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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 3: VY Canis Majoris, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion, Cluster...
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  • Loading AQ1 A to see how it holds up shooting in the woods tomorrow hoping conditions are good.

  • @driftwood the work that's going on here in tremendous, the group efforts and tweaking is amazing to watch. I test and post, evaluate and combine. It great. But I will always remember Lester bookbinders command of light and composition... one of the greatest US / English Photographer ever and his two assistants...Tony and Ridley. Sedna is moving now lets see where we go.... Thanks

  • @driftwood settings + GH2 + good lenses + skilled shooting + good story ... = success > FILM , now shoot and create !!! (Before @driftwood release another boom!!!)

  • @driftwood As you suggested q20 works good. but the test @LumixUser shows is really unreal... is it has this many difference sedna vs orion v4b i found only a bit more sharpness a little more darkness and a slight 3d feel...not so much like his post... is it true??? cant believe it,..anyone else uploaded any video comparing them for the same shot,.. i will sure patch back to sedna A Aq1 from q20 and will test both sedna and orion tommorow full day.... let me see.....omg can it go so far ;)

  • @LumixUser what was the iso for your sat result is it iso 1600 ?? it looks like iso 2000+ i will try the same if you post your setting which u used for this test. is it standard -2-2-2-2 or ????

  • @cinemon

    The hack does not produce an image composed and well lit. It just improve movements, details, and sometimes color. You can even find it on Vimeo or Youtube movies with excellent quality made ​​with the GH2 and its original firmware.

  • sedna aq1 vs. q20: how comes that the videos i like best so far are the q20 and not the aq1 ones?

  • @LumixUser Even before clicking on the pictures to view them I could see a huge difference between Sedna and the other two. Not only could I tell (at that small size) that Sedna has a much finer detail in the color noise but it's also brighter.

    Thanks Nick for a great fix.

    EDIT: When I say "finer" detail what I really mean is no blockiness to the footage at all. This has got to help with the sky banding issue etc.

  • @cinemon

    If you want to focus on the aspect of cinema GH2, you must first use the most appropriate fixed optics (Canon FD, Nikkor, Voigtlander, Leica ...). Absolutely avoid Panasonic zooms giving a very ugly grain to the image, I think. And follow the steps before recording: a specific opening of the diaphragm according to what you want to get / manual white balance / reflect the light source / your story ... and later in post production you can work the calibration images with a very correct basis.

    Whether you are using the original firmware, the 44mbs or Sedna will not change the look 'film' that you love so much. BUT the patch you will definitely have a basis to work more interesting.

  • Hello here is my video gh2 with sedna 20q... comment...and visit my youtube cha.

  • @LumixUser. Great tests. Can you also include the same shot with Sedna A Q20? I think a lot of folk are comparing those two Sedna settings.

  • @cinemon @driftwood @Vitaliy_Kiselev our team completed a short film which runs near 1/2 an hour (orion v4b),.. i cannot upload any of those clips as its going to be submitted for an Indian short film festival the second major rule for participation is not to share content until the festival gets over.(by june mid i can share whatever is taken) going to start 2 low budget commercial films named "inru muthal iravu" and "vidhi enn 8" (in Tamil an ancient language of India) both of them will run at least 2 to 2.2 hours,..budget for the 1st film is around $ 42,000 the second one which is a bit higher $ 1,12,000 shooting is scheduled from July to October this year,..until then i will be using my gh2 and my friend's gh2 for short films and some regular test shootouts,...i will order 2 more gh2 next month...with a pan cake 12mm , 25mm g and 45 macro g ,.as suggested by the masters of this site, flight is on 16th April going back to India ,...will be in western ghats for 6 months,. preproduction & shooting is set over 11 hills, 7 wild falls and in 3 very deep forests of south India,... i am planning to invite sir driftwood and vitality for the audio launch or for the first preview show,...i Dont know what will be their situation on that time,..but sure i will invite and will provide all the facility,visa, travel and essential expenses,..the first preview will be played in chennai, tamilnadu (kollywood) hopefully by dec 2012,... these films will be edited in final cut pro X and will be again converted to 35mm film for the first commercial print,...2 zoom h2 field recorders will be used 3 gh2 14-140 kit ,.,100-300 zoom,.,. 25 prime.,., 12 pancake (fish eye converter and wide converter from sony).,.,45mm macro,.. polarized filters and nd filters from matte box,.. 7 inch lilliput hdmi,.. gh2 couplers..,2 external chargeable battery packs which can hold camera + monitor + filed recorder for up to 12 hrs,..1 i7 dell laptop + 3 2tb high speed external hdd for backup & rough cut after shoot everyday with vegas pro 11,.. most other essentials like jib cranes sliders lights will be taken for rent,.. pre production crew 5 members,...shooting crew 9 members and post production crew 7 members including music composer & audio professional, will be lauched in 2 weeks from now,..(anyone from our team can message me regarding this if they are very interested to join our unit) @driftwood (i hope i will end up finally with a patch will stick to sedna A Aq1 if it really does the best job, in the woods, need more advice from you before its too late..)

  • SEDNA Q20!!!TEST

  • @Driftwood After Using Driftwood 176 mb/s for a log time, it was great patch but was disappointed with Rocket Quality but SEDNA C Blow up my my mind, a stunning thing ! Big Quality ! incredible image for cheap camera ! SEDNA C Make my Day ;-) here's my first test, SEDNA C Carl Zeiss Planat 1.4/ 50 ZF SanDisk Extreme Pro 32 Gb 45 mb/sec ISO 160, WB: incandescent

  • @LumixUser I echo Stray "Holy fuck" regarding Sedna and... This IS the best static test (your grain test) i've seen. Can you elaborate on how you performed this?

    It's quite apparent the Sedna is capable of reproducing fine detail. So, it wasn't the "one to many" the other night!

  • @stray. You commented "Sedna AQ1 A huge difference to Q20". Can you elaborate on the differences you saw?

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  • @LumixUser Could you compare Sedna AQ1 with the Q20 version using your grain test you used earlier?

  • q20 is less heavy, especially when you're shooting in motion is less jerky. Q1 as sharp and precise, but too extreme! by Andyvia68

  • My second test LUMIX GH2_SEDNA Q20_LENS:Mc Jupiter-9 85mm visit:

    tx. Andyvia68

  • @conscius and @frerichs

    Thanx for the quick replies! Quantum with the dark matter is the one I patched my camera with! I just shot a quick video with it and it looks dope!

    I used the G button when I loaded the patch.

  • @andyvia68

    I certainly wouldn't call the ability to render more detail with less blocking "too extreme" The goal is to minimize the compression artifacts to get as close to raw as possible.

    If @LumixUser runs the grain test between Sedna AQ1 and Q20, this may be interesting. It's probably fairly close to AQ1.

    Also, there is something very smooth about the vibe from Sedna. These tests show the differnence in rendering of fine detail.

    @driftwood has always been very clear regarding his strive for improvement in 24H image quality. Sedna is currently on top!

  • See my stop motion test sedna q1 tutorial in Italian language, but the sense we understand the same... Tx


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