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  • @mpgxsvcd can you explain to me what color profiles are?

  • @mpgxsvcd : I agree. Color profiles is most likely. Manual controls is also a possibility, but it seems he would need more time. Most of the other speculation (10-bit 4:2:2, 1080/60p, 4k, clean HDMI out, HDR, focus peaking, whatever) is pure wishful thinking.

  • @mpgxsvcd Color would be awesome! Good bye banding forever!

  • the bigger the better ;-) status: waiting hehe

  • It's the cappuccino function we've been waiting for - buried in that hidden beverage menu!

    You will find it in system -> extras -> hidden -> beverage -> hot -> cappuccino

    You will of course have to buy the genuine panasonic coffee modules.

    But colour profiles would be a good option too...

  •   You will of course have to buy the genuine panasonic coffee modules.

    The cappuccino function will only work with Canon or Nikon lens cups as of now.

    But Panasonic have been working on a 8-250mm f1.0 lens cup I heard, awesome!

    Other than that, color profiles would be fantastic too.

  • a way to control digital sharpening ( if any possible at all) would be the BBT for me. but maybe the pannys just look sharp because of all the dark borders and are optically not reliable..?

  • I agree with everyone else, this announcement makes me feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. Can't wait to see what it is. The sooner the better, because Im checking this thread every 30min on my phone, hah

  • @sanzadez I just subscribe so I get e-mails when new posts come in. :)

  • Yes, BT is most probably the new GH3 at Photokina...

  • maybe its being able to execute predefined focus pulls...

  • He's discovered the GH2 can take photos as well as video!

  • I really doubt 4k or higher color sampling are possible. I think those things are hardwired into the encoder. I'm guessing (and hoping) it would be 60fps at 1080p. IIRC, the sensor does do 60fps in 1080 mode... it just throws out half the picture to make it interlaced. So maybe a method to prevent this has been found? Or maybe there is a way to change the 80% mode to 40% or 50%? Making a very nice over-cranking mode. That and color profiles are the only "big things" that seem plausible.

  • BT: GH2 will come to life and will have feelings and we can marry her.

  • Hacked iDR! :)

  • Instead you can resize a 2k!

  • Ha, a single obscure remark from Vitaliy and the community goes crazy :D But can someone enlighten me why exactly 10-bit and/or 4:2:2 is impossible? I thought it's a codec limitation and not one by the camera itself? There's the AVC-LongG class (10-bit/4:2:2 output) within AVC-Intra Panasonic advertised with. So why exactly is it impossible on the GH2? I'm not saying it is since I obviously have no idea, I'm just curious to know...

  • @starstuff

    Well, I certainly don't know for sure... but from what I've read, the 4:2:0 is more-or-less implemented from a hardware level than a software one. So it's not even an option in the coding. But, again, I don't know for sure.

  • There is 4:2:2 on the GH1 mjpeg... so why not in the GH2?

  • I dunno, I read somewhere that the option for the 4:2:2 just wasn't there on the GH2. Really don't know first hand, this is just what I've read here.

  • is it 1080 60p hdmi out?

  • i think 25p 30P out from the sensor not 50i

  • I have no idea of what that mean but i'll be happy with 1080 30p hdmi out :)

  • 1/48 shutter speed at 24fps would be awesome. It would give us a little more light and make motion a tad more fluid.

  • April fools is also in a few days

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