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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • Life expectancy


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  • Four countries in the first row are ex socialist. Back in the day they went with the west for a better future. Seems that it didn't come as expected.

  • Back in the day they went with the west for a better future. Seems that it didn't come as expected.

    Lets make it correct.

    Arising capitalist class in tandem with some clerks went to become capitalist colonies and to become oppressors of other people. Quite soon all this people will be named traitors in most of this countries.

    We need to rephrase famous Man of Fire quote:

    In the church, they say to forgive.
    Forgiveness is between them and God. It's communists job to arrange the meeting.

  • "It's communists job to arrange the meeting."

    Well that's a bit harsh...but like they say the Heavenly Kingdom will be taken by force...

    I guess it's much more to this but they just like it literally like politically be it...

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  • What’s news about the Indian variant of covid ? My daughter studies in UK and I am very scared.

  • Lockdown in mumbai. Honestly, no one knows what variant is doing what. And mutations are popping up everywhere.

    Brings your kids home for a year. No point in going through a serious illness away from your loved ones.

    If you have a joint family, the infected can be quarantined, and the rest will not catch it. Happened with my cousins.

    And the vaccines are useless..I'm avoiding them, but do not consider this to be advice. Its just a statement of opinion.

  • Also 90% of cases here are in apartment complexes. So, try to live on a farmhouse or an independent home.

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  • The day before, India recorded an absolute record for coronavirus infections since the beginning of the pandemic - 315 thousand people. The past day has left this anti-record behind: the Ministry of Health announced on Friday 332,730 infected. The total number of people infected in India is 16,263,695, just four days ago there were a million fewer.

    During the day, 2,263 people became victims of Covid-19. The culprit of this situation is the Indian strain of the coronavirus, which infectious disease specialists called a "double mutant" due to the change in the genome of the virus in two places compared to the Wuhan version.

    "This strain is spreading with lightning speed," says Avdhut Bodamwat, head of the Pune Intensive Care Unit.

  • The hospitals are basically full in Delhi. Lots of conspiracy theories about the Indian variant being introduced by China as punishment for the border dispute.

    Not saying I agree with them, but since this thread is about conspiracies :-)

    Also, this version is not affected by the vaccines.

  • How effective are vaccines against the Indian variant?

    Edit: Zcream responded, it’s so worrying.

  • At the end the best thing you can have is a good immune system for good or worse, it’s the ultimate champion holder against anything, at least before Rdna vaccines transforming you from the inside out into a bigger virus yourself

  • Yup- RDNA are scary. I will leave a country if these force those vaccines on me.

    The Indian variant has 2 mutant sequences. They are now talking about newer version with 3 mutations.

  • This will go on till 2025, new variants, new measures, grate profit.

  • NEW vaccines - you forgot to add... @endotoxic

  • Those images will become even more common in future years, this will not end until population globally is on the negative side of the chart or going down on a steady basis, then, we will see a decline in other things too. Empty some city's here and there, you know, the normal thing.

  • YouTube is launching a series of COVID-19 vaccine public service announcements

    This alone makes you think twice.

    As this guys certainly do not stand for your health, they are in the opposite camp.

  • Mutations of the Indian variant of SARS-CoV-2 indicate its high infectivity and resistance to antibodies in both those who have been ill and vaccinated against coronavirus, the press service of the World Health Organization said.

    According to preliminary research results, L452R may interfere with the effectiveness of certain monoclonal antibody treatments. E484Q, in turn, can lead to neutralization of antibodies. Thus, the antibodies that have appeared in a person who has recovered from COVID-19 will not help in the fight against Indian mutations.

    So, all the vaccination had been mostly pointless. Need to start new round.

  • Researchers in Spain have found "no sign" of higher levels of infection among people who took part in a large test concert last month.

    Six people tested positive within 14 days of attending the gig in Barcelona, but the incidence was lower than that seen in the general population.Around 5,000 music fans took part in the experiment after testing negative for Covid-19.

    Revellers wore masks but did not have to socially distance.


    Vaccines pointless? Hardly. 2 mutations out of 150AA should not significantly evade a diverse antibody pool which is what the mRNA vaccs create.

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    Vaccines efficiency in Hungary (second column is people who become infected and ill after vaccination, per million of vaccinated)

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  • @Mistas

    Isn't paper about early tries on cells, and not about efficiency on real humans?

    diverse antibody pool which is what the mRNA vaccs create.

    As far as I checked mRNA has nothing to do with antibodies that are formed (it is human immunity system that makes such) and all to do with production of proteins.

    Also as far as I checked it is real efficiency (see chart above) and lack of complications that define how good vaccine is.