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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • @kurth

    I just made thing into absurd, but his "theories" have zero value also.

  • @vitaliy....makes no difference if deistic religions oppose communism. That has nothing to do with the argument. Organized deistic religions also oppose cults and communism is similar in nature to cargo cults. And cargo cults are a religion. Communism give their leaders deistic qualities. They put them on display for decades ...centuries ...milleniums. They're like the egyptian pharoahs. Men turned into gods by their adoring brainwashed adherents.

  • Organized deistic religions also oppose cults and communism is similar in nature to cargo cults.

    Here you are partly spot on, some communists sects are similar to cargo cult, they still wait magic to happen so they could use same tricks that worked in 1917. But it is not because communism, it is because stupidity of many people who want to use ready to use recipes and can't though using their own head. Capitalists can do similar mindset, can check beloved Trump and group who stood behind him who wanted to go back in time and do the things that can't be done presently, didn't work at all.

    Communism give their leaders deistic qualities. They put them on display for decades ...centuries ...milleniums. They're like the egyptian pharoahs. Men turned into gods by their adoring brainwashed adherents.

    You mean that soviet elites did not made de-Stalinization, with total removal of monuments, renaming everything called using his name and so on, including drastic changes in economics?

    As for leaders cult, it also has nothing to do with communism, but has everything to do with petty bourgeoisie state of mind, this guys want and like strong leaders. With time, as you turn them into proletariat - it all passes. Similar class guys followed and prized leadership of Hitler and Mussolini.

    In USSR it was not any cult like after Stalin. If you check other developed countries it is also no request for strong leader.

  • The French Academy of Physicians released a guideline on Friday that says people should "avoid talking or making phone calls" on the metro, on buses, or anywhere in public places where social distance is not possible.

    Why not to ask everyone to buy place on cemetery and also pay to hospital in advance?

  • next we'll see ban on breathing

  • Alarmed over recently emerged strains of coronavirus which are said to be more infectious, Germany is mulling taking the drastic step of cutting all international air travel in and out of the country to "almost zero," according to the AFP.

    Interior Minister Horst Seehofer announced Tuesday the government is now reviewing the implementation of further "drastic measures" amid restrictions in the country which took effect in November. He cited the example of Israel which recently went to a full-on 2nd lockdown of the entire country.

    "The danger from the numerous virus mutations forces us to consider drastic measures," Seehofer said to the Bild newspaper. "That includes significantly stricter border checks, especially at the borders of high-risk areas, but also reducing air travel to Germany to almost zero, as Israel is currently doing," he added.

    This guys seem to have some plan.

  • Have had it for 5 days now, tested positive today, got in contact with a positive studio engineer last week on set . So far very mild , minor head cold (headache) , minor chills first 3 days , light cough ,no fever yet, not too much pain or body aches . Taking D3, C , zinc (past 3 days since I was informed I may have been exposed) , and going outside in sun walking . We shall see how next 5 or so days go

  • @sammy

    Check HCQ, it is proven thing (with zync and during early mild days), contrary to official statements.

    Make sure to be careful.

  • Thanks VK ,I'll look into it

  • @Sammy.....I just saved my sister in laws life with ivermectin and doxycycline. 12 mg of ivermectin a day for 5 days and 100mg of doxycycline twice a day for 5 days. She was on oxygen with diabetes. She did a 180. It has better results than hydroxy. If someone is still sick after a course of ivermectin, then I'd follow with hydroxy the second week. The hydroxy is also accompanied by azithromycin. Vit c ....15 grams a day. vit d....5000 iu and zinc. You can also super dose on d, but I'd have to readup on that regimen. The 11th day +/- is where it can turn serious.

    I'd like to know how close was your exposure ? Were you talking , fuxing, in closed quarters, walking down the street, with mask ,etc ? Good Luck bro.

  • Did you take 12mg ivermectin in one dose or two times a day? On empty stomach an hour before meal?

  • that for me? If you read my post, it wasn't me. Empty stomach once a day.

  • Las Vegas which has chosen the path of a 9-month lockdown, reports that the number of suicides among students and schoolchildren in 2020 has doubled compared to 2019. The youngest suicide is nine years old.

  • The world could face a pandemic dozens of times worse than COVID-19. Such a gloomy forecast was shared by the founder of Microsoft and co-chairman of the charity Bill Gates in an interview with the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

    “This pandemic is terrible, but the next pandemic could be ten times worse,” the billionaire predicted. The world is still not ready for the next pandemic, he said.

    This guys are so nice, so nice. Having them around is so helpful for humanity.

  • the conformity of our society,  which has made us fearful, lazy and entirely mediocre, Corrupted to a point where we cannot identify any clear purpose.

    A loop of insignificant events, a split between the office and the suffocating comfort of our homes a vicious cycle of meaningless events has turns us into a chronic state of unawareness. Our search for truth has caused civilization to perpetually seek it which culminated in the discovery of the scientific method resulting in the decline of christianity and other monotheistic religions, thus leaving our past awareness and entering this new set of values, this transitional state.

    The implication of this,was a dark one.

    The refutation of all beliefs created cynicism towards all other supposed matters, truth and values, fucking nihilism and its no objective meaning to existence, has become the dominant quasi religion of civilisation ever since, abandoning our nature.  

    Nihilism and it’s disability of values leads us to NOW.

    stagnation, resulting in the lack of purpose. Turning away from creation towards endless consumption and apathy numing the chronic meaninglessness of our lives with edonistic consumption.

    But those who take action and create, are secretly envied and publicly ridiculed. People end up conforming to the mediocrity because they fear the public shaming or are just lazy. The mindset of obedience patience and humility, preaching weakness and pacifism as virtues, elevating victimhood to sainthood. The weak despise the strong and therefore attack their achivements eradicating individualism.

    The acumulation of poberty by mindless labour can be a inherently meaningfull task, as it rather takes away our ability to focus on persuits what really matters.

    Why Corona is accelerating this state? .To be continued...

  • @endotoxic....sounds like the introduction to a doc ?

  • @endotoxic I can hear that voice over and see the related images playing already. A mini-doc in itself

  • @kurth

    You used tablets, also human or veterinary ?

  • @kurth thanks for info . We were filming a music video past Thursday on a micro LED set here in LA , being the director of that project I came pretty close to the infected person (the studio engineer) ,we were both wearing masks (over counter ones ) I also may have touched a phone or pad device he was using a couple time. Out of the 10 total people in studio I was the only one to get it . The studio owner sent me an email Saturday night ( 2 days later) that the studio engineer had tested positive and seem to have had it when we were around him . It's funny ,because the first day driving from studio I got a headache (10 hours after studio interaction ) ,the headach stayed tell yesterday, now it's gone , I also got minor body chills on Saturday before they emailed me , when they emailed me I immediately scheduled a test ,but waited a few days (monday night) . In that mean time ,the hardest thing was to have my daughter away from me (as she sees my mom and dad who are in the mid early 60s) dialy . And just staying by my self now . They all tested today and seem they are negative ,I'll have them test again in a couple days.

  • It is similar to WW II losses in Mordor

    The resident population of Russia as of January 1, 2021, according to preliminary estimates of Rosstat, was 146.24 million people, which is 510 thousand people less than on January 1, 2020 (146.75 million people).

    Similar large-scale reduction was observed in Russia at the end of 2005, when the country's population decreased by 564.5 thousand people. Thus, the decline in the country's population in the pandemic year 2020 set a record in 15 years.

    Also never believe official COVID statistics.

  • @Vitaliy....Ivermectin is commonly available in pharmacies here. Obviously tablets. Haven't seen it in any other form.

  • @sammy.....thanks. Testament that common surgical masks aren't effective. That's why we've seen in the last week articles about using 2 masks. If it was me , I'd take ivermectin and doxycycline in a heartbeat, if you can even get it in the usa. Good luck.

  • Our current world, our current society is being destroyed by our abuse, the mindless seek for pleasure and no real purpose. We have lost  faith in the after life as a positive outlook. 

    The suffering experience through lifetime is amplified because there is no heavenly salvation to comfort the pain.

    Modern civilization is mostly concerned with numing this exact pain, denies suffering as a critical element of the human experience, demonizes any form of violence, and promotes hedonistic escapism, the desire to build a society that denies the value of pain and suffering, a deeply utopian one!!! Offers to protect its citizens while simultaneously providing pleasure and comfort, turning human beings into mere herd animals that live ignorant of their own mortality living without purpose.

    We have to face our own mortality, we have to embrace pain and suffering as something that is much part of the human experience as pleasure and comfort. We have to confront our own impermanence in this world to withstand the reality of life, rewiring our brains and becoming appealing to others as we advance into this new set of values, those imposed by corporations and bought states, surviving it and leaving behind family, and kindness, concepts that are already in the beginning of the decline.

    Contemporary society supplants the traditional role of the individual man with the monopoly of violence, consequently feminizing men by suppressing their biological tendencies, with this new normal, imposing sexualizing figures in preschool and supplanting the truth.

    Some men will never be pacified though.

    Men were born to create, creation however is not a passive process, as it requires the input of force. Every creation requires some form of destruction. To make an omelette you have to break the eggs.  Lets embrace the will to power, we shape our environment through force, that will outlast our short existence, but in order to do that, we have to accept enduring the pain, suffering and destruction, all as part of the process.

    You have to confront hardship to truly accept the inevitability of death, we have to destroy our self conception before overcoming  our true nature to create something new,  detaching ourselves from this materialistic obsession. Finding something important enough to repolarize our preconceived thoughts.

    Being fearful prevents us from taking any meaningful action. 

    Human sacrifice is the ultimate expression of heroism in the face of certain annihilation, enduring and accepting the value of pain is a trait of higher men. We say we are all capable of it, but it's until you see death it won't be revealed.  Without pain and sacrifice we are nothing, all relevant have been achieved through that form in history.  We are faced with two options; we can escape from reality, or can face the fact that nobody but ourselves will save us from our mortal suffering. It's only after we lose everything that we are free to do anything, that all men know. A man has to hit bottom to truly grasp the finiteness of its own existence, only then we can positively embrace and evolve into a higher self who creates its own purpose and takes action to fill it!

    The emasculating nature of western society has sold us the advertising culture we follow as a homogenous herd of consumers misguided by a set of false expectations with no real value in life. 

    to be continued...