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Filming the Solar Eclipse on a GH2?
  • I'd like to film the annular solar eclipse tonight -- it's passing right over where I live, so this is a once-in-several-decades opportunity. Currently, my plan is to use my Pentax Super-Takumar 55mm stopped down to f/11 with my LCW Fader ND, which I'll have at maximum strength before pointing up at the sun, and then adjust accordingly. Is this safe? Will I risk melting my aperture blades, or worse, my GH2 sensor? Is there anything else I should know before starting? Thanks!

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  • I shot the solar eclipse, got there late but here is the last couple minutes of it sped up to 1 min.

    GH2, Tokina 300mm

  • I messed around with it too, wanted to try the anamorphic route. couple of shots from a moving car as well

  • I shot some, I dare to say "TWILIGHT" looking stuff I'll post a little later. Hopefully it turns out pretty good!

  • Here's my footage:

  • Finally got it loaded.