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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • @kurth

    ....actually you associated the two paragraphs

    Between this non existent connection stand citation and another paragraph, so it can be only in your twisted mind.

  • @Vitaliy

    Your political predispositions make communication impossible.

    [VK- all personal thing - to PM]

  • @kurth

    All of your personal things go to PM, and this is where your previous comment went. This is how forums work.

    Your political predispositions make communication impossible.

    Well... no. My political predispositions are most important thing.
    Without them you are like amoeba without skeleton, just try to move in random directions.

  • well no, they're only important to you, and few agree. In fact your political opinions are only evidence of your flaws. And because you use them as a weapon by wielding the delete button. Anyone who doesn't agree with your diatribe is berated and punished. And personally I haven't seen any evidence of your self assumed intellectual superiority. And I also like things out in the open, not manipulated by a some miniature napoleon. Anyone who doesn't should be suspect. In any other place on the internet you would be a troll.

  • @kurth

    And because you use them as a weapon by wielding the delete button. Anyone who doesn't agree with your diatribe is berated and punished.

    Wow, as I delete personal attack once a month it is now considered "weapon".

    Punished how exactly? May be I ask to read some stuff more? Or return more educated next time?

    And personally I haven't seen any evidence of your self assumed intellectual superiority

    As I told multiple times, I am much more stupid than most people. I am not superior, it is just huge number of cultural and scientific data that humanity created is superior to "common logic" talks and low level mass media retells.

    Only problem we have here sometimes is that some people are lazy and do not like to read.

    As they read and return at better level it is nice to have powerful opponent instead of talking to CNN bot.

    And I also like things out in the open, not manipulated by a some miniature napoleon.

    No one will allow you to attack people and post bullshit, so, stop dreaming, return to reality where you live. As you post any useful info - I do not see any issues. Does not matter if I don't agree. Everyone can check this looking at big number of your posts.

    You have huge misunderstanding how economy, politics and even forums work. It is not big problem, just educate yourself.

  • So... I’m no moderator, but this exchange at this level has nothing to do with coronavirus thread, yes I know both of you manage big intellect and are more stubborn that and ancient Inca monolith. please guys, fighting is permitted, but this will become carnage if both of you continue at this pace. Maybe a pause?


  • @endotoxic

    Do not worry, this exchange is useful.

  • Chinese authorities have refused to provide experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) with raw data on early cases of coronavirus infection, which could help determine how and when the virus began to spread in the country. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal with reference to WHO representatives.

    Beijing has rejected requests from experts to provide data on 174 cases of COVID-19 that were identified in Wuhan in December 2019. Instead, the Chinese authorities and scientists have shared their own research on these cases, according to WHO experts. They also presented an analysis of medical records several months before the outbreak of COVID-19, according to which no cases of coronavirus had been detected in the country before.

    All sponsored by US/EU media in Mordor made half turn during last week and started carefully blaming China, but adding that "may be not" or "we need to explore further". I expect full turn to take another 1-2 weeks and after this China will be officially named world criminal, so @kurth will be more than happy.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev you are aware of Occam's Razor ? Whats more probable - a global conspiracy against China or an accidentally leaked virus from a Chinese lab?

  • @zcream

    Issues with west economic is so severe as they couldn't not delay new huge QE any longer, and it will be nice to also kill few millions of small businesses in the process.

    Blaming China is also nice thing, especially as they participated in building lab, teaching and working with it, perfectly knew that they work with similar viruses.

    China is actually far behind US and EU in making such dangerous viruses as this year we got knowledge that US has special DNA/RNA printers that are able to produce viruses directly. China don't have this and still rely using methods that are 3-7 years old.

    Can it be accidentally leaked virus? No, from the knowledge we have now. As binding site is too perfect, virus itself is too perfect. Accidental leaks look like previous SARS and similar viruses.

    Also preparations during 2019 (even if you read PV) show that it was not accident, in 2019 began huge pressure on any anti vaccines groups in English language internet part, pressure on any conservative groups as they could resist measures that had been planned. Youtube and Google already formed organisation structures and already wrote software that they used during 2020.

    Pressitutes behavior also shows vast western interests where they behaved in sync concerning travel bans (to allow enough virus in), telling that you don't need masks (same thing, to help initial spread), promotion of fake safety feeling via social distancing PR (that never helped much), all of them told that it is not China and it is 100% natural virus and now they started to turn in full sync.

  • @vitaliy

    Nevertheless , even though we agree the virus is obviously designed, it could have still been an accidental leak. However, as I've pointed out on numerous occasions, accidents don't preclude fault. BSL4 labs all work with designed viruses. And as you referenced the WHO 180 this week, but referenced it as another western conspiracy against china, another more logical possibility is the WHO members possibly made their initial statement out of fear. Still being inside china, they might have feared never escaping if they had not. China had probably already made them beds in one of those uygur reeducation camps. And all your other hypothesis supporting your theory and china, are just reaching to empty air. 'Huge pressure' against vaccine groups has been going on for a decade or more, and started with many cases of children getting vaccines and then becoming autistic overnight. And large portions of the world population obvious weren't influenced by clamping down on antivac groups because still over 30% of the population don't want the shot. And that's a conservative estimate. ps....and yes, there is this fact that the US funded wuhan. I'd like to see Fauci in a noose myself, but that doesn't mean he allowed , or accidentally allowed the virus to escape. I'd like to see all bioweapons researchers in a noose, actually. And if fauci and the US were involved in it's release, china wouldn't have invented the frozen salmon fairytale, they would have just blamed to US.

    [VK - any attempt to continue personal attacks is useless, no one but you will be looking at them]

  • @kurth

    You try again to somehow ignore economic situation and fundamental interests. And also ignore all that happened during 2019 and early 2020 in informational space and that proved that US/EU/UK stand behind this. You also ignore amazing synchronization in actions during 2020 among all this countries and many of their EU colonies, even if went against any logic they acted as one.

  • No I don't ignore fundamental interest, I ignore someone with an agenda.

  • @kurth

    Your constant problem is that you try to attack opponent because you can't keep discussion level, and you can't keep it as you are lazy. I told you - read and think, drop all this lazy stuff you so like.

  • There’s a lot of good information out there about all this, but this new paper is a good one-stop-shop. It’s from a large multi-center team in the UK, and it concentrates on the B.1.1.7 variant. That one, the B.1.351, and the P.1 variants all have multiple mutations , with several of them in the Spike protein and indeed in its “business end”, the receptor-binding domain (RBD) that interacts with the ACE-2 protein on the surface of human cells. The N501Y mutation is common to all three of them, and that is a very strong indication that it by itself provides some fitness advantage – you have it as part of three expanding variants in completely different parts of the world, each with their own suite of other mutations.

    On various mutations, check

  • After receiving the first dose of the vaccine, COVID patients produce higher levels of antibodies than those who have not yet been infected, scientists said. They admitted that for this group of people a second dose may not be needed.

  • Tests on monkeys have shown that in some cases, infection with a new type of coronavirus leads to acute inflammation of the brain, and also provokes the formation of protein tangles associated with Parkinson's disease and dementia. The results of the study were published by bioRxiv.

    Studies show that a new type of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) affects not only the lungs, but also other tissues - the nasal mucosa, esophagus, blood vessels and heart. This may explain why many people who are sick lose their sense of smell, experience digestive problems and malfunctioning of the circulatory system.

    Also, COVID-19 can cause serious disturbances in the functioning of the brain, including delirium, which is expressed in confusion and fever delirium, temporary impairment of memory and mental abilities.

    In a new study, neuroscientists led by Ingrid Philippens of the Center for Biomedical Research in Primates in Rijswijk, The Netherlands, suggested a possible cause of these problems. They observed the development of infection in four rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) and four cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis).

    Scientists were interested in whether the virus could penetrate directly into the brain cells of primates and whether this would cause any visible disturbances in their work. The answer to this question is important, since scientists cannot yet say for sure what exactly some disturbances in the work of consciousness and memory of those infected with the coronavirus are connected with - with the penetration of the infection into the brain or malfunctions in the functioning of the circulatory system.

    To find out, Philippens and her colleagues observed for two weeks how the brain function of macaques changed after they were infected with SARS-CoV-2. Scientists fed the animals with sugar that was "labeled" with a radioactive isotope of phosphorus. This allowed the researchers to track which regions of the brain consumed this sugar.

    Observations have shown that the virus actually entered the brain cells in various parts of it: for example, in the cerebellum, in the motor cortex and in the hippocampus. Scientists then confirmed these indirect results by analyzing samples of animal brain tissue for traces of RNA virus in them.

    In all cases, when the virus penetrated the brain of macaques, inflammation developed and the so-called Lewy bodies were formed - accumulations of proteins that usually occur in carriers of Parkinson's disease and some forms of senile dementia. These structures appeared even in those macaques in which the disease did not manifest externally.

    So far, neurophysiologists cannot say for sure how the virus provokes the formation of these protein accumulations and contributes to the development of inflammation. Nevertheless, the authors of the article conclude that the existence of such side effects must be considered when assessing the possible long-term consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Things are bad.

  • Mordor progress

    The first is a unique drug based on the use of microRNAs that block certain sites of the RNA virus, and those sites that are responsible for copying the virus molecule are the so-called RNA polymerase site. We named this drug Mir-19, because microRNA, first of all, is absolutely safe for humans, it does not affect the human genome, it does not affect human immunity, but at the same time highly efficiently targets the virus (in experiments on animals in Virus carriership decreases 10 thousand times), but, in addition, it prevents the most severe forms of coronavirus infection, including preventing pneumonitis, acute respiratory distress syndromes against the background of coronavirus infection.

    On December 30, we received permission for clinical trials - everything was already finished, the entire preclinic. Immediately after the New Year, these clinical trials began. But taking into account the fact that this is a new molecule - it is new and patented and has no analogues - we go through the first phase especially carefully, since we need to prove safety already in humans. We will finish the first phase by mid-March and move on to working with patients, and move on to the second phase.

    And the second point is the development of a new technological platform for the creation of the next generation of vaccines against COVID. If the variability of the virus is such that the accumulated mutation in the S-protein in the receptor domain will not allow antibodies to bind, we are developing a vaccine that differs in that it affects not the S-protein, but other protein components of the virus and first of all, it causes the development of not humoral immunity, that is, through the activation of antibodies, but the development of cellular immunity, cytotoxic immunity, the advantage of which is duration. If antibody immunity usually lasts for months, then cellular immunity for years, and in certain experimental studies it has been proven that this immunity is preserved up to 13-17 years.

    The first formulation of this drug, a candidate drug, has now been received. We are currently preparing for clinical trials. We very much hope that by the second half of this year we will enter clinical trials.

    This direction is absolutely in the trend of international interests now. The World Health Organization meeting on vaccines confirmed the trend towards the creation of next generation vaccines now, in case the variability of the virus prevents the use of antibody vaccines. Therefore, we hope that we will be fully armed.

    Words about "second point" are extremely important.

    First it had been openly told that is planned - changing S-protein to stop any vaccine working. so, fight will go into cellular war of weapon and defense inside cells.

    Expect it all as soon as 2021.

  • Real regress


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  • “I started getting texts and calls from some of my colleagues saying hey, are your patients with long COVID reporting that they’re feeling better after the vaccine?” says Griffin, an infectious diseases clinician and researcher at Columbia University. When he started talking with patients, he saw that they were. “It’s not 100 percent, but it does seem like to be around a third,” he says.

    New propaganda wave. Vaccines are extremely profitable and no one knows that they bring, as plan seems to be long, for 4-5 years.

  • Hard to know the truth about the efficacy of the gene therapy shots, but I have heard it isn't a true vaccine in the proper sense. It won't prevent you from contracting COVID, but may lessen severity. Side effects are, in some cases, devastating. I won't take one of these concocted cocktails.

  • @firstbase

    If you go back in topic you'll find that Mordor actually threatened US that we have 99% efficient cure that is not vaccine (as far as I remember it is delivered via inhalation). Next week after this all western media suddenly started to love Sputnik V vaccine.

    In short - governments now treat their people like pets, not providing simple cure, not talking about Vitamin D and HCQ and so on. They are now in phase of pets population reduction and pets instead of realizing it still mostly look at ruling class with big loving eyes.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    As you suggest, the words "trust" and "government" are miles apart in my vernacular.