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Canon EOS R5 - Overheating video failure
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  • Even the EOS R6 with the lower 20 megapixel sensor at the lowest frame rate (4K 24p) has repeated shut downs on a short shoot. In my opinion, this is such a serious problem for Canon, it may even result in a full product recall and a class action lawsuit.


    I hope it'll take at least pair of months for Andrew to undersatnd simple facts:

    1. Canon can't make it reliable and not overheating without making really new cameras
    2. Canon don't have funds or people to make LSI at proper nm to make it totally not overheat, it is above their head
    3. All previous time point number 2 had been major obstacle (dual pixel AF does not help also)
  • A company is already taking advantage of the heating situation. image

  • Timelapses

  • Multiple outlets with inside information are reporting that Canon is holding back and/or delaying shipments of the new EOS R5 and EOS R6 cameras as a result of the overheating issues that early reviews have been reporting. This could be a sign that a recall is in the works.

    One user who had an unrelated issue was told by Canon that the second allocation of EOS R5 cameras isn’t due until November—an unprecedented 4-month delay—while Andrew Reid at EOSHD was told that one of the largest photo retailers in Germany received only 5 units for their Berlin store, and 70 units total for the entire country, with similar reports from other major electronics chains.

    Canon is working on “multiple solutions” to the overheating concerns, and will have “a full statement and plan in the coming weeks.”

    Canon can't do much without almost complete camera redesign.

    Main issue is outdated LSI, Canon just can't make 8K LSI on the process that it requires - 7nm or even 5nm.

  • Total recall press release can follow in the next 3-10 days.

    Updated R5 can be not to market till March 2021.

    Big retailer told me that early release of defective R5 and R6 can be step in internal Canon management war to be able to fire multiple top managers. Managers know that only few (if any!) of them will remain in 2021.

  • Canon’s ambassadors, testers and professional photographers meanwhile almost all need to be removed. In many cases, and in my opinion, I don’t think tough accurate feedback on video was provided to Canon or taken on board by senior management.

    Sane though.

    System turned into kind of mafia, where lot of amazing and nice people are forced to do lot of starnge or even bad things. Due to simple economic interests as being int hsi circle is extremely beneficial and they all know that management and PR likes and that not so much.

    Indeed fewer men. More female representation at every level of the company and they should listen to people like me if there is a problem on the video side.

    And instantly Andrew drive into craze mode.

    It is not enough we need spefied limits for LGBT representatives, as well as man of colour and all major nations among official ambassadors and testers. Andrew will be just like the icing on cake of all this spectacle.

  • Extremely strange US PR

    Orders of the EOS R5 are scheduled to be delivered as initially stated at launch. The first set of cameras shipped from our warehouses this week. We eagerly await the content that will be produced by talented creatives using this camera to be shared with the world.

  • Big retailer new record estimation of rich buyers to pros in R5 preorders

    Estimated using internal algorithms for people with more than 5 orders.

    It reached staggering 85% to 15% (such numbers are typical for some Leica cameras).

  • Good old butthurt Andrew

    Not once has Canon communicated with me in the build up to the EOS R5 launch or asked my opinion. If their cameras lack a passive cooling design, who is to blame? Yes that’s right. Canon!

  • if you cool Canon cameras at least 2 hour using ice or such and after this won't be on hot sun you can get this


    800 x 344 - 70K
  • New rumors from dealer I got

    Canon R5 and R6 issues are in part related to severe bug with LSI not being able to lower frequency and enter sleep state where it is required. Chip is also unable to turn of parts that are not required now.

    Problem can be with actual chip design with significant defect that require few millions USD to fix and make new masks.

  • Due to legal and personal income issues most leading bloggers softened tone, as Canon needs time and exit strategy before reall or modification announcement. And bloggers still need cameras for review next time.

  • There is not going to be a recall. The Canon G7 X iii has an even worse overheating problem shooting 4K. First, bought vloggers just ignored the problem (most for this camera do not specialize in video). And second, Canon never recalled it or fixed it:

    The only erroneous aspect of the "warning" is that it came when you turned on the camera, not after 4 minutes of shooting (not even continuously) 4K video. And when the camera shuts down you have to wait 5-10 minutes for it to cool, and then it shuts down even faster. Sound familiar? It is truly unusable for 4K, a touted feature: full-sensor 4K - no crop!

  • @markr041

    This time it is different.

    Online sellers clearly had talks about recall and warranties. And it had been clearly detailed talk and guidance of bloggers to redo tests and change position.

    Do they try to avoid any recall and such? Yes, of course. Most old top managers want to try to keep it low.

    Yet as it is too many guys for much reduced food source we can see recall as special way to induce public disgrace and loosing of face for several manager who will leave and free the places for people who started all long time project ehre cameras just had been nice method.