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25mm f/0.95 Voigtländer Nokton
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  • @PhilMyself your work is Great! Wow was the Music video done all on the Voig,,25MM?

  • @PhilMyself What a beautiful day in beautiful Paris! It's a real feel-good -clip! Trés bien, bravo! Went last year from Cologne to Paris with Thalis to buy my NOKTON 25mm for a cheaper rate! Saved a bunch of euros, even after several Pastis, café au lait & my train ticket !

  • i love this lense and not had it off my camera in months.... i agree the build quality is excellent...

    i've just noticed it does focus beyond infinity...

    is everybody elses the same?

    a leaflet came with the lense that says hot/cold temperture will cause it focus beyond infinity.

    but this is happeneing even at room tempeture...

    just want to know if this is normal for all of them or just my nokton?

    its one of the earlier 2010 batches i think

  • i can't wait to see the results from the new nokton/voigtlander 17.5mm/0.95

  • @sid It does focus beyond infinity. Look at the scale: it you turn the focus ring all the way up it actually goes past the infinity mark.

  • Thank you guys for your nice comments ! Some some shots were made with the olympus 14-54II. And of course I used a lightcraft ND fader for the Nokton. Can't wait for the 17mm too, but so expensive... Ouch !

  • @atticusd

    ok thanks for the reply... so its not just mine it does it then....

    i could see it went past the middle of the infinity icon, i thought it was a problem at first

    its no big deal just wondering... cause i'am sure mine did not do it when i first got it

  • I cant found the 25mm f/0.95 Voigtländer Nokton in my country, Argentina, and i dont want to pay the import taxes, 50% here, if someone travel here please PM me and ill send u the money by western union. IWANTA25MMNOKTONNNNN...

  • @artardi

    try contacting one of the uk sellers on ebay or a store ask if they can post it as low value gift

    get someone to buy and post... marked as low value gift it would clear customs import tax free

    it probably be a quicker solution

    or you could find anyone you know that could do it

  • Anyone found a nice deal for the Voigtländer if you live in germany? unfortunately only delivers to either belgium or the netherlands. I can't choose an adress in a different country.

    Edit: Oh sorry, I shouldn't have tried to use their .nl domain then. The problem is they only accept credit card payments, so I can't buy it there.

  • I'd be happy to share our newest commercial with you. Mainly shot on the fantastic voigtlander 25 mm f0.95. Looking forward to your feedback.

  • @alexauwa Looking forward to checking it out later today, and in response to your thanks on the other thread, you are quite welcome. I am glad it was useful to you. :)

    Update: The facial expressions in that are great and the editing helps to hold interest. I thought the DOF went well with the narrative and it was essentially never distracting. The only shot that felt very slightly off was the one at 01:16, but that is a hard shot under the best of circumstances. Nice job! I really enjoyed it. :)

  • @alexauwa great to hear it was useful! Funny stuff..! :) I'm not really a deep sea fisherman, but the point is crystal clear. Did you edit according to their request re: duration or did you go by your own choices? IMO it could have been edited down slightly, without loosing the plot / suspense - but it's no biggie.

  • Thanks a lot for your feedback! Much appreciated.

    @RRRR by "...edited down slighty" u mean shortend?

    @thepalalias "shot 1.16" Why do you see it slight off? In terms of qualityP How could I improve?

    And yes, due to the light conditions it took me a white to set the proper white balance and settings, specially because of the electronic lighting. Once that done I kept iso between 200-400. Apature mainly fully opened, shutter at 50. Good lighting will enhanced quality a lot. I did some corrections in post with red giant softwares - denoiser as some parts in the back still turned out to be a bit noisy. Is there a trick to get rid of it while filming?

  • @Alexauwa You did fine with the nosie in my view. I never thought about it while watching.

    As far as the shot I mentioned, between dealing with the veiling from the light and the extremely shallow depth of field, I would likely have stopped down a stop. The result would still have been sufficiently shallow depth of field for the shot but parts of his face coming in and out of focus would have been less distracting. Some of the stubble felt too out of focus at various points, etc.

    Still, it really is a matter of stylistic preference and we are talking about my nitpicking a single shot in an effective sequence, so don't take it too seriously. :)

  • @Pechente

    I can't believe you are having a hard time finding a deal for the Voigtlander lens in Germany! Voigtlander is a German company and is produced in Germany. Anyways, my recent experience buying stuff from Germany goes to fotomayr, which was a pleasent experience where I could buy via Paypal if I remember correctly. Here's the product page for it.

  • not a good deal at all : 250-300€ more than the price you can find in France. PS : Voigtlander is owned by Cosina : this lens is made in Japan.

  • @efonius The Nokton is a lens that's produced under the Voigtländer brand by Cosina in Japan! Apparently the brand's name really works for Marketing purposes… Even if it was built in germany, that would in no way mean that you can get the best deals over here. Just think of german cars, they're most expensive here.

    The lens on the link you posted is way too expensive as astraban already mentioned.

    Anyway, I ordered it at a french shop for 699€ (+20€ shipping). I'll let you know if the shop is any good once I receive the lens.

  • I live in the city where Voigtländer was located. It has been closed down long ago, but they co-operated with Cosina (just like Leica and Minolta) and Cosina is not only using their brand name, but optical formulas.

  • @thepalalias No, it's fine. Interesting to read! Thank you.

  • @Pechente Okay, I understand. I overlooked Cosina but I am glad you found a good deal and please share your experience with it as well, as I live in Europe my self it would be good to know about good and cheap shops that can ship me the products for a significantly smaller price than what it is here.

  • Hi all. Does anyone know what type of macro attachment I'd need for the Voigtlander? I'm going to be doing some extreme closeup still photos of food coming up soon. Also, I know very little about macro lenses, so if you have any other recommendations for lenses, I'd love to know. I also have the 14-140, a nikon 50mm, and the Panny 20mm. Thanks in advance!

    Edit: After doing some research - is the answer just to get a macro tube set? And, if so, I figure it will work with all my m43 lenses? I like cheap solutions :)

  • @5thwall The answer is different for the manual focus lenses (like the Nokoton) than the electronic m43 ones. Essentially, the tubes only make sense for manual focus because you can`t change the focus point for the electronic ones without an electronic connection. So while the first just requires tubes that are the right side, the second is more specialized.

    You should have an easier time finding macro tubes to fit the Nikon than for m43. I used macro tubes for the Canon 24-70mm L when I shot the eyeball macro footage in the Driftwood compilation last year. They are a good choice because the lack of optical elements in the image (glass, plastic, etc,) means that the only side-effects are some light loss and the focus distance shifting closer ( so you cannot focus to infinity with the tubes, etc.)

    Now, if you are worried about getting too close to the food and less worried about getting extra glass in the way, you could find a teleconverter (if your lens suports them, which usually means 100mm or more for the Canon combination) and use that instead of the tubes.

    Now, the very best image quality is actually achieved by using a dedicated macro lens (but you want to ensure with those that they can get the magnification you need without additional tubes, etc. or there is not much point to them. Canon makes some really stunning ones like the uniqe1-5 (that goes beyond 1:1).

    Okay, all of that said: the Nokton does a pretty decent macro on its own. My memory is that you can focus close enough with it to get higher maximum magnification than the Panasonic 20mm, you can check the minimum focusing distance vs the focal length for each, though.

    Edit: We can walk through it more at the shoot tonight. You have no idea how long I was up last night dealing with manpower changes at the last minute in terms of dividing lenses. :)

  • @thepalalias thanks for that! save your energy for tonight :D looking forward to everything! thanks for all your hard work.

    i ended up getting a 6.00 macro tube extension set from amazon. this is for some pictures for my girlfriend for our apartment. so, while i want it to look oh-so-awesome... well, the less money I spend the better! i'll report back how everything looks. i figure since you can get so close with the nokton as it is, that a tube should help blow the image up a bit. problem i figure with the nikon lens is that the focal distance is already 2', so it might not get as close as the nokton which can get so close to the object.