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BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
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  • Go for Panasonic GH5 / GH5S if you want 4K 60fps on the cheap

    lol, I dont want to repeat the other thread... but I can't. Even though I really wanted the GH5 or GH5s. The in camera sharpening and NR cant be turned down far enough. The image looks like blown-up 2k. Gross plasticky crunch on the fine details.

  • Whoever is going to the black magic party tonight find out the scoop , I can not attend.

  • Go for Panasonic GH5 / GH5S if you want 4K 60fps on the cheap

  • More than 4k/30p will melt the little Pocket, but 2k/120p would be nice.

  • @peaceonearth

    Yea, for the Pocket Cam... you're probably right. Good chance it'll only have 4k at 30fps. Would be sweet if they also have a BMCC v2 4k with 60fps though! Crossing fingers...

  • @bwhitz obviously there is a (technical) reason that HFR 4K doesn't exist in masses. Even C300 II is limited to 4K30p, EVA-1 internal 4K/60p only with 150mbs, C200 only in RAW etc etc..

  • Sure. Almost nobody that I know says that 4k at 60 fps is absolutely necessary to what they are doing.

    So to say that the camera is "useless" because it doesn't have that is just plain incorrect. It is useful to a large number of people, just as many other cameras are.

    Anyway, it is very unlikely that the pocket camera will support that - that would bring its specs way too close to the Ursa Mini and I can't imagine that BM are all that excited to cannibalize sales of their bigger camera.

  • Everyone I work with on a professional basis... in films, advertising, music videos, ect ... would love like a compact camera like this but wouldn't be able to even make a small investment if it doesn't 60fps (at least in over-cranking output). I know like 4-5 people personally that would have bought something like an AS7II in a second if it offered higher frame rates at 4k. It blows me away that there are actually people that DON'T need over-cranked footage these days. I don't think I've done ONE project in the last two years that art-directors or clients didn't want slow-motion on. It border-line a MUST... unless you're working on personal-narrative films.

  • useless like so many others

    Correction: "useless (to me), but still generally useful to thousands or millions of others"

  • Very nice! Exciting!!! But... it better have some over-cranking ability at 4k... or it'll be almost useless like so many others.

  • @eatstoomuchjam I already own one, and love It! My best purchase ever? I got it during the same ages ago.

  • BTW this is the best add space in town. They must have paid a lot of money...

  • Release august 2018 Actual release august 2019

  • This is quite interesting, after years of hope, speculation, scrutiny, it finally comes to pass. Can't wait to see and hear by Monday.

  • Are you looking to buy an original BMPCC, @IronFilm? I barely ever use mine. I'm sure I could let it go for pretty cheap, potentially with a crapload of batteries (batteries dependent on whether the new one looks awesome and whether it uses the same batteries)

  • Astonishingly the original BMPCC is still selling secondhand for more than its old sale price! Such is the strong popularity it has maintained.


    Hopefully the new BMPCC4K will push down hard prices of the secondhand  original BMPCC

  • I think the sensor/mount part could be a detachable micro that's attached to a pocket wireless controller/monitor.

  • Interesting theory. So maybe the camera comes with swappable sensors/mounts like the Ricoh GXR.

    If that is the case, I strongly suspect the 4K module to consist of the same sensor as the Micro Studio Camera 4K camera - with 4K, but two stops less dynamic range, a base ISO of 400 instead of 800. They could offer the 1080p sensor from the old Pocket and the Micro Cinema Camera as an alternative module for people who favor low light and dynamic range over resolution.

  • @cantsin

    May be it is part of front modular part that contains sensor and mount?

  • The shape is weird. Obviously, it shows the top of the camera. On the left, the standard playback controls (similar to the old Pocket), on the right maybe off/on switch and record button, in the middle a 3/8" screw mount (just like the old Pocket with its top screw mount). But what is the strange bulge in the middle? The lens mount, it seems, or an EVF?