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Feelworld monitors
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  • Hello All,

    islanders66, you said that the Focus Assist was disabled using HDMI, which confuses me.

    Focus Assist is Peaking with this monitor, and you said you used Peaking on your shoot.

    The GH2 outputs using HDMI, so please explain.


  • I agree, these are very nice people, and very responsive. That makes me more comfortable regarding the warranty. However I asked them if they had any US service centers and they said no.

    Long distance calls and overseas shipping can add a lot of cost to an inexpensive monitor, if you know what I mean.

    So how do you all feel about that... I'm about to make a decision.


  • One last question... maybe :-)

    This came with US power adapter right?

    What battery is recommended for this monitor?


  • @questch.. focus assist is a function of the GH2 that zooms in 5x or 10x to help focus. Peaking is a function on the external monitor that highlights what is in focus. That's the context with these devices. These both assist focusing for manual focus.

    Everyone will have a different risk assessment. Valid concerns.

    Yes, everything they sent me was US as I'm US.

    They recommended the battery and charger that worked fine.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for the clarification, I get it now!

    It looks like a great value I wish you much happiness with it... AM

  • @islanders66 yes the camera is recording broadcast safe (studio swing)

  • @DirkVoorhoeve.. thanks that's what I thought. I'm still testing settings trying to keep all this straight.

  • @ Islanders Mine arrived today, oredered on May 9. What battery and charger did they recommend? I tried with NP-F970 , feel like it was too heavy for that flash shoe mount. Did you find a better hot shoe mount or just using the included?

  • @tinbeo, yes I ordered the NP F970 and charger from them as well. It says its a "Li-ion" on the back but still seems heavy.

    A few post up I stated:

    "I received the battery that is heavier that the rest of the monitor. I guess at least twice as heavy because the monitor is very light. It works but could be too much stress on the hot shoe for a lot of run and gun. I think this is common sense. I plan to attach it to a rig. I was looking for another mounting bracket for the battery to get it off the back of the screen. Maybe you or anyone knows of one and can post a link?"

    So I'll either mount it to my rig or mount the battery away from the monitor.

    I did use it as is for a demanding run and gun and was able to brace the monitor with my hand from my rig when walking or running with the camera.

    Let us know if you find a solution!

  • Seems to be such a cool cheap option for monitoring, tanks for sharing!

  • Hi everyone - unlike the previous comments above I'm having problems with this monitor

    Based on the good recomendations above I just bought the Feelworld 7" LCD Field 1080P HD On Camera Monitor HDMI YPrPb Peaking Filter F970 Battery TFT,1024*600Pixles,700:1 Contrast Ratio,Video In&Out from Pumpkin Coolstore:

    when I connect the Feelworld monitor to my Panasonic GH2 via the mini HDMI I can only see the pictures I've already taken in play mode Everytime I go to record mode the monitor shuts of

    When I try the same thing by connecting my GH2 with the same cable to a Samsung TV I can see everything in record mode - no problems.

    Is this an incompatibility issue between my monitor and the GH2? I'm seriously considering returning this unit - I bought it to work a with a jib and now I'm worried. Have I done something boneheaded?

    anyone got any suggestion for me to try to make it work

    Thanks in advance


  • Everytime I go to record mode the monitor shuts of

    Something tells me that you try to record in 720p mode :-)

  • Hi from Australia Vitaliy

    I just checked my GH2 [Motion Picture] Menu The Rec Quality is set at 24H according to the loopy Panasonic Manual 24H is 1920x1080 pixels

    Hopefully I have just got a menu setting wrong somewhere

    The picture islanders66 posted looks exacly the same as the unit I just got (identical button labels)

    Maybe he knows the secret ingredient to get it working ;)

  • Maybe he knows the secret ingredient to get it working

    “Grunka Lunka Dunkity Dingredient, you should not ask about the secret ingredient!”

  • @Jacy Same monitor, same problem. I managed to make it work like this : Connect the monitor to the GH2, switch on the monitor, then the GH2. Then, with everything switched on, unplug the HDMI in the back of the monitor, and plug it back. Worked for me. Hope that helps!

  • Hi 5min

    Thanks for the tip, unfortunately it didn't work for me here's what I did -maybe I missed a botton press or something else:

    1. Everything off
    2. Mini HDMI connected between GH2 and Feelworld Monitor (I'm really feeling it now)
    3. Power on Monitor - HDMI mode - blue sceeen appears - "No Signal" msg then screen turns off
    4. Power on GH2 - in Movie mode - Feelworld still black
    5. Unplugged HDMI from back of Feelworld Monitor/Plugged back in

    End Result - Black Screen

    The only way I can get signal to the Feelworld is when I hit the Green play button (the one on the right of the eyepiece)

    Good to know that the quirkiness of the Feelworld ins't just happening to me I wonder how consistent the builds are - perhaps I got one of a bad batch

  • @Jacy,

    That never happened to me. Every time I push record it continues to work.

    Does your camera LCD keep working when you go to record? Mine does. I can't seem to duplicate the issue with the monitor options.

    I'll look in the owners manual for the different settings. Are you PAL or NTSC? Under Setup that has the little wrench in the menu mine has

    Video out = NTSC TV Aspect = 16:9 HDMI = Auto Viera Link = on

    etc etc

    I haven't changed any of these but perhaps it is a camera setting?

    In fact the only thing I have noticed just now is that when the HDMI monitor is in use the camera doesn't give the option of REC MODE when it's being used? If I unplug the monitor or turn it off I have access to the REC MODE function. My last shoot was in HBR. It also works in all the modes, 24, 720, 1080.

    (BTW mine works all the time, doesn't matter what you turn on first or plug it in.)

    I'm also using Sanity. Perhaps try another patch as well?

  • Hi Islanders66 -

    I am on PAL settings

    I haven't updated my firmware in a long time - I'll charge up my battery tonite and update to Sanity 5 and see if that changes the situation with the Feelworld

    I'll post the results once I find out.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I'll write up the full settings when I get back, just incase anyone else has similar issues

    Thanks once again


  • FEELWORLD Monitor problem with Panasonic GH2 record mode Fix.

    Hi Islanders66

    The bad news is that the firmware change to Sanity 5 didn't fix the Feelworld monitor blacking out in record mode

    The great news is that by changing the GH2 output from PAL to NTSC (Wrench icon > Setup menu > Video Out : NTSC) the PROBLEM IS FIXED

    Now I can see everything on the Feelworld whilst the GH2 is in record mode


    What threw me was the fact that I could playback video on the Feelworld by pressing GH2's Playback mode (Green play button inside a square) but somehow the Feelworld doesn't like the PAL signal in GH2 record mode - bizarre.

    At the end of the Feelworld manual under section 4. Parameters it has "Video color system: PAL-4.43; NTSC-3.58" either this is not quite right or I'm not technical enough to understand it correctly To me it looks like it should be able to autodetect a PAL signal

    In summary as Islanders66 has already said this is very nice monitor for the price and resolution it has an interesting quirk with PAL in record mode but once you know how to stroke it the right way it's great bang for the buck.

    Thanks everyone for their advice

    Regards Jacy

  • @Jacy great news that you can make it work! If I remember correctly, mine worked after I tried it with the Oly E-5, which has NTSC output. That's it! I thought it was the the plug tip I told you, but it's the system output that counts. Anyway, my monitor works with the GH2 set in PAL for one week now without problem. I think you can try to switch back to PAL an see what happens?

    And I agree, it's a great monitor for a great price!

  • I can verify what 5min has written above I changed my GH2 from NTSC back to PAL The Feelworld monitor now works in record mode (Where it did not before)

    To summarise - if you have bought a new Feelworld monitor (See above post for which specific monitor type) and you use PAL you need to initialize it by setting your camera to NTSC Video Output Once the Feelworld Monitor recognizes the camera it will then subsequently recognize your GH2 when you revert back to PAL.

    A rather round about way to set things up but hey it's cheap!

  • We had these PAL output problems before with other screens, see here. So this is interesting. Do you mean you set it once and then it will be ok always, or do you have to do it every time you power up the GH2 and/or monitor?

  • Hi Dirk

    I've only had it a day but it "remembers" its settings after being powered off. I haven't had any problems in PAL mode after turning the Feelworld on and off several times

    it looks like the the initial NTSC fix "sticks" - There is no need to do it every time you power up the monitor.

  • Guessing I already know the answer, though has anyone tried the headphone output on this monitor when paired with a GH2?

  • Can anyone tel me about the button "Scale"? I want to record with anamorphic 2X. How works that "scale button"? Can I shoot in anamorphic mode and see in 3.55 aspect on the monitor? Best regards.