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Official Sony NEX FS700 and FS700r, 4K cameras topic
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  • @Bueller Very interesting possibilities. I look forward to any demos that may arise.

  • Yes it would be nice if you could post some of these frame grabs. Sony sensors have been getting better and better for DR. It seems that for the last 4 years they have been working on it. Sony based sensor camera like the Nikon have been constantly been getting better and better at it, while Canon for example have stagnated around the 12 stop of DR.

  • @thepalalias The darn thing smokes both those other cameras. We did some shooting in downtown LA at night. We set the ISO to 800 (which is really just semantics because the thing just takes in everything raw). When we took what looked like blown out windows from a CVS and then brought them down in color grading you could not only see the lady in the back of the store wearing a hat but you could tell it was a pink Dodgers hat. It was like we covered the windows with ND6. Far and away better than the Alexa and the Red HDRx (I have graded for both). The thing is a beast. Probably the next standard for big budget feature films from a digital standpoint.

  • @Bueller So that exceeds Epic HDRx and Alexa in highlight recovery? Or just Epic (no HDRx) and Alexa? Or were you thinking in relation to other entirely different cameras?

  • I was at Sony Pictures the other night for one of their F65 demos. It's footage was being projected on a 40 foot screen and looked tremendous. I was also talking to their head of marketing and he said that they are going to be pushing 4K as the next "Big Thing" in home displays. He also mentioned that he sees movies going straight to the home at launch. I know this is not anything that we don't see coming it is just interesting to hear the suits talking about it. By the way, the latitude in the F65 was beyond impressive. We were pulling information out of the "Blown Out" highlights that are not possible with any other camera that is on the market right now. If people are interested I can probably post a frame grab or two.

  • How expensive were the first Blu-ray players? And now they are cheap and nobody cares…

  • It ain't the cost of the cam''s the cost of the TV's/monitors needed to enjoy/edit that footage. I can't find any monitors that show 4k, and the ones I do find have no prices listed.

    Here's the prices needed for 4k to become mainstream....40" 4k LCD TV for under $700. Once that on. I bought my 1080p 42" for $600 a couple of years ago and now I see 40" routinely around low $300. Price is everything.

  • @ChainsawFilms, thanks for the awesome link.

  • I'm going to assume this is a joke because its too good. I'm pretending i never heard this. We'll know by Monday. :)

  • Probably a joke... look at the date...

    Well maybe, but if it doesn't well is a very nice cam. JVC is already selling a sub 10,000 dll 4k cam, canon announced it also (not sure about price) so 4k in Sony is a matter of months.

  • I really don't see any need in 4k resolution for screening purposes. Shooting 4k would have advantages, mainly being able to shoot medium and crop the same take for a close-up. And of course you'll likely get high frame rates at lower resolutions.

    However, 4k itself is overkill for presentations. We'd be better off with a true 1080p image. This is a really good read for those interested:

  • Agree with bwhitz. Mainly 940 fps sound Nike a big joke

  • Probably a joke... look at the date...

  • Very good, and Sony make cameras with a great cinematographic look.

    Panasonic so need a camera 4K.

  • Exciting times, hope the specs are true. This looks like the first "pro segment within budget" camera in a long time that truly will give more features in one package. The Canon C300 will look very overpriced in comparison. The 4K EOS needs to deliver, but seeing how Canon protects segments, it won't suprice me if the 4K EOS will have some strange shortcomings.

    I'm not too happy about the e-mount, but it seemes ok to use adaptors, and I suppose Sony will provide quality in their coming G-series lenses.

    Time will show :)