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Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7 aka Z300 and Z500 mirrorless rumors
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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Come on, man! How RainbowBrite + Tron doesn't equal cutting-edge inspiration, I don't know.

    @IronFilm Um, you are wanting exactly what they are not making.

    I do hope for something that pushes camera development forward and can create an alternative to Sony or Fuji for a viable mirrorless option that is multimedia capable. (I'm not including Pana as I would not attempt to use the GH series for my photography again.) It might be an empty hope but...

    As improved as the Sony color science is the past two years, I'm still uninspired by it and find using their cameras sterile to use. Fuji's X-H1 is the first that fell flat for me and I returned it: better than the X-T2 switching between photo/video but still cumbersome, jerky IS, aliasing, battery life, and beginning to feel the limits of the sensor.

    I've always liked the colors from Nikon. I liked the 1080p image from the D750 a lot but otherwise, their video capabilities have uninspired.

    The D850 is the thumper in the realm of the DSLRs. MILCs are a place where form and features can take new (and sometimes absurd - Sigma) shapes. Do we hope? I don't know. Here's to function first over fashion.

    Go fast. Look good. Be... safe.

  • PR

    MELVILLE, NY (JULY 25, 2018 at 12:01 A.M. EDT) – Nikon Inc. is pleased to announce the development of a next-generation full-frame (Nikon FX-format) mirrorless camera and NIKKOR lenses featuring a new mount.

    The new mirrorless camera and NIKKOR lenses that are in development will enable a new dimension in optical performance with the adoption of a new mount. The system is the result of Nikon’s unsurpassed optical and manufacturing capabilities gained through more than a century of imaging expertise. Proven reliability and trusted performance are core traits of Nikon Digital-SLRs, and decades of feedback from professional creators around the world has further contributed to the development of this system.

    Through the development of this new mirrorless camera, Nikon reaffirms our commitment to providing photographers with the ability to capture images that are richer and more vivid than ever before.

    Additionally, an F-Mount adapter is being developed that will enable the use of a wide variety of F-Mount NIKKOR lenses with the new camera.

    Nikon will continue to lead imaging innovation with the launch of the new mirrorless camera and the continued development of Nikon Digital-SLR cameras as well as the impressive NIKKOR lens lineup. Soon, Nikon users will have two industry-leading camera systems to choose from, giving consumers the choice to enjoy the unique values that each system offers.

    Content relating to this product is available for viewing at the following URL: Please stay tuned for more information.

    Details, including the release date and suggested retail prices, will be shared at a later date.

  • Alea iacta est

  • Nikkei

    The model (the upcoming MILC] is on the pricey side — 200,000 yen to 300,000 yen ($1,800 to $2,700). Sales are scheduled to start in autumn at the earliest.

  • image

    800 x 445 - 14K
  • image

    Get my prediction - Nikon mirrorless camera will be most heavy discounted from all new cameras in December-January!

    800 x 674 - 50K
  • Competition of PR departments continue.

    Nikon will announce their new mirrorless cameras on August 23

    Do not be surprised that Canon will do something at around 21-22th.

  • I hope they get it right. I loved my film Nikon's. F1, F2, F3, FE, etc. I also loved their great glass. All very reliable. When digital came about, in 2001 I sold all on eBay for top dollar and have had many cameras and brands. Sony, Olympus, Canon and Panasonic. I really like my GH5 and G9. These are very professional camera. It would be hard for me to go back to Full 35mm lenses as they are too big, heavy and expensive. Mirrorless is not going to solve that problem.

  • August 23 Nikon will announce this:

    • Nikon Z6: high speed, low light model (24MP)
    • Nikon Z7: high-resolution model (45MP)
    • Z-Nikkor 24-70mm f/4
    • Z-Nikkor 50mm f/1.8
    • Z-Nikkor 35mm f/1.8

    A couple of months later Nikon will releases this:

    • Z-Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/0.9
  • Some 25th September event


    800 x 582 - 48K
  • If Nikon was smart, they'd immediately release a numbered limited edition $5K Medium Format Camera including Kit lens to the first 20,000 buyers and fast F1.4 $1500 lenses now along with the new FF mirrorless body to try to take share back from people jumping ship... there's newly found 100 million in the bank and changes the mirrorless game in one year...

    ...but Canon and Sony can destroy Nikon in Mirrorless marketshare if they choose to do so, as both those companies are holding back their best Hybrid Camera technology for above $5K or until forced to do so by competition...

    it will be interesting to see who shrinks this new product cycle...

  • Some more rumors

    • Sensor will be designed and focused on still shooters needs
    • Some marketing push will be on various noise reduction, HDR and frame blending used for both
    • Nikon management is very glad with achieved price/cost ratio, as it will be record among Nikon cameras
  • Photos of Z7




    754 x 556 - 60K
    728 x 511 - 48K
    688 x 488 - 38K
  • Photos of Z6




    730 x 542 - 59K
    771 x 634 - 60K
    737 x 859 - 66K
  • Dealers talk now is that Nikon is closely watching Canon and will follow them. Dealers afraid to be stuck with stock of old DSLR lineup and lenses that Nikon now specially push.

    Having very limited engineers resources they moved almost all for good ones to Z mirrorless range, including cheaper simpler cameras in lineup. DSLR lineup will have update only among top FF models with all else being small remakes that are run by small teams.

    If my data is right we can see some major sellout marketing events in US and EU for old DSLR cameras and lenses, and this is that dealers are afraid of. If situation on the market will be same as in last month it can be required to do even bigger discounts to push older models.