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5.6" 1280x800 on camera monitor with peaking, aka H056
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  • @Strangways thanks for the settings, i would really to know how to do this. As you know every setting affects another, this would be very helpfull on my projector too.

  • Btw quote important thing. This monitor is using HYDIS panel (HFFS):

    In response to the needs of the times and to the continued demand for more advanced products, HYDIS has further developed its AFFS technology into AFFS+, a technology that offers lower power consumption, improved transmission of color and images, and impressive internal LCD panel reflection, thus guaranteeing perfect readability even under the brightest sunlight. Viewiz+ is the label given to products using AFFS+ technology.

    High aperture ratio Fringe Field Switching (HFFS) is a new development in TFT technology that enables displays to be viewed at almost 180 degree in both axes, without the colour shift that is normally seen at the extremes of viewability. The outcome is a display that can be viewed from almost directly above, below or from either side without loss of image quality.

    HFFS works by optimising a screen printing treatment in the LCD cell which alters the alignment of the liquid crystals. The result is vastly improved viewing properties such as a contrast of 500:1, as well as higher light transmission with a 30-40% higher aperture ratio than conventional vertically aligned TFT displays. As a result, the backlight can be turned down for certain applications, saving power. HFFS also requires a much lower driving voltage than standard vertically aligned TFTs in this size.

    A further significant feature of HFFS is its exceptional sunlight readability. The innovative design of the LCD increases inner reflectance while the modified polarizer reduces outer reflectance.



  • Hi,

    I have bought this monitor on ebay to (mega-supply). I confirm, it's a real good monitor. I have seen the TVlogic VFM056 ( ) at a French exibition (SATIS) and the definition is the same as H005 but the price is 1400$. In H005, there is'nt HDSDI but it not a problem for me. I use it with EOS 7D and 70-300IS L. This monitor is excellent for control the DOF. The peaking fonction is realy good.

    Cons : - When I replay video in full size 16/9, the picture is overscan and edges of picture are missing. - Memory of color adjustement is out of order. - And last problem is when I record, the picture isn't optimized in full screen compared to the TVLogic. The picture could be largest. There is some lost place to enlarge it. The black border of 16/9 picture could be cropped.

    If someone can have a new firmware to optimize the system, could you place a link on the forum.

    Best regards, (sorry for my english, I 'm French)

  • . In H005, there is'nt HDSDI but it not a problem for me

    If you look at our deals, you'll see that version with HD-SDI input is available also.

  • Yes, I have seen but I havn't need it.

  • @Steph77 "Memory of color adjustement is out of order"

    Do you mean color calibrations adjustments get reset every time you turn the monitor off? Or that it doesn't have memory banks to store different color presets?

    If it's the first case, that's a real bummer!

    Also, does anyone know wether they've fixed the 16:9 display? Someone told it was stretching the image to 16:10 with no letterboxing.

    I'm on the fence, wanting to buy one, if these issues get fixed.

    I'll use it with a Sony NEX-5N. Anyone has tried this combination? I'm assuming it would work fine, but just in case...

  • Is this unit overscanning with the GH2, as it does with the 7D according to @Steph77 's post above? It is because of this flaw that I am leaning towards the Feelworld, despite its slightly lower resolution. Would appreciate some more feedback from people using this with the GH2.


  • @sam_rides_a_mtb

    7D is weird camera, considering HDMI.
    I never heard of it overscanning with GH2 or any cameras with normal output.

  • Does anyone have a tip on a European supplier? (Yes, I tried ebay in the UK/Germany) Thanks!

  • Was anyone able to get a firmware update to correct 16:9 to display a proper 16:9? @mk47 ?

    Did anyone find adding an anti-glare film to the monitor made it easier to use outdoors and still be able to accurately focus? @Jon2323 ?


  • @CFreak

    All new monitors must not stretch image. Don't know about update.

    Autdoors you'll be mostly using sunhood. I am not sure that you need any film for this monitor.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev if the monitors from the deals thread don't stretch the image, I am totally buying one.

  • I received mine from PV deals today and can report the following: - the resolution and viewing angle are indeed superb - for outdoor work it needs an anti glare film - mine stretches 16:9 to fullscreen (16:10). Found no way to change this behaviour. (firmware update anyone?) - colors are - even after tweaking - in no way accurate. Even in BW mode this screen tends to orange in the mids - last but not least: It has some overscan, its might only be 5%, but you can not rely on it for framing this way.

    Still for this price the screen is fantastic!

  • @Meierhans

    Can you, please make accurate report, especially about overscan. May be some photos or shor video? So I could send it to factory.

    As I know they only recently fixed image stretching.

    I'll talk about firmware upgrade, if this is possible.

  • Glad to hear that the stretching has been/is being resolved. Very interested in this.

    Any further commentary from others on peeking quality / focus accuracy? (I've read above comments.) Feel spoiled by effectiveness of Sony Nex-5n and dismayed by the combination of the Zacuto EVF with the GH2. Planning to sell the Zacuto for a better (and cheaper) monitor solution.


  • Ebay seller started talking about me sending the monitor back (after i paid about 60 eur of taxes and customs), and that releasing the firmware would help their competition etc (probably meaning they cant do it).

    I would count out any firmware upgrades and just live with it. The slight stretch doesnt ruin what the main point of getting the monitor is: focus.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Ok, hope I will find the time tomorrow.

  • It would be great if you could dial in your own squeeze factor to solve the 16:9 issue, but also to properly de-squeeze anamorphic material. Love the de-squeeze on my Zacuto EVF (expensive as hell, but I love it so I'm okay starving for a few weeks) My 1st AC is very jealous :P But I understand him, un-squeezed anamorphic is really distracting when trying to pull focus.

    By the way, does it work properly with 24p on the GH2? Tested with my Lilliput and it's okay during preview and recording since I'm outputting PAL, but when I switch to playback and press play I get a blue screen and the picture comes back only when going back to preview/recording.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev do you think the manufacturer could release the firmware under a OpenSource license, so this device can be improved by users? I'm not talking about Open Hardware, since it'll just apply to the firmware.

    I think this move could put them in direct competition with SmallHD, TVLogic Marshall and others. Imagine having zebras, false color, histogram, custom crop marks... (if its hardware is powerful enough, of course) Chinese companies are great manufacturing, but the software is usually not up to the expectations

  • do you think the manufacturer could release the firmware under a OpenSource license, so this device can be improved by users?

    No one will be releasing anything under "Open source license".

    As for other companies. Something tells me that 90% of their functions are written in China :-)

  • Any news about 16:10 issue?

  • Any news about 16:10 issue?

    It is fixed.

    All our shipping monitors don't have any overscan or stretching.

  • Hello, the 16:10 and overscanning issue is fixed, great, is there an downloadable update that I can install on my monitor?

  • is there an downloadable update that I can install on my monitor

    I don't know about one.