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Official GH2 "Stalin" hack development topic
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  • Is the actual image quality as good as the numbers suggest?(I'm picking my jaw off the floor:) this is my No.1 priority, very high 24p bitrate!!! don't care that much about 25p/720p/clean hdmi)
  • Nice, but 24p Mode allready is very good in stock firmware.

    What`s about the other modes 50i/60i, 25p/30p? Whats about the Bug "First shot 1080 to get stable 720p"?

  • @stefanos

    Even better. Looks like photo.

    >What`s about the other modes 50i/60i, 25p/30p? Whats about the Bug "First shot 1080 to get stable 720p"?

    I am more interested in 1080p24.
    But all the same settings exist for 720p and interlaced modes.
    I do not expect any problems also.

  • YEA! High bit rate 1080p sounds great. I still would like high bit rate 720p as well though. Is the high bit rate 1080p stable?
  • This is awesome vitaliy. I prefer smooth videos, so I´m glad, that I can now tweak the other modes, too.

  • This looks great! well done.

    But as a PAL user I would really like to know if a working/stable 1080 25p will be coming in the next release?
  • impressive!
  • Brilliant :) Is it stable?
  • 1080p@24 in supernice bitrate is really all i want from this hack. w00t.
    I know it's been said many times before, but thanks so much for your work, and good luck with all coming!
  • I do not understand all inner workings today, unfortunately.
    This thing have some internal checks and it smacks bitrate to 5.5Mbit/s if something is not right.
    About stability. This needs testing.
  • "1084p24 42Mbps average bitrate in stream parser"

    @ Vitaliy

    Does it work in the 1080p 80% slomo feature too?
  • @Vitaliy

    We are here and ready to test whenever you are ready to give it to us. Thank you for everything you do.
  • Really outstanding Vitaly - I can feel your excitement. Hope this all goes smoothly so all the annoying Canon fanboys to go eat the peanuts out of my shit - LOL
  • This is going to change the game.
    Go VK!
  • @Vitaly may we please have the settings so that we may test the stability of the 1080 24p 42Mbps.
  • Vitaliy,
    Improved bit rate for 1080p24 is really great news!
    Thank you and everyone for their hard work on this project!
  • Sorry if I am posting in a wrong place, but what system components (Win XP) do I need to run StreamParser? I've installed it first with no problem but then I had to restore my system to an earlier sys. restoration point (not beacuse of StramParser) and now it don't install saying there is some sys component missing...
  • >Even better. Looks like photo.
    This is the most amazing news. High bitrates/low compression in the already good 24p is all this camera needs to be supercharged. Screw the hassles/expenses of hdmi recorders.
    @last_SHIFT don't bother arguing that:) let them live happily in their fake super-flat, super-soft, super-saturated, super low-res little world
  • @valdi99 Use StreamParser topic. Chris will be able to answer you.
  • StreamParser requires .NET Framework 4. It sounds like that got messed up. StreamParser will go get it if it is missing, but it has no way to detect whether it got corrupted. You might try reinstalling the .NET Framework which you can get at

    Also you might try uninstalling and reinstalling StreamParser.

  • I just tested the following modes:
    80% slow, 160% high.

    Only four patches had been used for each, two existing - Bitrate (set at 42Mbps) and Video Buffer (with increase to 0x2800000), and two present in upcoming release.

    All showed average bitrate at about 42Mbps. No hangs encounted.

    1080i50 got free B frames other than bitrate increase (with no encoder options touching!):


    1080p 80% slow as I remember
    795 x 182 - 8K
    791 x 178 - 7K
    802 x 159 - 7K
  • Vitaly,

    I don't know how u do it - but keep on! Incredible!!!
  • I know this may be early, but let's start passing the beers around.... great news Vitaliy!
  • @stefanos

    I'm just a loyal Nikon shooter watching out for my peeps ;-)
  • "I just tested the following modes:
    80% slow, 160% high.
    All showed average bitrate at about 42Mbps. No hangs encounted."

    Very good news! Is there still a need to shoot a short 1080p clip to get 720p50/60 working? Thanks for all your effort!