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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 4: Cluster v2, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion...etc...
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  • -nvmd

    Screen shot 2012-04-23 at 11.57.54 AM.png
    1440 x 900 - 1M
  • @rajamalik No such thing. Legacy primes are some of the finest lenses you will find and switching an auto to manual does NOT deactivate the communication and thus the strain on the processor.

  • @ driftwood: All your series made for a very fast card and a bitrate that does not save space on the card. Need stable settings for 1080p(24/25/30) and 720p(50/60) (with B-Frames), ETC, any iso and zoom and bitrate up to 34Mbps(24H,HBR modes) with optimal quality for any scenes. Pls, make stable settings for slow (upto 20Mbytes class-10)

  • Here is a story I did for the BBC. This mini doc is a mix of Mysteron in HBR mode 30p, my HVX 200 and some old low res footage from the author of the book. I used a Sandisk 64 gig 95 card. I worked great. The Mysteron shots are the cut away footage of the dead animal, food, etc. This video got over 350,000 hits on the BBC. Cheers to the GH2!

  • @johnydoe driftwood settings are I -frame and high bitrates; that's what he is interested in (especially 24p) and what this series is fir. What you are asking for, others have made. Do a search for gop3 (or just checked the topics) and you'll find the settings that are right for you. Salud!

  • @JohnyDoe search for cake 2.2 or sanity 5 settings on this forum ...

  • @archilatrik That video was excellent! Thanks for sharing.

  • I use all manual - focus, F, A, only stabilizing was turn on. I have 20mm also, but it was useless in that moment. Will test again with canon FD primes, thaks for suggestions.

  • @ouzel. Wow interesting subject! Inspiring man..haven't read the book...yet. Good work.

  • I was shooting Broll at one of the rivers today. 28mm Nikkor, good light, 720P-60 64Gig, 95mbs Sandisk...all went well until I started shooting ripples. Three card speed lockups in a row.

    I love this patch but can't have the lockups in 720P. Back to Cluster.

  • Oh...Sedna AQ1

  • @peternap That's the one i had issues with 720p on 95mbs san disk as well. why not try Mysteron? it think the 720p is very good!

  • Work in progress, a short i'm making for school. This my first short and this is the first half of it. Second part i'm shooting this weekend (:

    password 'kask'

  • oh and the above is sedna aq 1

  • @ouzel - footage >> than anything in the UK I've been mixing all week (from ahem pros) including the one we up for Bifta award - keep going :) it's yours to do not to be given

  • @luxis I've used it and it's very good. Driftwood said the 720-60 was the same as Sedna though.

  • i used 50p and it worked just fine not sure about 60 ...the sedna aq 1 didn't had blocks on the same 95mbs card.

  • @peternap @luxis My testing may not have been perfect, but it was pretty controlled and the stability results of Mysteron and Sedna AQ1 on the same card, with the same material and same settings for NTSC 60P SH mode were quite different.

    If you want better spanning reliability in SH mode, go with Mysteron.

  • @thepalalias Your testing one on one is better than mine. When Nick first put Mysteron up, he said 720P was the same so I didn't bother. Spanning isn't a concern but reliability is. I'll stick Mysteron back in this evening and give it another go.

    Thanks thepalalias & luxis !

  • @peternap Sure thing. :)

    Also, I think you may have confused his comment about Mysteron Burst (in regards to how it related to Mysteron)

    With those about Mysteron itself.

    The key part about Mysteron (vs Sedna) was:

    "Mysteron brings back high quality when the detail is there for the 60 modes but not so stressed on less quality. Not as much stress on 50 modes at all, but because of shared settings with 60 its had to take a hit. Nevertheless its not so bad for long recordings. :-)"

  • @peternap hope it works for you. i was able to run mysteron 720 50p on 15mbs SanDisk(!) with manual lens , with reasonable detail and not much panning, for shorter, sometimes up to a minute clips- i just didn't need this tells you how stable it is in this least my experience.

  • Hey guys! A couple of fast tests done with mysteron, really awesome patch but really hard to color correct. Thanks a lot for the hard work, really looking forward to shot something serious with this cam! Password: test

  • @CHRPU very nice.

  • are all those latest high-end patches totally stable on ETC mode? thanks.

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