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Feelworld monitors
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  • Wow, that looks great, quite professional! BNC component inputs, Sony standard battery plus 12V DC standard connector. More resolution than the RED touch screen for 1.200 $. I'm tempted…

    Thanks for pointing to this, Vitaliy!

  • Wondering how well it reproduces colors, waiting for a review. Also, the functions kind of look strange in the pictures

  • I ordered one of these. So far the seller has been really nice and responsive. I just need something to pull focus. I hope this does the trick. Thanks for the info, Vitaliy. This place is a great resource for me.

  • @islanders66 don´t forget to write your thoughts on this monitor , I would like to know how good it really is.. thanks!

  • Better even do some text/phto or video review. As it could help people.
    For this small cheap monitors you can expect anything from usable thing to very strange bug fest with color shifts.

  • Sure, already shipped. Estimated delivery Apr 34 - May 1. I'll take a few photo, review and include some clip of how much it helps with manual focus. I hope this works in 24, 720 and HBR mode.

  • I received the FreeWorld monitor today and included a quick review. It exceeded my expectations.

    The resolution and color appears very good. The build quality is what you would expect for an inexpensive monitor, although everything is very functional.

    I could have done a much better rack focus than this test. I was just using the tip of my finger to rotate the focus wheel.

    The mount for the hot shoe does pivot and rotate so is functional. I haven't received the battery yet. The eBay seller was very responsive and helped me with the right battery. Only took ten days to get here.

  • @islanders66, thanks for the review. But can you do a review of the monitor it self?

  • It's identical to the photo above. The resolution and size seem very good. I'm satisfied with this choice out of the other monitors in this range.

    I've had an opportunity to go through the menu and test out a the settings.

    When you press Menu you have the option of brightness, hue, saturation and temperature. The brightness works as you would expect. When you use the bottom arrow to scroll down to the bottom selection of temerature, there are four selections of 9300k, 7500k, 6500k, and User. The User function has RGB adjustments. After a manual white balance, the monitor screen was slightly cooler and dimer than the camera screen. A slight adjustment to the brightness and R value and it matches the camera screen.

    So I would say the focus and color are accurate. I've only tested this indoors but it appears to be a huge improvement that takes the guesswork out of focus and white balance.

    The B/W button appears to control RGB channels and you can see how much noise is in each, where there appears to be more noise in the blue channel. It also has black and white.

    The color temp button does work. I set it to the warmest before going into the menu. The 4/3 and 16:9 aspect works.

    The headphone doesn't appear to work, which makes sense because there is no audio output on the GH2.

    I was testing the auto white balance but it didn't hold up and was too warm. The monitor helps. I'm using a white sheet of paper to set WB that looks good.

    I haven't received the battery yet. I ordered it from the same eBay vendor.

    Otherwise it appears to have composite ins so not interested in those.

    The mounting hardware is useful. I'm also planning to mount it to a rig I made. It has 1/4 mounting holes on all four sides. It also has a sun hood, hdmi cable.

    Like I said this is my first location monitor but it has exceeded my expectations.

  • @islanders66

    How effective is the peaking? I see there's a button on the monitor labeled "Focus". Does that turn the peaking on?

  • Yes the focus turns peaking on and off. When on the screen has a deep grain and when something is in focus it has a highlighted outline. It seemed effective on a picture frame across the room. From pointing it around the room most objects can be focused with the peaking. It's not like a AF100 that has a very sharp red line on an edge that is in focus. However the monitor appears sharp that there is no real need for it. You can see in my video that it can focus on that gas fireplace that was in a dim room. The peaking did work though. The screen resolution appears to be like a good computer monitor. Sorry I don't have more experience with field monitors. I can say that I have full confidence for an upcoming low light run and gun shoot where I'm following two girls around at night to various art galleries.

  • @Ralph_B Wanted to add that focus assist is disabled using the hdmi. The resolution is very good but from 15 feet away in a dim room small objects aren't razor sharp, but still easy to notice when in focus. I was hesitant to point this out because it just takes a little practice. I'll also be using your HBR 30p mode.

    I'll try to add a picture. The grain is from my point and shoot not the monitor. The monitor is sharp and bright.

    2048 x 1536 - 666K
  • @islanders66 If you get a chance can you take a photograph of the peaking?

  • More pictures. I have some time to kill before 3pm.

    When looking at the monitor the bird is actually sharper than this and you don't see pixels. The point and shoot was just very close on macro.

    You can see the outline with peaking. It works very well with this shot, even though you don't need it. Without this monitor even this shot would have been difficult to focus.

    I'm glad I got this size. I suspect the 5'' would have more trouble on small objects across the room.

    2048 x 1536 - 640K
    2048 x 1536 - 670K
    2048 x 1536 - 662K
  • wow that think is huge!!

  • Hey, looks pretty awesome for the price. I'm hesitating between this and the more expensive Lilliput 5dmii/o/p which has a few extra functions for exposure. Folks, I need this for more of a run n gun situation/docu, and I wanted to know if you all thought using the GH2's histogram on the feelworld monitor is enough, or if having the false color option and zebras of the lilliput would be crucial.

  • @HillTop1 It's a 7'' screen. The bottom face with the menu buttons is 1.2'' from the bottom of the screen to the bottom. It looks larger with it closer to the camera taking the photo. You can see it's as wide as the GH2 with the screen open. (actually 1'' less) I was considering a 5'' screen but very pleased with the 7''. It is light. For $200 this solves all the problems with GH2.

    @SuryA.. I have a shoot on May 5th, run and gun, low light, following people around. So far I find the onboard light meter useful on spot meter and if a background is really blown out get a reading on that to compensate a bit. So far I haven't had anything over 100% in Premiere or After Effects, so either the camera or program must have been on broadcast safe, but am looking more into exposure.

    edit: Some people have only used zebras so that's all they know. I don't have much need for them because I'm interested in the subject being properly exposed. I'm not going to under expose the subject just to eliminate zebras. But it's all about finding what works for you. So far I'm impressed with high contrast handling by GH2 but know when I'm taking risk.

  • @islanders66 Thanks for your review, as I'm just about to order this monitor, was wondering if after a week and maybe some field testing are you still satisfied and would you recommend this monitor?

  • @vic20.. I used it on Friday for a 6 hour fast pace run and gun shoot and nailed the focus and exposure. I even used the peaking at times. So the peaking has turned out to work better than I anticipated. So, yes I would recommend it.

  • On the basis of these comments and reviews, I have also ordered one of these monitors. I'll test it out with my AF100 and Nikon D800, and report back when it's done. Thanks guys--this is a great community, with a lot of trust.

  • @islanders66 Thanks! just ordered one now.

  • @islanders66 have you tried it in sunlight, how does it work? does the enclosed sunshade work? thanks!

  • @vic20.. let us know your thoughts on it.

    @futur2, on Friday was the first time I used it in the sunlight. The shoot started at 4:00 pm so it was still bright. and I didn't have any problems. I had the sunshade with me in my bag but didn't use it. It has a pretty wide brim of about 2.5 inches that is attached using three thumb screws in the 1/4'' mounting holes on the top and sides. It's light and folds up when detached. I had no problem carrying it with me and sure I could have attached it for the entire shoot without noticing. So from my use so far I would I would think that the shade would solve brighter conditions because I didn't need one for normal sunlight with the monitor angled up.

    I received the battery that is heavier that the rest of the monitor. I guess at least twice as heavy because the monitor is very light. It works but could be too much stress on the hot shoe for a lot of run and gun. I think this is common sense. I plan to attach it to a rig. I was looking for another mounting bracket for the battery to get it off the back of the screen. Maybe you or anyone knows of one and can post a link?

    So, the monitor worked great. I pulled focus on the fly about 8 times outside and they were all in focus. Doing fast pace ENG work with a DSLR isn't for the faint of heart but with the right skill the monitor is very effective.

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    1920 x 1080 - 875K
  • @islanders66 thanks for your report, sounds great, guess i'm in soon!