/s 64gb.

  • @vicharris, yeah lot of people dismiss the 14-140 lens as beig too clinical, but it's just so versatile. If this was shot 24p and not the bitrate reduced FH 30i mode, detail would have been much better. You can find some interlace artifacts if you zoom in which is to be expected.

  • @rambo Yeah, I might have to think twice about selling it in my lens reduction/annoy girlfriend less plan. I shoot everything at 24p so maybe I should play with it a little more! Has always seemed like the best option for outdoor run and gun type stuff.

  • serious macroblocks, holy cow.

  • @DrDave Do you mean the macroblocks in the AF100 frame grab at the top of this page? They are quite serious, so far I've only seen them become visible in high motion areas.

  • I have been trying for 3 days to install this on my computer and it is not working? Why or how is it possible that a step by step instruction does not exist for MAC?

    Please help me

  • Exernal recorder helps alot on af100 with this kind of fast movements.

  • How do I know if I installed the patch? I used a program wine bottle and appear that I created a new firmware with the flowmotion v2.02

    I placed it on the root of the card, held the play button as chose to load it up. Now how do I check to see that I am running the hack and not the original firmware? Long time Canon shooter here that made the switch and I feel lost. On the Canon Dslr the Magic Lantern hack was a totally different menu, but as of now with the Gh2 it's the same exact menu ( assuming I did it correctly).

  • @FilmingArt I am also a mac user. I use Wineskin to run ptools and I use an app called MediaInfo ( to check the bitrate of my .MTS files to confirm that the new firmware is working. It doesn't give as much detailed data as StreamParser though.

  • @lpowell, yes, that's the one. Couldn't believe it.

  • @TGDude I downloaded the program but not sure what to look for? Here is a copy of the info from the .mts file.

    Screen shot 2012-08-07 at 2.52.jpg
    1134 x 1036 - 774K
  • @filmingArt

    Your analysis indicates 2 reference frames, which is consistent with the Flowmotion GOP3 structure of one I frame and two B frames. The data rate of 40+mbits suggests the subject matter you shot wasn't very demanding (Flowmotion can easily clock at twice that rate), but is still well above what the stock firmware would have delivered (a maximum of 24mbits, for 24p).

    I believe the current Flowmotion removes the ISO limit by default (unless that option is deselected), so if you check your ISO menu and none of the values are grayed out, that also should tell you whether the firmware "took".

  • @FilmingArt What jrd said.....FM's loaded, enjoy!

  • The 2 reference frames have nothing to do with the setting.

  • You can apply this hack to the GF2?

  • @yeyod28 Where did you see GF2?

  • @FilmingArt, as jrd was saying, shoot a quick video clip using stock firmware, check the bitrate using MediaInfo (usually somewhere around 20Mbps). Then load the hacked firmware, shoot a quick video clip, and confirm that the bitrate is now higher.

  • The data rate of 40+mbits s

    OEM can't do 40, FM has to be loaded

  • I'm using FM 2.02 and shot using 24H on a 16gb Transcend class 10 card. I recorded for about 20 minutes and I'm pretty sure I have spanning problem. Nothing from the 20 minutes shows up in FCP 7 or FCP X but when I browse in Finder, I see: 00000.MTS = 2.05 gb
    000001.MTS = 4.29gb 000002.MTS = 605.7 mb 000003.MTS = 1GB

    Using 5DtoRGB, I'm able to convert everything BUT 000002.MTS. 5DtoRGB hangs on the last 2 frames and I can't get Toast to convert it either. I've tried copying the file to the HD rather than trying to convert directly off the card and still no luck.

    Any suggestions? I did the same thing with my other GH2 using a Sandisk Extreme Pro 95mb/s card and of course as LPowell says, it spanned fine.

    Is there any way to get this file back? I don't need the last 2 frames of 000002.MTS but the rest of it sure would be helpful! Thanks for any suggestions.

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