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25mm f/0.95 Voigtländer Nokton
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  • @sohus
    Indeed strange guys at pixmania, but had a nice deal for the pana 25mm @ 493 euro ;-)
    Will check later how it compares to the Voigtlander.
  • Is Voigtlaender coming out for other MFT lenses? 12mm and 45-50mm would be nice! I prefer to keep my lenses from one brand to have better color consistency and similar handling and build quality. I am contemplating buying the 58mm/1.4 II Nokton for the Nikon system as my next lens (together with SLR Magic 12mm F/1.6). But I thought I had read somewhere that a 50mm/1.1 Nokton was also coming for MFT.
  • @tetakpatek

    The price for the 0.95 has been going up and down like the waves. It shot through the roof in June, when there was a worldwide shortage after CV couldn't keep up with the demand. In Sept / Oct, after the third batch was released, the prices took a dip, and a few forummers here have profited from it.

    I am not quite sure if the price of the 0.95 will continue to soar, but am quite sure it will not dip below the 1k mark. What has continued to soar are the prices of C/Y Zeiss lenses. In 4 months, I have seen an average C/Y lens appreciate nearly 100% worldwide. A 50/1.4 used to fetch $250 at most, now it's going for $500! crazy!!!!
  • Let's stop making such prediction. Never say never ;)

    I'm not saying the price will drop either. Simply I don't know. I needed one and had enough dough. So I bought one.
  • I got an entire set of Zeiss C/Y lenses back before this all started for less than 2K.

    And I knew someone that sold an entire set, ever single focal length, for 2,500. All german copies, all the fastest copies, pristine condition.

    I just looked again for a 50/1.4 and LOL'd when I saw a 500 dollar price tag. That was super strange to me.


    Has anyone ever tried a 52mm threaded 0.45x converter with the 25/0.95? I am going to try it out this coming week if possible, but it would save me the trouble if there was already video of it out there.
  • @Kholi
    I tried a wd55 on it and it vignetted badly I would take a wild guess and say it'll probably do the same with a 45x.
  • .45 is wider though?

    The vivitar o.43 for 72mm thread seems like it wouldn't vignette. That should get you to a 12mm ish.
  • You can always give it a try but all I know from experience is the wd55 + 0.95 vignettes ;-)
  • I love this lens!

  • Bought it quite liked it then sold it - loved my Rokkor 58 1.2 MC more for character and sharpness in the sharp focus realm - obviously not same FL but hey ho, and then bought 5 LOMO F2 lovelies instead - far more character if you can live with the quirky focus! IMHO Nice if you like it squidgy wide open and want a shoulder like Popeye's lol
  • @Kholi

    I stay away from convertors like the plague. Try taking a few images with any convertor, and then blow them up. Oh man, you'll begin to wonder why people actually bother using them.

    Just save up and go get the lens with the focal length you want.
  • Or rent it when you really need it...
  • I have just purchased a mir1 37mm f2.8 on ebay, and I'm wondering if anyone can comment on wether it would work well in a set with the voigt 25 f0.95. while it is not as fast, it does have the same amount of aperture blades (10). And at 37mm (aka ~74 on GH2), f2.8 is often sufficient for reasonably shallow DOF.

  • Sorry, if this has already been answered: Has anyone actually tried using the Vivitar Wide Angle 72mm 0.43x with the Nokton and could confirm that it doesn't vignette? Thinking of using only the Nokton with wide angle and tele converters to shoot a short..

  • I finally put together a video from my Edinburgh Fringe trip last year. It was all shot with a stock 1.0 GH2, the Voigtlander 25mm lens and an ND filter. It's quite long (15 minutes), and just touristy highlights of the Fringe. Still someone may find it helpful. I really like some of the shots of the crowd where even though its focussed at a few metres away there's still a distinct focus fall off infront and behind the shot. Preaching to the converted here but all audio is in camera and sounds pretty good a lot of the time. Why is it out of all the camera manufacturers only Panasonic bothered to make a half decent on camera stereo mic!!! Whenever the GH2's successor's released I sure hope it keeps or improves the quality of incamera audio capture!

  • @jimtreats this is very nice, makes me miss Edinburgh. You're absolutely right, audio is really surprising. Well done.

  • @csync Cheers! Putting it together in the cold of winter it makes me yearn for the sun and the general lovely atmosphere of Edinburgh too, let alone the craziness that Fringe brings. Glad it brought back some memories for you!

  • Nice images! Now I know where mimes and Tom Green still thrive! :)

  • Hello ! Here is a video I've made with this great lens. One of my favorite for my GH2.

  • I have the 25mm Voigtlander and I love it!

    Thinking about getting the 50mm 1.1 with the adapter. Anyone have this? Is it worth it even if you can use the extra tele conversion with the 25mm?

  • I don't know much about 50mm 1.1, but ETC is overrated. Nokton 58mm 1.4 SL II is an alternative.

  • And now the original music video...

  • Hi,

    how is your experience with an infinity focus of the voigtlander 25 mm? From which distance does it start? How does the apature influence this? Looking forward to your replies! :)

  • @PhilMyself Did you shoot that with an ND856324 :-D