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Hpx170 To match GH2 Help!
  • I have a hpx170 and a Gh2, I was wondering if anyone owns a gh2 and a hpx that knows the best way to get them to match.


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  • I own both. What are you trying to get to match? Color?

  • yeah color, sharpness, ect. Ive tried Vibrant on the gh2 and it seems to be the closest to hpx

  • anyone else?

  • I have the HMC150 and the GH2.

    Vibrant on GH2, and 'spark F3' setting get it pretty close. I believe it's b press gamma, sharpness to +3, master ped to -5, chroma to + 3 or 4.

    I find cine-gamma on hmc150 and cinema on gh2 gets reasonably close as well.

    Both require a bit of color tweaking to fully match.

  • what hack did you use on the Gh2 and what W/b Settings? Wb settings are hardest part to me

  • hmc150, white balance on a white card like normal. GH2, white balance on a white card with custom balance set to a few ticks towards blue, and a few towards magenta. I use colorista to color correct, and I found that I had to pump up the contrast/saturation on the blue tones on GH2.

    The hardest part for me is getting the yellow/green hue out of the GH2.

  • I filmed a short using a HMC150 as a B cam last weekend and it wound up matching pretty well. With some slight color grading it's difficult to tell the difference in the footage. A lot of it simply came from lighting the scene well and matching the white balance and aperture I was using Sanity 5 and Smooth -1, 0, -2, 0 on the GH2. Not sure about the settings on the 150.

  • ok thanks for advice guys

  • anyone else?

  • found a old topic,

    Both Wb was 3200k. I had my gh2 a few notches inside the Blue channel on wb too

    HVX settings: "GH2 HT" 720p30N (client request), 180d shutter, ~35mm (~250 effective), f2.8 detail: -4 v detail: -2 detail coring: +4 hroma lvl: 0 chroma phase: 0 color temp: 0 master ped: +5 gamma: cinelike V matrix: norm STD: off

    GH2 settings: FSH mode, SS=60, ISO=320 Leica Summicron-R 50/2, f2.8 Custom Film Mode, -2, -2, -2, -2

    ill try some outside tests tomorrow.

  • some final tests.


    Lush Scene file 5600K wb


    Vibrant -2,0,-2,0 5600K wb

  • what do you guys think?

  • i think this is pretty close, jus the trees in the background are different color on the gh2.